Red Dragon has grown to become a premier event of the fall season.
It offers the best in heavy and light tournaments, small melee competitions, Arts & Sciences, Food, Music and Dance. Youth and Family activities will be no exception.
Many talented people have offered their time and knowledge to teach classes at youth point to make this Red Dragon even better than the last. I’m sure it will be a memorable and enjoy event for all who attend. In addition to the schedule of activities, numerous free style games will go on through the day. There will also be tables open for gaming. Some period games will be out, but modern table table top games are also welcome. Whatever you enjoy at any age, Red Dragon is the place to find it.
10am Wrestling class with Sir Callach and Edward Tired of your brother always putting you in a head lock? Do you know what to do when your sister twists your arm and pins you against a wall? Sir Cellach, the undefeated (retired) champion wrestler of the known world, and his uber-squire Edward are here to help you out. They will be teaching a class on what has been both a timeless sport and a means of agitating siblings. Learn how to put people into a hold, and how to break them.
10am Children's Choice Tourney: Embroidery for Favors Children’s Choice Tourney is a heavy list tournament where an adult may only enter if he or she has the favor of a child. Come learn the basics of embroidery in order to make a favor for the fighter of your choice.
10am Dragon Egg Hunt Did you know dragons lay magical eggs? Dragons are also very sneaky. Every year, dragons come and hide their magical eggs. Come seek out eggs; you never know what you will find inside.
11am Castle Design and Architecture: If Castles Were Edible with Chris of Tirnewydd Come learn how castles were made and why. Come for the tasty treats. Come for the fun of making something then eating it. This is a two part project. Each child will be able to make a small edible castle, as well lend their new building expertise to making a large desert to be presented to the new Baron and Baroness during feast.
12pm Finish up morning projects / free style period games
1pm Hoop 'n' Stick, FTW! Play lots of backyard games with the coolest old-school toy! Relay races! Obstacle courses! Hoop launches! People of all ages will enjoy the fun and challenge!
2pm The Joy of Ballist-ics with Gebhard von Lozengia If you bring a crossbow, I’ll bring a bigger one! Come join in one-ups-menship on the battlefield and learn basic mechanical engineering while assembling a table top ballista. Class size will be limited please RSVP with Gebhard if you would like to build a ballista. (dcrackel (at) gmail (dot) com)
3pm Finish up afternoon projects / free style games
4pm Youth Point Closes / Break Down and Clean up