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Donating to the Scholarship Fund

Some have asked if they might make a donation to the scholarship. The answer is YES!

So, here is a brief outline of how this will work:

  1. The first five students are already sponsored by me, so any additional funds will go to sponsor additional students. It will NOT be used by me to offset my original contribution.
  2. Individual donations do not need to cover the full cost of a scholarship. Donated funds will be used to sponsor more students, as the necessary amount accrues. If someone donates $10, and another donates $5, these funds will be reserved until a sufficient amount (~$30 -$35 per student) is accrued. Why the price range? Some students aren't registered SCA members, so the extra $5 would cover the non-member fee. In the event of a funds crunch, I will pay the non-member fees myself. Class fees: some classes have a handout or materials fee. I propose to cover these on a case by case basis, using either my own funds or any residual donations. If you do NOT wish your donation to be used in this discretionary way, please specify that at the time of the donation. Funds will be used on a FI/FO basis.
  3. Unused donations (well, it IS possible that people won't apply for the scholarship) will be either returned to the donor, or held over to the following RUM, according to the wishes of the donor. I will keep an accurate accounting of all funds received, used and remaining when the event is over.
  4. Donations must be received by October 10, so that pre-registration is still possible.
  5. Donations for a particular student or a particular course of study will NOT be accepted. Scholarship applications are accepted first-come/first-served, after the original five Regions have been served. If a donor wishes to sponsor a particular student, or fund a scholarship to a particular course of study, they must do so on their own initiative. Any attempt by a donor to campaign for a particular student or area of study will result in the regretful rejection of the donation.
  6. No money from this fund will be given directly to students. It will be used only by me, to secure pre-registrations for site and feast, and to secure a voucher of some sort for the breakfast and lunch taverns (I will arrange for advance payment to the taverns to secure the vouchers), and to pay for class fees (if applicable). There is only one possible exception to this - SEE BELOW.


As feast seats are always limited, it is possible that feast could sell out before pre-registration of additional students can be made. In this instance, I propose using the funds that would have been used to purchase feasts for additional students to provide these students with a $10 Visa gift card, which they can then use to buy food offsite, or defray transportation, etc.. This card would be given at the conclusion of classes. If you do NOT wish your funds to be used in this way, please specify this at the time of the donation. This is the only instance where money will be given directly to a scholarship recipient, and I do NOT propose offering cash in lieu of feast, if feast is still available.

FINAL NOTE and DISCLAIMER Although I am currently a Dean of the University, this scholarship is being offered by me as a private citizen and Laurel of the Midrealm. It is not sponsored or paid for by the Royal University nor by the College of Fine Arts and Sciences. Complaints, comments or suggestions about this program should come to me personally, as a citizen. The Royal University of the Midrealm is not to be held responsible or liable for any unforseen problems which may crop up, nor are any Kingdom monies being used to fund this scholarship.

In service to the arts and sciences,

Mistress Crespine de la Vallée


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