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January 30, 2016

Scholarships for 2015 Fall RUM

The various RUM scholarships were set up to assist those Artisans of the Middle Kingdom attend RUM who otherwise would not be able to financially afford it. These scholarships will cover the student’s site fee, lunch, and any class or material fees. Travel expenses are not included but assistance will be given in finding crash space if needed.

To qualify for a scholarship:

The scholarship is set up to assist those who otherwise might not be able to attend due to the financial burdens. If you feel this applies to you PLEASE do not hesitate to apply. This is for students only, and anyone teaching a class is not eligible.

To apply for a scholarship:

Please send the following to

  1. A letter describing why you would like to attend RUM, what information you would like to bring back to your local group, or what you would like to do with the knowledge learned at RUM. Please also include :
    • What college(s) you are most interested in
    • If you need assistance with crash space
  2. A letter of recommendation from your local Baron or Baroness ( or seneschal or local Peer if you do not live in a Barony).
  3. To sponsor a scholarship:

    Sadly RUM itself cannot financially back the scholarship out of our own coffers, so we must turn to the generosity of the households, guilds, and individual members of our glorious household.

    Site fee for this year’s RUM is $8 and we expect the lunch tavern to be approximately $6. This year’s schedule is packed full of hands on class and we would want these scholarship winners to not be limited to free classes, therefore if we estimate $16 for class fees or materials that would bring the cost of RUM for a single student to $30.

    We are looking for sponsors for each of the 9 tracks (Martial Arts, Performing Arts, SCA Administration, History, Technological studies, Studio studies, Textiles studies, Domestic studies, and Youth Education) being offered at this year’s RUM.  We would also be willing to offer up regional scholarships as well if we can find enough sponsoring groups.

    If you would like to sponsor a scholarship, please email any money not used by the scholarship recipient will be returned to the donating group.

    PLEASE consider sponsoring a student; being able to further a student’s historical education is a great gift to offer.

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