Class list for Red Dragon 2012

Time Instructor Class name Age Fee

A & S – performance

11:00 AM THL Felice Debbage Alta Regina: Dance Competition Crash Course    
“Alta Regina” is a lively, flirty 16th century Italian dance for couples. It is also one of the simplest dances in its genre despite its flashy -looking footwork. This class will help prepare you for the afternoon dance competition, sponsored by Sir Cellach MacChormach, and held at 3pm in the Main Hall. Partners are not required.
01:00 PM Chandara Gamal “Zil-ology”    
Contrary to popular belief, zils are instruments, not accessories! Learn a brief history of finger cymbals and the “numeric method” of playing them This method will give you the greatest flexibility in playing a wide range of patterns to compliment any rhythm! Please bring paper/pen & finger cymbals. A few sets will be available for loan or purchase.
02:00 PM Lady Ginevra Boscoli A Playford Scramble; Three Dances to Move You    
Be prepared to ask “Who's my partner, and where are we going?” in this exploration of direction-changing, partner-changing, and progression dances. Some familiarity with basic English Country dance is helpful but not necessary. Halfe Hannikin, Maiden Lane, and Cuckolds All A Row will be taught.
03:00 PM Felice Debbage Annual Dance Competition    
Once again this year, Sir Cellach macCormach will be sponsoring a dancing competition, with excellent prizes for the victors. The dance for this year's competition will be the 16th century Italian cascarda, “Alta Regina.” Winners shall be announced during Court.

A & S 1

10:00 AM Ula'an Checheg Temari – Japanese embroidered hand balls 12 + (younger kids welcome with a parent) $5 for a kit
The Japanese took a Chinese foot ball, wrapped it in strips of kimono silk and decorated it with fanciful embroidered designs. Come learn the basics of forming a ball, and start your first pattern! $5 fee to cover cost of supplies.
11:00 AM Lady Heodez Talento de Calais Doctors, Surgeons, Apothecaries, Alchemists, and Wisewomen: exploring healthcare in the Middle Ages All  
This class will give insight into how medical care was practiced and organized in the Middle Ages throughout Europe and the Middle East. It will also compare medicine then and now.
12:00 PM Lady Kimiko of the Red Spears The History of Japanese Tea & Tea Gaming    
Learn about the history and presence of tea through Japanese history, and how tea ultimately Europe was greatly influenced by Japanese tea culture. With this class, there will be additional discussions on the social and ceremonial aspects of Japanese tea. This class will also teach "tea gaming" in which various real loose leaf teas will be presented and served, and then used to conduct a few rounds of Japanese tea gaming with. Tea gaming was a very social and trendy sport for the Japanese in the Momoyama period, so bring a friend and expect to have some fun. Food Allergy warning: The teas used for sampling are real loose leaf teas that will feature a variety of fruit and herbal blends. Anyone with very sensitive food allergies should restrict themselves to viewing and smelling of the teas.
Requirements: Please bring a cup to drink from.Tea will be provided for roughly 10 people. Observers welcome.
01:00 PM Máel Mhuire mac Néill hui Cholmáin A Modern Calligrapher's Guide to Authentic Scribing- Quills and Reeds and Homemade Inks (Oh My)    
Hands-on experience based on my self-teaching to cut and use authentic pens from authentic and near-authentic materials, and some inks. Plenty of guidance for period scripts from my library to practice in the class (with emphasis on the early-mid medieval uncial/”Celtic” scripts), and you can cut and keep your own quill and reed. Sorry – no illuminating, just scribing.
02:00 PM Lady Sarai Tindall Introduction to Silk Painting Please contact teacher in advance: sarai (dot) tindall(at) gmail (dot)com $10.00
Learn basic techniques of applying resists and paints and take home either a silk scarf or fan. $10 fee to cover cost of supplies. One and a half hour class.

A & S 2

10:00 AM THL Edyth Miller The Medieval Woman's Hatbox    
Medieval European women wore a huge variety of headdress from the 12th to the 15th centuries. In this class, we'll look at some of the key pieces that can help you create a more authentic recreation.
11:00 AM Lady Sarai Tindall Make Your Own Brass Needles   $1.00
Learn how to make your own brass needles, a sewing supply found throughout the medieval period. $1 fee to cover cost of supplies.
12:00 PM Boldewyn Rheinholt SCA Politeness Roundtable All  
A roundtable discussion on politeness in the SCA. What it means, how to do it, and more.
01:00 PM Parvati Chandravanshi Moroccan Henna for Intermediate Students 6+ (no more than perhaps 20 students, please)  
We will quickly cover the basics of henna (sourcing supplies, how to mix paste) and then we will explore the Moroccan style and discuss the historical aspects of henna in North Africa. Henna will be provided for experimentation and practice.
02:00 PM THL Edyth Miller A 15th Century Women’s Clothing Primer    
Interested in recreating 15th century French or English women’s clothing styles, but don’t know what they actually are? In this class we’ll explore the basics of a 15th century wardrobe, look at which fabrics, accessories and headdress are appropriate, and discuss some methods of construction.
03:00 PM Máel Mhuire mac Néill hui Cholmáin “Celtic” knotwork and allied ornament    
- La Tene ornament, especially including spirals, knotwork / plaitwork / basketweave / interlacing / ribbonwork, switch knots, circular knots, triquetras, key patterns, step patterns, fretwork (Mediterranean), zoimorphs (Germanic and Nordic), etc.

A & S 3

11:00 AM Lady Onora Suddern A discussion of weights and tensions on the texture of kumihimo braiding. 12 $3 for supplies
The class will include a demonstration of both disk and marudai braiding with a variety of different methods of weights and counter weights and their effects on the texture of the final braid. Beginners will instructed on a basic 8 strand spiral braid on the handloom. Beginners welcome. For a beginning disc, $3.
02:00 PM Aiden Tyrrson Glass Etching - Making your own custom feast kit 18 +, under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. $10.00
Ever wanted a custom plate or mug with your device on it? Well, now you can make it! In this class I will teach the basics of glass etching, a little history, and you will leave with a custom piece that you make. If you have anything specific you want on the glass, please bring 2 or 3 pictures you can draw on with a difference in size between them. I will also have a book of designs to look through. Those under 18 must have a parent or guardian present. $10 fee for materials. 2 HOUR CLASS

Youth Point

10:00 AM Sir Cellach and Ed Wrestling Class All  
Tired of your brother always putting you in a headlock? Do you know what to do when your sister twists your arm and pins you against a wall?

Sir Cellach the undefeated (retired) champion wrestler of the known world and his uber-squire Edward are here to help you out. They will be teaching a class on what has been both a timeless sport and a means of agitating siblings. Learn how to put people into a hold, and how to break them.
10:00 AM   Children's Choice Tourney: Embroidery for Favors All  
Children's Choice Tourney is a heavy list tournament where an adult may only enter if he or she has the favor of a child.

Come learn the basics of embroidery in order to make a favor for the fighter of your choice.
10:00 AM   Dragon Egg Hunt All  
Did you know dragons lay magical eggs? Dragons are also very sneaky. Every year, dragons come and hide their magical eggs; you never know what you will find inside.
11:00 AM Chris of Tirnewydd Castle Design and Architecture: If Castles Were Edible All  
Come learn how castles were made and why. Come for the tasty treats. Come for the fun of making something then eating it.

This is a two part project. Each child will be able to make a small edible castle, as well as lend their new building expertise to making a large desert to be presented to the new Baron and Baroness during feast.
01:00 PM THL Felice Debbage Hoop'n'Stick, FTW! All  
Play lots of backyard games with the coolest old-school toy! Relay races! Obstacle courses! Hoop launches! People of all ages will enjoy the fun and challenge!
02:00 PM Gebhard von Lozengia The Joy of Ballist-ics All, but class size is limited. Please RSVP with Gebhard (dcrackel (at) gmail (dot) com) if interested.  
If you bring a crossbow, I'll bring a bigger one! Come join in one-ups-menship on the battlefield and learn basic mechanical engineering while assembling a table top ballista.