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January 30, 2016

College of Martial Arts

The College of Martial Arts includes all classes having to do with armored combat, fencing, archery, and equestrian arts. It includes hands on training as well as classes on techniques, strategy, and anything having to do with SCA martial arts for adults. They are also in charge of organizing the Spring Martial RUM.

College of Performing Arts

The College of Performing Arts includes classes having to deal with anything covered in Division I of the Middle Kingdom A&S Criteria. This includes (but not limited to): Bardic Recitation, Dance (European & Non-European), Dramatic Performance, Juggling & Tumbling, Music Composition, Music Performance, Poetry, and Playwriting. The College of Performing Arts also organizes all performance activities at RUM events.

College of SCA Administration & History

Anything having to do with the history of the SCA, it’s procedures, its culture, it’s officers, and day to day running of activities, events, and groups fall under the College of SCA Administration. This can be anything from how to be an officer to how to run events.

Anything having to do with history, culture, personas, or research falls into the College of History. If something is a “How to” do something, it will fall into one of the A&S colleges. However if it is “Why” it was historically done or the cultural impact of something it falls under the History College.

College of Technological and Studio Arts & Sciences

Items that would fall under Division III or IV of the Middle Kingdom A&S Criteria or that could be classified as a Technological or Studio Art/ Science would be included in the College of Technological and Studio A&S.

Technological Studies include Armor ( mail, non-metal, plate), Casting, Clockwork & Clockwork Mechanisms, Ironwork & Tool making, Music Instrument Making, Scientific Instruments, Scale Siege Engines, Using Skeletal Materials, Weapon-Making, Wood ( Construction, Joinery, Embellishment, Turning). Though research is normally included in the Technological Division, for RUM it falls under the College of History.

Studio Arts and Sciences include Bookbinding, Calligraphy, Ceramics & Pottery, Decorative Metalwork, Drawing, Glasswork, Illumination, Lapidary, Leatherwork, Painting, Papermaking, Sculpture & Stone Carving.

College of Textiles and Domestic Arts & Sciences

Any items that would fall under Division II or Division V of the Middle Kingdom A&S Criteria or that could be classified as a Textile, Needle Art, or Domestic Arts & Sciences would fall into this college.

Textile & Needle Arts include Applied Beadwork, Costume (Accessories, European, and Non-European), Dyeing, Knitting/Nålbinding, Knotted Work, Lacemaking, Needlework, Spinning, and Weaving. Clothing for Children falls under the College of Youth and Education.

Domestic Arts & Sciences include Animal Accouterments & Husbandry, Basket Weaving, Brewing & Vinting, Cooking, and Herbcraft.

College of Youth and Education

Any classes for youth to take part in, about youth in the SCA, or for youth fall under the College of Youth and Education. This includes all youth martial activities, sewing for youth, how to teach youth, how to encourage youth at events, and activities for youth to do at RUM. For RUM purposes, youth is anyone under 18.

Older youths are allowed and encouraged to take part in all regular RUM classes along as they have an adult or guardian with them. Unfortunately youth are not allowed to take part in Martial classes that involving armor or hands on instructions. Instead we encourage them to take part in the youth martial classes.

If you still have a question about which class your college falls under, please contact the Chancellor of RUM.

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