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January 30, 2016

Learned from an SCA Class Competition

Have you ever learned something new from a class at an SCA event? Now is the time to give both yourself and the teacher credit. From Pennsic to RUM and any event in between, anything that was made in a class or from a class held at a SCA event is eligible.

No Documentation is required, but extra cool factor if you have the notes from the class. Notecards will be available where you will need to include your name, your group, the class you learned it from, and the teachers name.

Awards will be given to both the winning entry AND the teacher who inspired them.

Event Item Entrant Teacher
Pennsic (Jul/Aug)      
Simple Day (Jul 3-5)      
Northern Oaken War Maneuvers (Jun 6) Demonstrating a Period Activity      
Martial RUM(Apr 11) A Fist Full of Katana Fergus MacPherson Duke Sir Eikbrandr and Sgt Shimazu
Rogues Day & Midlands A&S Faire (Mar 28) Viking Wire Weaving Margrette Raghnailt of Templemede
St. Valentine's Day Massacre (Feb 14) Bobbin Lace Fujinami no Kaede Baroness Gwendolyn
A Regular Event in the Cleftlands (Jan 10) Cloisonné Enamelled Seneschal's Medallion Kristy of the Marche Gwenllian Annwyl

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