Curia Regis Minutes - Draft


Date of Meeting: Sunday, February 11, 2001

Location:             After The Valentine’s Day Event in the Barony of Andelcrag,


Attending:             His Royal Majesty Edmund (HisRM)

                        Her Royal Majesty Kateryn (HerRM)

                        His Royal Highness Bardolph (HisRH)

Maestra Arianna Llwyd, Kingdom Seneschal (KSen)

The Honorable Lady Clarissa Wykeham, Dragon Herald (KHer)

                        Sir Randolph Lee, Kingdom Earl Marshal (KEM)

                        Lord Ulrich von Landstuhl, Kingdom Chirurgeon (KChir)

Master Arundel the Falconer, Kingdom Minister of

Arts and Sciences (KMOAS)

                        Baniarla Aibhilin, Kingdom Chronicler (KChron)

                        Duke Eliahu ben Itzhak, Curia Secretary (CSec)


Meeting called to order at: 10:17 a.m.


I.            Approval of the Agenda

Agenda approved as amended.


II.            Approval of the minutes of the last meeting:

Minutes approved as amended.


III.       Old Business:


A.            New Thrones

Update of the status of this project


M/S/P That $1400 should be paid to the artisan for the King and Queen’s thrones that had been delivered.


HisRM explained that following a discussion yesterday with the artisan’s representative, the following was agreed to:

Within two weeks the artisan will submit a revised proposal specifically describing details including what the next set of thrones (the Prince & Princess’) will look like, the delivery time frame, results of late delivery, and costs for upgraded elements in the thrones.


Regarding the other two sets of chairs (the royal family of Northshield) the artisan’s representative suggested that those thrones could be at the far end of the kingdom, but made with interchangeable back plates so that they could eventually become Northshield thrones. HisRM suggests that  perhaps other necessary elements, i.e. storage boxes or table could be built instead. Or perhaps Northshield would be willing to contribute funds for their thrones, which since the materials are already bought would be at half the cost that they would be otherwise.


Final decision on next steps will be made at the Tournament of Chivalry. Then a modern contract will be written. HerRM suggested that a standard contract could be written for the commissioning of regalia.


B.            New Medallions for Great Officers

Update on written bids from Master Wolfgang von Roessler (and others?)

No written bids have yet been received.


C.            Curia handbook draft

Comments are requested from Curia to the CSec on this draft by

March 1. 


E.            Specific procedures for Courts of Chivalry (from last meeting)

The following is a draft from the KEM for a Court of Courtesy.

Court of Inquiry & Arbitration   (insert Favorite Name here)

The Court of Inquiry & Arbitration is intended to provide an opportunity for fair arbitration between antagonistic parties and the establishment of the facts of a complaint. A request for a Court of Inquiry & Arbitration must be made in writing to the Kingdom Seneschal, specifying the reasons for the request, after the previous mechanisms for reconciliation have been used and proven unsatisfactory to one or more of the antagonistic parties. After receiving such a request, the Kingdom Seneschal shall inform the Crown of the need to convene a Court of Inquiry & Arbitration.

The Seneschal shall establish a date for the convening of the Court after consultation with the Crown.  The Court may only be convened within the Middle Kingdom, at an official event published in the Kingdom Newsletter.  The Kingdom Seneschal shall notify the antagonistic parties of the convening of the Court in writing, by return receipt requested mail, a minimum of ten days prior to the date of convening of the Court.  Any of the antagonistic parties may appeal the scheduled date directly to the Kingdom Seneschal or Crown.

Failure of an antagonist to appear after such proper notification has been made may be considered by the Judge or Panel of Judges to be a plea of 'no contest' to the complaints specified.  If this occurs, the Judge or Panel of Judges may proceed with reaching a decision in the matter.

The Crown may function as the Judge of the Court of Inquiry and Arbitration, or may appoint a triumvirate Panel of Judges, as the Crown sees fit. The Judge or Panel of Judges shall consider the merits of a complaint and offer resolution to the antagonistic parties.  In the case where a Panel of Judges sits, a simple majority vote shall constitute a decision of the Court in all matters.

The Kingdom Seneschal shall sit as an adviser to the Court.  The Judge or Panel of Judges may select such other advisors or assistants as seem appropriate. The Earl Marshal shall act as the Sgt. Of Arms to the court.

The Curia Secretary shall keep an official record of the Court's proceedings and decisions.  Copies of this official record shall be provided in a timely fashion to the antagonistic parties, the Judge or Panel of Judges, and the Crown if the Crown does not sit as Judge of the Court.   This official record shall be kept by the Kingdom Seneschal as archival material.  Each antagonist has the right to file a formal written response to the decision by the Court with the Kingdom Seneschal during this time, such a response then becoming a part of the archival material. 

It is expected that the Court shall be convened for only a short period of time.  To this end, the antagonistic parties shall be asked at the outset of the Court if they can agree, in part or in whole, to a list of stipulated facts in the matter as prepared by the Advocate.

There were a few suggestions, such as defining the duties of the Sgt. of Arms more specifically, and that proposed dates must be in writing. There was additional discussion about the Crown’s responsibility to judge or choose to appoint judges. This is intended to deal with matters of behavior in a medieval context and therefore the Crown is the appropriate final arbiter of justice. This is more like a Court of Courtesy or arbitration than the Court of Chivalry, and would be a lesser mechanism than a Court of Chivalry, to which the results of this court could be appealed. One proposed word change in the first paragraph is from previous mechanisms to lesser mechanisms. Another suggested change would be from ten days to some other time frame, however this could be covered by the appeal in writing of the suggested dates, and that the ten days is stated to be a minimum not an absolute. Recommendations to the Royalty about how to handle certain parts of this procedure, ie. When to appoint judges rather than sit as judges themselves, and what sort of judges, should properly be in the forthcoming handbook for royalty.

Any other comments and /or suggestions should be submitted to the KEM by Thursday next.

F.            Archiving documents. (from last meeting)

It was decided last meeting that the Historian would be a deputy of the KChron, and the Archivist would be a deputy of the KSen.


Kingdom Law IV-400 will need to be changed. This will require no commentary before publication.


HerRH will advise the Ksen as far as the duties of the Archivist, and details such as archiving retention schedules, and will recommend to the CSec policies for inclusion in the Curia officers manual.


IV.New Business:

            A.            No new business.


V. Reports: (to include any reports of activity by or about direct deputies)


A.            Their Royal Majesties

1.            Deputies of the Crown

a.            Houndmaster – No report at this time

b.                  Chief of Staff of the Army –

All is going well. Plans for Gulf Wars are proceeding well.

c.            RUM Chancellor – see below

c.                   The Secretary of the Baronage –

A letter will be sent to the Baronage advising them to report by March 1 to the Secretary of the Baronage.

e.            The Interkingdom Advisory Council

                                                No activity at this time.


2.            Gold Mace Discussion

HisRM stated that he has gotten some commentary from some individuals, and at this point will make the change to Kingdom law XVII – 2602, removing the restriction to the Gold Mace that requires recipients to be a member of the Red Company. (substitute individuals for members of the Red Company)


3.            Children's Awards Discussion

TheirRMs presented two proposed children’s awards, the Award of the Baton for martial activities, and the Acorn for Arts and Sciences.


A suggested badge for the Baton is two crossed gold batons on a black field, and for the Acorn is three white acorns on a blue field.

The KHer will advise about the names and armory for these awards.


(Wording to come)


The Dragon’s Treasure would remain as the children’s service award.


HisRM pointed out that according to kingdom law, award recipients of all sorts are technically allowed only to use a medallion bearing the badge of the award. To bring this into consistent practice with what is current, (that the award badges are warn in many forms and in many ways) the laws concerning awards would change from companions of the order may wear a medallion bearing a badge emblazoned to companions of the order may bear the badge emblazoned. This is not a substantive change requiring populace commentary.


4.                  Result of discussion on the LaurelNet of changing the wording of the Laurel fealty ceremony to include sciences as well as arts.

After input from the Order, TRMs have decided that no change is warranted at this time.


5.            HisRM wants to revisit the policies governing requesting commentary on substantive law changes, and requiring the publication of electronically or by subscription, with the idea of making these procedures part of kingdom law, rather than just policies. The KSen will advise on legality with respect to Corpora, and HisRM will post wording to CuriaNet.


B.            Their Royal Highnesses

1.                  Coronation

April 21 in the Shire of Lochmorrow, Macomb, Illinois.

Everyone is invited. Hotel space is filling up quickly.

2.                  Crown Tournament will be in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Rules will be in the next Pale. Included will be rules requiring that combatants must be 21 years of age and have a peer recommend them.

3.                  Pennsic

HerRH wanted discussion about storage facilities near Pennsic for Midrealm Royal properties. 

4.                  Proposed law change

HisRH proposed that entrants and consorts into Crown Tournament must be at least 21 years of age, because of gifts of alcohol to the Royalty, and other legalities.

This is a substantive change and will be published in the Pale for commentary by the populace by the KSen.


C.            Their Stellar Highnesses (no report at this time)

1.            Northshield Steering Committee

(or Kingdom Exploratory Group (KEG))

2.            TheirSHs willl be going to Gulf Wars.

3.            Establishment of a principality event (from last meeting).


D.            The Lord and Lady Heirs of Northshield (no report at this time)



            E.            The Kingdom Seneschal

1.                  Domesday

The Kingdom domesday is due to Society March 10

2.                  Regionals

a.                   Domesday reports are coming in.

b.            Constellation regional, Arinwald, is stepping down, and there are candidates for office.

2.            Calendar

HisRM requests that He receives the calendar at the latest on the first of the month. The KSen will talk to her deputy for the Calendar.

3.            Publications Office

All is proceeding well.

4.            Groups in Transition

a.            Fire Oaks.

Needs to start the repolling. The name has changed to Brendoaken.

b.            Wurm Wald

Confirmation was received by TRMs as to resignation as Baroness. This may have been received during a previous reign. Her listing will be removed from the Pale.

c.       Fenix

Polling will begin soon.

d.      Sternfeld

Now at regularly scheduled time for vote of confidence.

e.       Rivenstar

Now at regularly scheduled time for vote of confidence.

f.        WhiteWaters results have been received.

g.       Talonvale has applied for full status. Curia is requested to review application and advise.


Following discussion it was decided to amend the standard wording in the vote of confidence polling to separately list votes of confidence for the baron and the baroness.


7.            Disabilities Coordinator

Nothing to report.

8.            Cartographer

Has established a zip code database and is an excellent fellow deserving of accolades.

9.            New Groups Deputy

All is proceeding well. A few new groups are starting up, including one in the upper peninsula of Michigan, that wants to remain in Pentamere rather than Northshield.

10.            Archivist

The KSen will request applicants. HerRH will help review applicants.

                        11.            Curia Secretary

Draft of Curia Handbook

See above.

The KMOAS has offered to post minutes to the web . The CSec will send minutes to the KMOAS.

12.            Crown Tournament

Crown Tournament will be in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

13.            Fund raising

Nothing to report at this time.

14.            The Law Clerk

Nothing to report at this time.

15.            The Law Committee

a.            Still seeking applicants.

b.            Middle Kingdom Incorporation.

The KSen will put this item before the new kingdom legal committee, once that committee is formed.


16.              Archivist

To be established as a deputy with input from HerRH

17.            New filing cabinets to replace the old broken cabinets.

Not yet acquired

18.         Successor

a.       Request for application for successor was in the KSen’s letter in the Pale.

19.            The KEM pointed out that there is a reference on the waiver that says that the marshal must get the waivers to the seneschal who will get them to the Society. Currently local marshals forward them to the regional marshal who forwards them to the KEM who keeps them for five years for adults. This procedure will remain this way for now.


            F.            The Northshield Seneschal        

            No report at this time


G.            The Kingdom Exchequer

1.      BALANCES 10-Feb-01
TRM   1,349.95
TRH   1,386.39
TSH   500.00
NS-Heirs  500.00
Chir. Office  448.94
Chirurgeonate 3,080.00
Chronicler  99.88
Curia Secretary 103.35
Earl Marsh  307.79
Exchequer  139.40
Herald   210.05
MOAS  626.80
A & S Fund  300.00
Seneschal  1,482.50
Chatelaine  200.00
Archer General 100.00
Minister of Fence 68.09
Clerk of the Roster 67.00
Youth   100.00
Marshal at Arms 70.00
Dean of Equestrian 150.00
Water Bearer  81.17
A&S Judges   169.60
Escutcheon  100.00
Rouge Scarpe 100.00
Jessant Editor 385.71
Signet   200.00
Nshield Snshl  200.00
Regalia  1,345.32
General Fund  20,684.28
TOTALS FUNDS 34,556.22

3.                  Summary of information about tent purchase prices.

Following discussion it was decided to approve the purchase of this tent contingent on storage space.

M/S/P to approve $4322 for the purchase of a new 40’x40’ tent with three windows on each of two opposite sides, including poles, ropes and stakes. This purchase is contingent on the ability to store this tent adequately and safely.


The KExch will check on storage space in the storage unit currently used by the Minister of Properties and Regalia. The KEM can obtain plastic 55 gallon drums for storage.

Following are details provided by the KExch from the tent manufacturer:


WINDOWS ($30each) (I'm figuring on 2 per side centered between corner and middle opening on each wall for a total of 8 or $240)

USED 40X40 ($2000) (Used is an iffy option since inspection of it would be difficult as it wouldn't be set-up)
NEW STAKES AND POLES ($650) (total savings on used tent with poles and stakes would be only $772)

4.                  Exchequer/Seneschal Symposium May 18-20 Chicago
Society interested in having Kingdoms make donations to help cover costs.

After discussion it was decided to decline

5.            Successor/extension

He will be requesting an extension for a third year. This is be approved.

6.            Regionals/Domesdays

Currently waiting to receive Domesdays back from Regionals.

Ky and Ohio all in.

Northsheild has some 10 groups out as of last count.
No news is hopefully good news from Pentamere, Midlands, and

6.            Society Updates.

                                    Nothing to report at this time.

7.                  Pennsic

                                    Nothing to report at this time.

8.                  Middle Kingdom window clings and Midrealm Badges

                                    Nothing to report at this time.

10.            Reviewing stand, sale of space for additional arms (from last meeting)

            Nothing to report at this time.

11.            Bad checks deputy

Nothing to report

12.            The Kingdom Minister of Regalia and Properties

a.            Successor

No applications have yet been received.

b.      HisRM wants him to develop policies and procedures (from last meeting).

c.       Report on repair of the thrones

Some small touch up remains but they will be ready to be used again soon.

13.            Report on request by HisRM that the KExch investigate whether funds were paid as a retainer to a law firm, of $1500, perhaps during 1995.

            No record yet found of paying “retainer” to lawyer. Presumably would have been listed in “Fees & Honoraria” No listing for Kingdom having spent funds in this category going back to 1995. I found a mention in 1994 Curia notes of then HRM Jafar requesting Curai to come up with “disaster plan” in case SCA folding---from the big BOD fervor some years ago. I will pull out the actual receipts from 94-97 before the TOC Curia to see if any evidence of payment there.


H.            The Earl Marshal

1.                  Deputies

a.                   Marshal at Arms

b.                  Archery

c.                   Missile Combat

d.                  Equestrian

e.                   Rapier

f.                    Youth Armored Combat

The first official youth tournament was January 20 in the Barony of Wurm Wald. One problem was that a combatant’s grandmother wanted her grandson to fight, but after appeal to the Crown it was decided to deny her request, and keep the requirement that a parent or guardian be present.

2.             Experimental Weapons

The KEM will investigate making 7.5 foot long unpadded polearms experimental again. Also siloflex shafts for combat archery crossbow bolts as an experimental form will be investigated.


            I.            The Kingdom Chronicler

1.            Law issue 

At the printer.

2.            Editor of the Pale

Two potential successors have been identified. Awaiting printing quotes.

3.            Web Minister

The KChron has a list of all the things that he does: system administrator for three domains, Kingdom Webminister, and Clerk of the Precedence. He is also warranted as a local seneschal.

Local webministers are supposed to have their local seneschal contact the webdeputy with information about their branch’s official website. This is not happening currently, so the KSen will include this in her next Pale letter.

The Webminister has asked on Middlebridge for people to help.

He may come to the April Curia to demo how Kingdom officers can update their own information. He requests that all intro pages maintain a common look.

4.            Kingdom Census.

Numbers will be presented at the April Curia.

5.            Curia Minutes Subscription

No requests for minutes have been received. The Csec will send past mins to the KMOAS who will post.

6.            Kingdom Historian.

            Nothing to report.


            J.            The Kingdom Herald

1.            Seals

a.            Seals for TRHs

HerRM will inquire.

b.            A small round seal has been made for TRMs.

2.            Minister of Protocol

a.             Book of Ceremonies is in the works.

b.            Traditions Guide for the Royalty

Nothing to report at this time. The KHer will check with several parties.

c.            How the Kingdom and the Crown Works, a Guide for the Populace

Nothing to report at this time. The KHer will check with several parties.

2.                  Known World Heraldic Symposium.

June 1-3 in Minneapolis, MN.

Two teachers are still needed. All else is proceeding well. The Laurel Sovereign office will not be changing over at that time.


4.           Development of a Guide for the Royalty for Pennsic

KHer has contacted several past royalty. Following discussion it was decided that the KHer will continue to pursue the development of this project.


5.                  Report on possible Webcast of Crown Tournament

The KHer advised the autocrat of Crown Tournament to contact Contessa Tamara, kingdom media relations officer, to pursue this.

There is apparently no legal impediment to this, but the KEM has received several complaints about the modernity of  this. This probably will not happen. TRHs have put this into Their letter about Crown, and will decide later.



            K.            The Kingdom Chirurgeon

1.            Water bearer

            a.             Handbook

No one currently has the most recent draft, but the Society Waterbearer has advised that she can provide information.

The KChir will continue to update.

2.            Deputies

a.                   Emergency successor

Looking for additional emergency successor from outside the Oaken Region. He will continue to do this. (note remove from next agenda)

b.            Regionals

d.      Training

Will start developing training materials for RUM.

3.            Discussion about the lack of necessity to require a chirurgeon on site at events. In response to the question about whether we have established a standard for care, the KChir noted that he has printed in the Pale that a chirurgeon is not required at events. The Ksen will check with the Society (Andrew of Riga) about this issue.


3.            Information on fundraising efforts

The calendar fundraising project is planning for a May release. The money to be raised is specifically for chirurgeon golf cart improvement. Following discussion it was decided that the KChir should get a specific quote on the printing of this, and then the Kingdom would be billed, so that the front funds would not come out of the chirurgeon office budget.


The "Chivalry of the Midrealm Calendar" is ready to go to the
printer, but the cost of the project exceeds my budget.  Can the
Kingdom front the money (either in part or in whole)?

Here's the proposal:

Buy quantity              500
Buy price               $8.30
Total Cost          $4,150.00

Sell price             $12.00
Sell quantity             488 (each Chiv-of-the-month gets one free)
Income              $5,856.00

Chirurgeon Profit   $1,706.00

3.                  Report on injuries

Minor injuries: A sledding injury in Three Walls, a rapier injury in Cleftlands, and rapier injury in Northshield.

5.            Pennsic.

a.       Discussion of issues raised by the Chirurgeon-in-Charge for Pennsic, regarding the issues generated by an office that changes hands every year (lack of accountability, no written processes, no long range infrastructure planning, etc). To deal with this, the Pennsic Chir in charge has proposed the establishment of a steering committee to "oversee the operation of the Chirurgeonate, to advise the War Chirurgeon, to assist with purchasing, to inventory the property at the end of each War, to keep standardized records, and to plan long
term budgeting.

Discussion of issues regarding implementation, inter-kingdom policies and agreements, or other political concerns.


The KChir suggests seeking advise from the Society Chirugeon, and was advised that while a committee to investigate interkingdom event chirurgeon practices is a possibility, no one wants the corporate level of the Society involved in Pennsic. The issue of purchasing property for Chirurgeon use at Pennsic was discussed, and the recommendation was that any materials be Midrealm material, and only loaned to the East during the years they run Pennsic.


6.                  Request for TRHs to consider allowing continuance of delegation of authority to warrant NShield chirurgeons to TSHs. After brief discussion, HisRH agreed.


            L.            The Minister of Arts and Sciences

1.            Regionals

a.            Still looking for a kingdom emergency successor. Has identified a couple of candidates. Is awaiting more information.

2.            The Artes Draconis newsletter

Nothing to report at this time.

3.            The Masterwork Challenge


4.            Kingdom A&S fair.

Nothing to report at this time.

5.            The Kingdom Pentathlon                        

The research paper proposal (entering in a catgory relevant to the topic of the paper) has been published and met with acceptance.

6.                  The divisional championship

Has received positive feedback.

7.                  The children’s A&S

The KMOAS has pointed out that the prizes offered by parents would not necessarily go to their own child, but HisRM pointed out that this is possible and desirable as it will result in appropriate gifts to the children. The KMOAS will spread the word.


(from last meeting) The KMoas suggests an age 12 and under, non-scored, children’s category for Kingdom A&S. Also that the parents help with judging, although they would not judge their won children. It was also suggested that there would not be judges, but instead would be referred to as commentators. Commentators could leave tokens or other items for the entries that they like, in addition to comments, as an encouragement. HisRM suggests that the kingdom could budget for a token prize for every child.


The KMoas suggests that for every child who enters, each parent bring a prize for TRMs to give. The KSen suggests that the KMoas contact both Countess Kenna, the RUM Dean of the College of Children, and Mistress Caroline de Mercier the Kingdom Minister of Children.


8.            HisRM reqests numbers of entrants in the regionals from the KMOAS.


            M.            Pennsic

1.                  KExch reported on options for tent purchase (see above under KExch). KExch will forward a copy of the trailer storage contract to the KSen.


2.            Research into issues about the golf cart, owned by the Middle Kingdom (from last meeting).

The KSen requests information from the KChir so that it can be forwarded to the Society Seneschal.


3.            The KExch suggests establishing a permanent deputy for logistics (i.e. Tables, chairs, etc.) for the continuity of necessary information.

This will be pursued.


4.                  The KSen has received only one bid for autocrat of Pennsic XXXII, and will request more.


N.            Gulf Wars

Results of investigation into issue of alcohol at court at Gulf Wars.

Donations of alcohol cannot be requested but can be accepted, and no officer can serve. But there is no impediment to having alcohol at court.


O.            The Chancellor of RUM  

No report at this time.


VII.            Committee of the Whole


VIII.     The Next Meeting:


HisRM states his preference to appear on the field au natural rather than on a horse at Gulf Wars, and HerRM wishes to accept his offer, however the next meeting will be the day after The Tournament of Chivalry in White Waters.


Meeting Adjournment: 1:43 p.m.