Curia Regis Minutes


Date of Meeting: Sunday, January 7, 2001

Location:             After Twelfth Night in the Barony of The Roaring Wastes,

at Palazzo di Griffone d’Oro.

Attending:             His Royal Majesty Edmund (HisRM)

                        Her Royal Majesty Kateryn (HerRM)

                        His Royal Highness Bardolph (HisRH)

Her Royal Highness Brigh (HerRH)

Maestra Arianna Llwyd, Kingdom Seneschal (KSen)

The Honorable Lady Clarissa Wykeham, Dragon Herald (KHer)

                        Sir Randolph Lee, Kingdom Earl Marshal (KEM)

                        Lord Ulrich von Landstuhl, Kingdom Chirurgeon (KChir)

                         Lord Aiden Blackstone, Kingdom Exchequer (KExch)

Master Arundel the Falconer, Kingdom Minister of

Arts and Sciences (KMOAS)

                        Baniarla Aibhilin, Kingdom Chronicler (KChron)

                        Duke Eliahu ben Itzhak, Curia Secretary (CSec)


Meeting called to order at: 10:43 a.m.


I.            Approval of the Agenda

Approved as amended


II.            Approval of the minutes of the last meeting:

Approved as amended


III.       Old Business:


A.            New Thrones

Update of the status of this project

The first set of thrones , the King & Queen’s, were delivered yesterday, three and one half months past the originally specified due date. They are nice.


HisRM reports that the contracted artisan informed HisRM that he can deliver the Prince and Princess’ thrones similarly designed and built to the King & Queen’s thrones for more money, or simpler thrones for the same amount of money. The artisan also stated that the delivery schedule needs to be revised, from what was established in the contract.


Following discussion it was decided that additional information about the exact terms and conditions of the contract was needed. The KSen will advise Curia.


(Addendum: Following Curia, and after examination of the contract by legal counsel, it was determined that the Kingdom owes the artisan $1400 in addition to the amount that has already been paid. Another set of thrones for the Prince and Princess will cost the kingdom $1400 more. Additional thrones for the Royalty of Northshield would also cost $1400 per set.)


B.            New Medallions for Great Officers

No funds have been committed. Master Wolfgang von Roessler has stated verbally that he can provide new medallions for $100 each. HisRM has suggested that we could get bids from other artisans. Since Wolfgang has already been spoken to about this, he will be requested to submit a written bid for medallions based on a design that would work with many different time periods within the medieval and renaissance era.


C.            Middle Kingdom Incorporation.

The KSen spoke with the previous KSen who had no written notes on this subject, but related previous conversations she had had with the Society Seneschal. The current KSen spoke with the current Society Seneschal about this issue, and the many difficulties related to incorporation.

The KSen will put this item before the new kingdom legal committee, once that committee is formed.


Following discussion it was resolved to continue with the formation of the legal committee, and to allow them to pursue the question of incorporation.


HisRM requested that the KExch investigate whether funds were paid as a retainer to a law firm, of $1500, perhaps during 1995.


D.            Curia handbook draft

Comments are requested from Curia to the CSec on this draft by

February 1. The CSec will add information about each officer’s responsibility and opportunity to verify or updating their own office webpage, or finding a deputy to do this.


E.            Specific procedures for Courts of Chivalry (from last meeting)

HisRM requested a review of the current procedures of the Court of Chivalry, with the goal of clarifying the procedures to be followed.


The KEM stated that after review, that changes to procedure would likely limit the flexibility of the Court of Chivalry. HisRM stated that the current procedures make it unlikely that a court of chivalry could be carried out during one reign, and that a speedier process would be fairer to all parties involved. The KEM said that under Society required procedures, that such time constraints are likely to remain. HisRM would like to see the arbitrary elements of discretion during the court proceedings itself be reduced or eliminated by more closely defining the procedures. This would be an effort to prevent the worst abuses from happening rather than  relying on the sanctions and repercussions that would ensue after the fact under the current procedures. The KExch wondered whether the Society could be persuaded to compress the time frame for this, but the KEM stated that it to do so would be unfair to the parties involved. HisRM will review the court of Chivalry procedures again, and discuss this with the KEM, and bring a proposal to Curia. The KEM will provide HisRM with a draft for a Court of Courtesy.


F.            Archiving documents. (from last meeting)

The creation of the position of the Kingdom Archivist as separate from the Kingdom Historian will be considered. HerRH will advise as far as archiving retention schedules, will contact the KHist to coordinate, and will recommend to the CSec policies for inclusion in the Curia officers manual. Tabled to next meeting.


IV.New Business:

            A.            No new business


V. Reports: (to include any reports of activity by or about direct deputies)


A.            Their Royal Majesties

1.            Deputies of the Crown

a.            Houndmaster – No report at this time

b.            Chief of Staff of the Army –

Omarad has been very active, pursuing Kingdom arms patches and pennants for the army, and coordinating with other kingdoms,

c.            RUM Chancellor – see below

d.            The Secretary of the Baronage –

Baroness Ciara McRobbie, Baroness of Northwoods, is the new Secretary of the Baronage.

e.            The Interkingdom Advisory Council

This is likely to become active again. HisRM will begin considering candidates.


2.            Gold Mace Discussion

After requests for comment in the Pale, very few comments were received. HisRM would like more opinions before he decides.

3.            Children's Awards Discussion

After request for comment in the Pale, only two comments were received. HerRH thinks that with a new kingdom children’s officer in place, the comments from and involvement of parents will increase. The KSen is still accepting applications.


HerRM wants to begin considering names for new children’s awards that recognize different aspects of children’s participation.

This would extend the awards matrix to the non-armigerous children’s awards. The current Dragon’s Treasure could be the first award a child receives, analogous to the Award of Arms for an adult. Then a children’s award for arts, one for martial activity, and one for service would be developed. Or the existing Dragon’s Treasure could be the service award. This will be discussed at next meeting.


4.            Discussion of changing the wording of the Laurel fealty ceremony to include sciences as well as arts. There ensued discussion of oaths in general, with the conclusion that oaths would be left where and how they are, but HisRM will post this for discussion on the LaurelNet.


B.            Their Royal Highnesses

1.            TheirRHs have been having difficulties getting Their posts through to CuriaNet. They will enquire of the WebMinister.

2.            Coronation is April 21 in the Shire of Lochmorrow, Macomb, Illinois.

3.            Crown Tournament will be in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Rules will be published soon. The KHer reports that the seneschal of the local group wants to web cast the tournament live. The combatants may have to sign a release. The KHer will contact Contessa Tamara, kingdom media relations officer, to pursue this.


C.            Their Stellar Highnesses (reporting by phone)

1.            Northshield Steering Committee

(or Kingdom Exploratory Group (KEG))

Nominations closing on January 15, with decision by early February. They are attempting to build up Principality funds. The KExch stated that he advised them to contact the Society Treasurer who can contact the Society investment committee.


2.            TheirSHs willl be going to Gulf Wars.

3.            The officers of Border Downs, the site of upcoming Crown Tournament, have contacted TheirSHs.

4.            No report on the establishment of a principality event (from last meeting). Tabled to next meeting.


D.            The Lord and Lady Heirs of Northshield

No report at this time.


            E.            The Kingdom Seneschal

1.            Regionals

a.            Domesday reports are coming in. The Kingdom domesday is due to Society March 10

b.            Constellation regional, Arinwald, is stepping down, and there are candidates for office.

2.            Calendar

All is proceeding well. Coronation will necessitate the cancellation of an event nearby that was tentatively scheduled for the same weekend. HisRM requests that He receives the calendar at the latest on the first of the month. The KSen will talk to her.


3.            Publications Office

All is proceeding well.

4.            Groups in Transition


a.            Fire Oaks.

They will need to poll again since so much time has elapsed since they polled. They have resubmitted their name to the College of Arms.

b.            Castel Rouge

The new Baron and Baroness will be installed next weekend.

c.            Wurm Wald

Confirmation needed as to resignation as Baroness or Baronial Exchequer. She needs to submit in writing to the Crown or KExch. Posting to Middlebridge is insufficient.

TheirRMs and TheirRHs will speak with her when they travel there.

5.            Baronage

Current membership levels of baronies will be checked before the vote of confidence in a barony. The membership status of the baron and baroness will also be checked at that time. A barony that has fallen below the necessary numbers is usually given a six-month probationary period to get their membership numbers to appropriate levels.


Constellation is the region that will be having a vote of confidence first, and this will be coming up over the next few months. Midlands will follow.


6.            Other branches

Some concerns about the reporting due from Silver Swords was discussed.


7.            Disabilities Coordinator

All is proceeding well.

8.            Cartographer

He will be inquiring of all groups for their zip codes so that he can create more precisely accurate maps.

9.            New Groups Deputy

All is proceeding well

10.            Historian

No report at this time.

                        11.            Curia Secretary

Draft of Curia Handbook

See above.

12.            Crown Tournament

Crown Tournament will be in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


13.            Fund raising

Nothing to report at this time.

14.            The Law Clerk

Nothing to report at this time.


15.            The Law Committee

Still seeking applicants.

16.            New filing cabinets to replace the old broken cabinets.

Not yet acquired

17.            Request for application for successor will be in the KSen’s next letter in the next pale.


            F.            The Northshield Seneschal        

            No report at this time

G.            The Kingdom Exchequer

1.            BALANCES 1/14/01
TRM 1,407.20
TRH 2,150.00
TSH 500.00
NS-Heirs 500.00
Chir. Office 476.15
Chirurgeonate 3,080.00
Chronicler 124.63
Curia Secretary 300.00
Earl Marsh 307.79
Exchequer 139.40
Herald 210.05
MOAS 626.80
A & S Fund 300.00
Seneschal 1,619.62
Chatelaine 300.00
Archer General 100.00
Minister of Fence 68.09
Clerk of the Roster 67.00
Youth 100.00
Marshal at Arms 70.00
Dean of Equestrian 150.00
Water Bearer 81.17
A&S Judges  169.60
Escutcheon 100.00
Rouge Scarpe 0.00
Jessant Editor 500.00
Signet 300.00
Nshield Snshl 100.00
Regalia 1,345.32
General Fund 20,680.04
  TOTALS FUNDS 35,872.86


2.            Domesdays – have been mailed

3.            Exchequer Symposium

Tentatively scheduled for Chicago, May 18

4.            Successor/extension

His term expires at Pennsic, but he will be requesting an extension for a third year.

5.            Regionals

Two changed earlier

6.            Society Updates.

                                    Nothing until the Exchequer Symposium.

7.            The Pennsic planning meeting.

Just received a check for $15,000 from proceeds from Pennsic. XXIX.

8.            Middle Kingdom window clings and Midrealm Badges

Continuing to sell well.

9.            Reviewing stand, sale of space for additional arms (from last meeting)

            Nothing to report

10.            Bad checks deputy

Nothing to report

11.            The Kingdom Minister of Regalia and Properties

a.            Successor

No applications have yet been received.

b.            HisRM wants him to develop policies and procedures (from last meeting). HisRM reports that Baron Conal O’hairt has offered to repair the thrones and estimates this would cost about $25 each to repair. M/S/P to approve this expense. HisRM will contact the Minister of Regalia.


H.            The Earl Marshal

1.           Domesday Report

Went in on time and all regional officers reported on time. Transition from predecessor went well.

2.           Money for travel to Crown Tournament

TheKEM proposes that reasonable travel expenses for the KEM, the Kher, the KMoas and the KSen, to Crown tournament be covered by Kingdom, not to come from those officers’ regular budget. M/S/P that reasonable travel expenses for those officers who are required to be at Crown Tournament, be reimbursed.

3.           New Authorization cards

Required as of January 1

4.           Warrants

Members of the Chivalry now required to report to retain warrant.

5.           Making the Marshal at Arms a Lesser Officer of State.

This will be done.

6.             Experimental Weapons

Unpadded polearms are now legal. Other weapons are ongoing. See domesday report for more detailed information.

7.             Youth Activities

The first official youth tournament will be January 20 in the Barony of Wurm Wald.

A request was received asking that a young participant’s older brother would be allowed to stand in loco parentis at an event. This was discussed, and was unanimously disapproved of. The KEM has asked legal counsel (Baldwin of Chelmsford, Darrin Meade) to check on this. HerRM says that we should state that the Kingdom is not prepared to allow this at this time but is checking with legal counsel. The KSen asks that the KEM forward such requests to her, so that she can forward them to the Society Seneschal.           


            I.            The Kingdom Chronicler

1.            Law issue 

Due out in February.

2.            Editor of the Pale

A potential successor has been identified.

3.            Web Minister

The KChron will be contacting him regarding several issues, primarily getting help for him in the many tasks that he does.

4.            Kingdom Census.

He is still getting numbers, and will issue a final report.

5.            Curia Minutes Subscription

No requests for minutes have been received. No one can find the minutes on the kingdom website yet. The KChron will pursue.

6.            Kingdom Historian.

Discussion of whether it is more appropriate to have this office as a deputy of the KChron rather than the KSen as it is now. (from the last meeting)

After discussion M/S/P that the Historian will be a deputy of the KChron, will keep medieval historical records and artifacts, and the new Archivist will deputy of the KSen and will keep SCA Midrealm documents.


7.            The organizers of Blackstone Raids had previously requested to make it an official interkingdom event, so that they can receive free advertising in the Pale. After discussion it was determined that since they are unwilling to share input or revenue, the answer is no.


            J.            The Kingdom Herald

1.            Seals

a.            Seals for TRHs

Apparently are done, but the holder cannot be contacted.

b.            A set of small round seals has been made for TRMs, and a new set for TRHs will be requested from the same source.

2.            Minister of Protocol

a.             Book of Ceremonies is in the works.

b.            Traditions Guide for the Royalty

Nothing to report at this time. The KHer will check with several parties.

c.            How the Kingdom and the Crown Works, a Guide for the Populace

Nothing to report at this time. The KHer will check with several parties.

3.            Known World Heraldic Symposium.

June 1-3 in Minneapolis. Teachers are still needed. The changeover of the Laurel Sovereign of Arms will occur there.


4.           Development of a Guide for the Royalty for Pennsic

HerRH and the KHer both mentioned that this has been discussed.


            K.            The Kingdom Chirurgeon

1.            Water bearer

The need for the guild structure section of the handbook is being reevaluated and the draft handbook will be submitted to Curia next meeting.

2.            Deputies

a.            Additional emergency successor from outside the Oaken Region was requested, but no other applicants have yet been found who can do this at this time, although this hopefully will change.

b.            Pentamere is about to change over

c.            New deputy

The new Deputy for training, Lord Cerdic the Blodletere, is now in place.

3.            Information on fundraising efforts

The calendar fundraising project is planning for a May release. Specifically for golf cart improvement

4.            Report on injuries

See attached.

5.            Pennsic.

                                    a.            Pending receipt of Pennsic XXIX from Sir Randolph.

b.            The Pennsic XXX staff has been set.

6.            Request for TRHs to consider allowing continuance of delegation of authority to warrant NShield chirurgeons to TSHs. Will be decided later.

            L.            The Minister of Arts and Sciences

1.            Regionals

a.            Still looking for a kingdom emergency successor. Has identified a couple of candidates.

2.            The Artes Draconis newsletter

A couple of issues have been resolved

3.            The Masterwork Challenge

Continuing. The KMoas will talk to the coordinator about communication and accessibility issues.

4.            Kingdom A&S fair.

All regional dates have been set.

5.            A report of A&S monies owed to Northshield from Pennsic 1999.

Although a review of the minutes of the two Curia meetings held at that Pennsic showed no reference to any such A&S funds, the KExch confirmed that the previous KMoas confirmed this and the mony was transferred ($150)

6.            HisRM had suggested considering changing The Kingdom Pentathlon (from last meeting)                                   


The KMoas proposes that in addition to the pentathalon, that there be created the divisional championship, who would enter three entries in three categories within one division. He also suggests that research papers would not be a separate category but would be in the category of their respective topic.


The KMoas suggests an age 12 and under, non-scored, children’s category for Kingdom A&S. Also that the parents help with judging, although they would not judge their own children. It was also suggested that there would not be judges, but instead would be referred to as commentators. Commentators could leave tokens or other items for the entries that they like, in addition to comments, as an encouragement. HisRM suggests that the kingdom could budget for a token prize for every child.


The KMoas suggests that for every child who enters, each parent bring a prize for TRMs to give. The KSen suggests that the KMoas contact both Countess Kenna, the RUM Dean of the College of Children, and Mistress Caroline de Mercier the Kingdom Minister of Children.

            M.            Pennsic

1.            KExch report for further discussion of consideration of set aside budgeting for Pennsic, including possible consideration of purchase of equipment (including tents, for example, for meetings) rather than rental. Also the possibility for fund raising for this. Sources for tents are being investigated. KExch will report on options. KExch will forward a copy of the trailer storage contract to the KSen.


The KExch will continue to report.


2.            Research into issues about the golf cart, owned by the Middle Kingdom (from last meeting).

The KSen requests information from the KChir so that it can be forwarded to the Society Seneschal.


3.            HisRH reports that Omarad found a tent manufacturer who makes quality tents for very reasonable prices (for example, a 40’x40’ tent for $4100, more for velcro-attachable plastic windows) The KExch will investigate.


4.            The KExch suggests establishing a permanent deputy for logistics (ie. Tables, chairs, etc.) for the continuity of necessary information.

This will be pursued.


N.            Gulf Wars

The HisRM wants to have the first open bar court in the history of the kingdom, at Gulf Wars. HisRM would like to ask the Baronies to ask their citizens to donate potables to this, as long as this can be done within the Society rules. The KSen will check with the Society Seneschal, and advise about legalities.


O.            The Chancellor of RUM  

The KSen will post the RUM report on CuriaNet.


VII.            Committee of the Whole


VIII.     The Next Meeting:

Despite Her Royal Highness’s preference to hold the next meeting in Aruba, it will be held in The Barony of Whitewaters (Elkhart, IN) on April 1, 2001.


Meeting Adjournment: 2:46 p.m.