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January 30, 2016

Guidelines for Hosting RUM

Please consult these guidelines when preparing a bid to host RUM:

  1. Hosts need to provide the following:
    1. 10+ rooms with adult-sized desks or tables and chairs.
    2. Space for class sign-up and troll.
    3. Hosting group is required to give $0.50 per attendee to RUM.
    4. Large hall (space for populace and/or court).
      1. Tables and chairs with designated display space if a Laurel's Prize Tourney is to be held in conjunction with RUM.
    5. Marshals for rapier and heavy weapons classes with fighting.
    6. Site maps (booklet with class schedule, site map, local restaurants).
    7. Specialized space for the following (if needed):
      1. Space for arts which require access to water, sinks, ovens; safe space for bead making (uses high heat, open flame and needs ventilation) and poured-metal artisans (ventilated safe metal melting and pouring area).
      2. Rooms for dance classes (can have tables & chairs, but must be able to clear space for dancing)
      3. Outside or gym space for martial classes (heavy, rapier); additional outside space for archery and/or siege weapons.
  2. Optional items that the host might provide:
    1. Display space with tables and space for merchants
    2. Royalty room for the Crown's use
    3. A lunch tavern of some sort
    4. List of local restaurants (fast food and sit-down)
    5. List of local hotels (distance from site, prices listed including tax)
    6. Crash space coordinator (both email and telephone contact information needed)

Please send bids to Baroness Sarafina Sinclair, the RUM Chancellor:

    US Mail:
    Bryna Chandler
    1916 Coltman Rd, Upper
    Cleveland, OH 44106 

    Electronic Mail:

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