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This listing was last updated May 01, 2012.

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This is a summary listing of all of the Baronies, Provinces, and proposed Baronies in the Middle Kingdom. This is an information-only listing, and appearance here of an individual's name with an office does not constitute a warrant for that office. In particular, officers in forming baronies are acting officers, and are not warranted unless their office issues warrants-at-large.

If an update is needed to reflect a new Acting Seneschal for a group, the Acting Seneschal must send a Resignation and Change of Office form to the Kingdom Seneschal, in hardcopy form.

For simple contact information changes, such as spelling of names, new addresses, or new group website URL, the Seneschal should contact the Database Deputy to the Middle Kingdom Seneschal. Email is acceptable for this type of change.

Andelcrag (Barony)
Edward Aelredson (Edward Roehre)
904 Four Mile Rd NW; Apt 3C
Walker, MI 49544-1571
616-784-1654 lorddenby@gmail.com

Ayreton (Barony)
Foxvale, Grey Gargoyles, Rokkehealden, Tree-Girt-Sea, Vanished Wood
Sarafina Sinclair (Harlie Des Roches)
1496 E Algonquin #1
Des Plaines, IL 60016-6628
312-493-2255 sarafina.sinclair@gmail.com

Brendoken (Barony)
Ohio counties of Crawford, Morrow, Richland, Ashland, Medina, Wayne, Stark, Summit, Portage, Carroll, Holmes, and Tuscarawas
Giles fitz Alan (Curtis E. Conrad)
428 Scott St
Crestline, OH 44827-1546
419-683-0321 gilesfitzalan@columbus.rr.com

Carraig Ban (Barony)
Lucretia Alexander (Lisa Zeimetz)
612 Chicago Rd
Paw Paw, IL 61353-9510
630-770-6498 karlsgoddess@yahoo.com

Cleftlands (Barony)
Cuyahoga County OH
Pietro da San Tebaldo (Samuel Pearce)
3836 Parkdale Rd
Cleveland, OH 44121-1619
216-382-2354 pietro.da.san.tebaldo@hotmail.com

Cynnabar (Barony)
Bjarki Bjornson (Dennis Watson)
2180 Sharon Hollow Rd
Grass Lake, MI 49240-9652
734-891-1052 Seneschal@Cynnabar.org

Donnershafen (Barony)
Indivind mac Lauchlann of Clann Preachain (Kevin I. McLaughlin)
450 Bendon Rd
Interlochen, MI 49643-9606
231-882-9010 the_gual@yahoo.com

Fenix (Barony)
Cincinnati OH and Covington KY area
Alaric de Colville (Aric C. Wilisch)
3901 E Galbraith Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45236-2321
513-443-2860 fenixseneschal@gmail.com

Flame (Barony)
Louisville KY and vicinity
Dovaidu maqqes Baignadi (David Mitchner)
PO Box 1202
Brandeuburg, KY 40108-0202
270-945-8096 dave.mitchner@gmail.com

Flaming Gryphon (Barony)
Darke, Miami, Champaign, Clark, Preble, Montgomery, Greene, Butler, Shelby, and Warren Counties OH
Edward Foxley (Jason Butsch)
4926 Meadow Vista Ct
Liberty Twp, OH 45011-9038
513-892-4285 thegreyfox1@juno.com

Illiton (Barony)
Elayne Thorne (Elaine Hecathorn)
1260 N Carefree Dr
East Peoria, IL 61611-1014
309-361-0006 tyngteacher@juno.com

Middle Marches (Barony)
Numerous counties in central, southeastern, and south central OH
Gunnar Sigurdsson (Tom Cherry)
411 E Arcadia Ave
Columbus, OH 43202-2470
614-261-6753 gunnar242@yahoo.com

Northwoods (Barony)
JahanAra bint al-Eoghain amat al-Hafeeza (Galen Sandra Wampler)
300 S Fairview Ave
Lansing, MI 48912-2914
517-614-9191 galenskye@gmail.com

Red Spears (Barony)
Williams, Fulton, Lucas, Defiance, Henry, Wood, Paulding, Putnam, Hancock, Van Wert, and Allen Counties, OH
Konrad Mailander (Dale Niederhauser)
110 Dodge St
Swanton, OH 43558-1269
419-356-8390 konrad@midrealm.org

Rivenstar (Barony)
Leonie (Leonie Leduc)
1922 Pierce St
Lafayette, IN 47904-2243
808-271-4290 redstormthunder@gmail.com

Roaring Wastes (Barony)
Aurora Balint (Aurora Benner)
26385 Brush St
Madison Heights, MI 48071-3516
586-419-4627 auroraali@aol.com

Shattered Crystal (Barony)
Gailen Alric Ros (Perry Dyer)
620 Union Ave
Belleville, IL 62220-2342
618-830-2337 gailenalricros@aol.com

Sternfeld (Barony)
Katrina of Sternfeld (Katrina Pogue)
121 Herman St
Indianapolis, IN 46202-3818
317-374-8787 katrinasternfeld@gmail.com

White Waters (Barony)
Antonia di Troina (Tonia Stouder)
29798 County Rd 118
Elkhart, IN 46517-9395
574-522-3927 AntoniadiTroina@aol.com

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