Royal University of the Midrealm division
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From the Chancellor

Greetings unto the populace of the magnificent Middle Kingdom from Duchess Kateryn Bronwen of Gloucester, Regent of the Royal University of the MidRealm,

As always I am looking for groups to host forthcoming RUMs. All of the information, wants and needs for a RUM events can be found at the MidRealm website at

I am in need of a new Dean for the College of Performing Arts, THL Zsof has other duties to attend to and would like to step down. Anyone interested in this position should contact me either by electronic mail or by post.

On that note, I am also looking to end my tenure in this office within the next year. And I would have them in place to see how RUM has been run before the Spring RUM. Anyone interested in the Regent position should contact me and I will forward information to the Royal Family.

As always-
Noli desistere nova descendo,
Duchess Kateryn

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