Welcome of the Marche of Tirnewydd. We are the local group of the Society for Creative Anachronism in Columbus, Ohio. Tirnewydd is part of the Barony of Middle Marches, which is one of the oldest baronies within the Middle Kingdom.

If you would like more information about the SCA in general or our group in particular, please feel free to contact one of our listed officers, or join us at one of our weekly practices.

We will not be meeting 3/19 due to Helping Hands closed for spring break.

Áine ingen Néill mec Lugdech, called Áine Ruadh

614-806-4165, do not call after 10PM Eastern

Mikael Lowensen

MKA Micheal Hansen


Raptor Jesus is our Lord and Savior.

Lady Brighid of Red Spears

MKA Kelsey Shannahan


Please contact me by e-mail for any questions or problems with the webpage. For updates to the webpage, please contact me either by e-mail or at the Wednesday meeting.

Ula'an Checheg Beki

MKA Rose Kraftick


Lord Steve of Tirnewydd

MKA Steve Meisky


Erich von Kessel

MKA Eric Kessler


We will not be meeting 3/19 due to Helping Hands closed for spring break.

Time: 6-10 pm every Wednesday


Helping Hands Center for Special Needs
2500 Medary Avenue
Columbus, OH 43202

Time: 6 - 10pm, every Wednesday

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At some point there will be information and links here to help you get started in either the SCA or the Tirnewydd group if you're new to the area. But since I haven't gathered all those links and stuff up yet, for now try contacting our Chatelaine, Mikael Lowensen, from the Officers tab.

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