Curia Regis Minutes


Date of Meeting: Sunday, April  1, 2001

Location:             After The Tournament of Chivalry in the Barony of White Waters, Goshen, Indiana


Attending:             His Royal Majesty Edmund (HisRM)

                        Her Royal Majesty Kateryn (HerRM)

                        His Royal Highness Bardolph (HisRH)

                        Her Royal Highness Brigh (HerRH)

Maestra Arianna Llwyd, Kingdom Seneschal (KSen)

The Honorable Lady Clarissa Wykeham, Dragon Herald (KHer)

                        Sir Randolph Lee, Kingdom Earl Marshal (KEM)

                        Lord Ulrich von Landstuhl, Kingdom Chirurgeon (KChir)

Master Arundel the Falconer, Kingdom Minister of

Arts and Sciences (KMOAS)

                        Master Aiden Blackstone, Kingdom Exchequer (KExch)

                        Baniarla Aibhilin, Kingdom Chronicler (KChron)

                        Duke Eliahu ben Itzhak, Curia Secretary (CSec)


Invited Guests:Mistress Elena de Vexin

                        Master Arinwald Botstein, Constellation Regional Seneschal

                        Master Dafydd Blaidd, Kingdom Webminister


Meeting called to order at: 10:00 a.m.  


I.            Approval of the Agenda

The Agenda is approved.


II.            Approval of the minutes of the last meeting:

The Minutes are approved.


III.       Old Business:


A.            New Thrones

Update of the status of this project


Their Majesties received a proposal from the artisan two weeks prior to this meeting. The proposal was that the next set of new thrones (Prince and Princess) would be similar to the new King and Queen thrones, but with no decoration other than the oriel cutout. The letter and drawings from the artisan will be copied and circulated to all Curia members and discussed at the next Curia meeting.




B.            New Medallions for Great Officers

No update on written bids at this time. Tabled to next meeting.


C.            Specific procedures for Courts of Chivalry (from last meeting)


His Majesty has comments on the existing wording in Kingdom Law governing Courts of Chivalry.


“Jury” is a problematic word, implying something other than advice to the Crown. HisRM suggests the word “council.” Also, random selection of a panel of Peers, from across the kingdom, could present logistical difficulties. Some additional verbiage changes are suggested as well.


XII - 401 states that  "judgment .... is reserved to the Crown"  but  XII -

501 states that "The evidence ... shall be heard before a jury of Peers of the

Realm..." and "... at no time shall a case be heard before a jury of fewer

than six."


If it is the Crown's responsibility and right to make judgment, what is the

jury for?  XII - 508 states that "Upon conclusion of the case, the jury shall

present to the Presiding Peer their recommendation upon the disposition of the case."


So the "jury" really is not a jury, with the power to decide, it is merely an

advisor to the Judge/Crown.  Maybe this is semantics, but I think the word

"jury" invokes expectations to our modern minds that do not apply in this

formor Court.


The following are specific changes to law for consideration.


XII - 501 states that the case will be "...heard before a jury of the Peers

ofthe Realm, drawn by lot..."  Is a random draw the best way for the Crown to get wise counsel.  And is this going to be effective in achieving an agreeable setting for the Court.  If the random draw picks someone from the Dakotas, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin etc, how easy is it going to be to get them all to meet, And what if the drawn "jury" member doesn't want to serve or can't serve?  I think a better way of coming up with the "jury" is needed that is more efficient, effective, but does not allow for bias, politically, regionally, orotherwise.


Here are the changes I would propose

XII-101   (drop the first sentence)   Courts of Chivalry should not be

convened for trival reasons and should be regarded as a last resort.  All other avenuesavailable for settling the situation being brought before the court should be exhausted before a Court of Chivalry is convened.

XII-205  If the evidence does not warrant a formal Court, the Earl Marshal

may, with the approval of the Crown, settle the matter in a lesser manner; for example, by means of a reprimand or a recommendation for remedial action to the Crown. XII-501  The evidence in the Court shall be heard by the Crown or the Presiding Peer, who shall be advised by a Council of Peers of the Realm.  The number of this Council is at the discretion of the Earl Marshal, but at no time shall a case be heard with a Council of fewer than six.  The members of the Council shall be selected by the Earl Marshal with the approval of the Crown and the subject of the Court from a pre-existing pool of potential Councillors.


XII-502  The Earl Marshal shall maintain a pool of potential Councillors that shall consist of  at least two members of each of the Peerages; Chivalry, Laurel, Pelican, and Royal, two landed Barons or Baronesses, and two members of the populace who do not fit either of the previous categories, from each region of the kingdom.  The Earl Marshal may, at his discretion, appoint more of any one group to the pool.  The Earl Marshal with the approval of the Curia, shallappoint said potential councillors for a term of two years on a rotating schedule to be set by the Earl Marshal. XII-503 Councillors will be chosen from the pool and seated for any session ofthe Court by the subject of the court subject to the approval of the Earl Marshal and the Crown or the Presiding Peer.  Any Councillor who has a conflict will recuse herself or himself from potential selection.


Strike  current XII-502

renumber XII-503-510



Further consideration of these changes will given at the next meeting of the Curia.


IV.       New Business:


A.            Issue of gunnery classes at Pennsic


The people who fire the cannon at Pennsic have requested an exception to teach classes at Pennsic on the use of period black powder weapons, including the discharging of such weapons. Kingdom Law specifically states that there will be no discharging of firearms except for the firing of the cannon to start battles at Pennsic. (NOTE: Although the technical definition in modern law of firearms does not include black powder weapons, the Kingdom Law governing that issue was meant by its framers to include such devices.) Although great appreciation for the work and professionalism of the gun crew was expressed, no one was in favor of granting an exception to kingdom law. Classes will be allowed, only if absolutely no live ammunition or firing was involved.


B.            Baronial issues


Referred to the Committee of the Whole


V.             Reports: (to include any reports of activity by or about direct deputies)


A.            Their Royal Majesties

1.            Deputies of the Crown

a.            Houndmaster – No report at this time

b.            Chief of Staff of the Army –

All is proceeding well

c.            RUM Chancellor – see below

d.            The Secretary of the Baronage –

A packet of reports were received but not yet reviewed.

e.            The Interkingdom Advisory Council

No activity at this time


2.            Kingdom Law Changes


Several law changes for discussion, including the wording for the Childrens Awards.

Renumbering...As we discussed grouping all the kid's awards with the existing Dragon's Treasure makes a good deal of sense. Perhaps the cleanest way to do that will be to remove XVII-900 "Dragon's Treasure" and move it to XVII-2700, and begin with the additional awards from there. I think we can leave XVII-900 open and at some point insert a single award or order there. This way we don't have to renumber in intervening awards. We could also start
"fresh" and give the Kid's awards the starting point of 3000, and that would give future Royals room to add awards. The renumbering for the new law about consulting with the populace looks fine.

Kid's Martial Award

Dragon's Treasure is moved to XVII-2700

XVII-2800 The Award of the Baton

XVII-2801 There shall exist in the Middle Kingdom an award into
which the Crown may elevate such persons as it sees fit.  The order shall be referred to as the <AWARD OF THE BATON>, hereafter referred to as the Award.

XVII-2802 The Award shall be give to youth of the kingdom who, the sight of the Crown, have displayed chivalry and enthusiasm in the marshal arts.  The Award may be given more than once.

XVII-2803 The Award is non-armigerous and conveys no precedence.  The Clerk of Precedence shall maintain an historic record of recipients.

XVII-2804 Elevation shall be proclaimed in Court or in some other
public place to the Middle Kingdom at large.

XVII-2805 Recipients of the Award may bear the badge " ....."

Kid's A&S Award

XVII-2900 The Award of the Sprout

XVII-2901 There shall exist in the Middle Kingdom an award into
which the Crown may elevate such persons as it sees fit.  The order shall be referred to as the <AWARD OF THE SPROUT>, hereafter referred to as the Award.

XVII-2902 The Award shall be given to the youth of the kingdom
who, in the sight of the Crown, have displayed enthusiasm and effort in the arts and sciences.  The Award may be given more than once.

XVII-2903 The Award is non-armigerous and conveys no precedence.  The Clerk of Precedence shall maintain an historic record of recipients.

XVII-2904 Elevation shall be proclaimed in court, or in some
other public place to the Middle Kingdom at large.

XVII-2905 Recipients of the Award may bear the badge  "....."

Changes to law

XVII - 2602  The Order shall be given to individuals who, in the sight of the Crown, have shown both excellence and leadership in melee and/or tournament combat, and who have trained others in these skills.

Old wording:  The Order shall be given to Companions of the Red Company who, in the sight of the Crown, have shown both excellence and leadership in melee and/or tournament combat, and who have trained others in these skills.

II - 103 (now II - 104)  The powers of the Crown shall extend only to the affairs of the Kingdom, not to the modern world.

II - 102 renumbered to II - 103
II - 103 renumbered to II - 104
II - 104 renumbered to II - 105
II - 105 renumbered to II - 106
II - 106 renumbered to II - 107

IV - 400  The Kingdom Historian shall be a deputy of the Kingdom Chronicler (replaces Kingdom Seneschal) and shall be responsible for the accumulation and compilation of records of all historical affairs.

Additions to law

II - 102  Prior to passing a substantive law change, the Crown or the appropriate Curia Regis member shall publish that proposed law change in the Pale and allow  such time as is deemed necessary  for comment on the proposed law change by the membership and populace at large.

[IV - 1400 The Kingdom Archivist shall be a deputy of the Kingdom Seneschal and shall be responsible for the safe keeping and archiving of all documents relating to legal or official Kingdom affairs.

V - 401  [could also be numbers as v-600] Minutes of the Curia Regis shall be made available to the populace by subscription, in electronic format on-line, and in any other formats deemed
necessary, effective, and efficient by the Crown and the Curia. [procedure for subscription availability of the minutes can be stated as policy]

VIII - 101  The actual contract document must be submitted to the Curia Regis for review prior to approval and signing.

VIII - 102  Any contract signed by the Kingdom Seneschal for the Middle Kingdom requiring an expenditure of or exposing The Middle Kingdom to a liability of more than $1,000.00 shall be reviewed by qualified legal counsel.


M/S/P that the preceding changes will be published and read into kingdom law. Also included will be the law changes in all awards changing “medallion” to “badge.” Also, all laws regarding awards will be revised adding references to that particular award’s level in the order of precedence, including the awards that have been added since these laws were written.

TRMs suggest for consideration next meeting a new award, equivalent to the Doe’s Grace, but given at the discretion of the King.


B.            Their Royal Highnesses

1.            Coronation

All is proceeding well. There will be a meeting of the Curia at Coronation, on Sunday, April 22.


2.            Crown

There will not be a live webcast of Crown Tournament.


3.            Pennsic

The war rules are completed and agreed to.


4.            Proposed law change

That entrants and consorts into Crown Tournament must be at least 21 years of age, because of gifts of alcohol to the Royalty, and other legalities.


Specific wording will be written, and possibly be read at court at Crown Tournament.


C.            Their Stellar Highnesses (reporting by HerRM)


1.            Kingdom Exploratory Group (KEG) has been established.


2.            Establishment of a principality event (from last meeting).


The KSen reports that officers of Northshield have inquired about how to establish an official interkingdom or principality event.


HisRM has dscussed with representatives of Aelthelmark the requirements to make Blackstone Raids an offical interkingdom event.


The KSen has contacted the Meridies Seneschal to discuss Border Raids, but has not heard back.


Elaboration to Stellar Hignesses' report, From HerSH, following the meeting: 

Procedures for principality-level events are already in place, and I believe were looked at by Curia during our heirship.

The interkingdom event issue is coming up in regards to Armorgeddon, for which Calontir has expressed a desire to negotiate martial rules.  As an MK event, we have only the leeway allowed by the Earl Marshal and Crown.  The PEM is contacting the group hosting Armorgeddon to ascertain whether they a) want to keep it a local thing;  b) would like to apply for principality-level event status; or c) would like to work towards interkingdom event status.

If they opt for c), what we're looking for are existing guidelines/rules (if any) which need to be followed.  We're operating under the assumption that Ultimate Approval will come from the kingdom level, but we'd like to
be able to give them (and future groups looking at this) a clear idea of what the division of labor/profit is, what work is involved, that sort of thing - and if there are specific rules or policies somewhere which need to be followed, it would be neat to know what they are....

(One of our officers had received the impression from Kingdom level that there are specifications at the corporate/interkingdom level which need to be followed in order to have an interkingdom event; if this isn't the case, that would also be nice to know.)


Note From KSen: There are indeed specific, but fairly simple and straightforward guidelines governing Interkingdom events, that have been communicated to the appropriate Principality officers. These requirements include: revenue sharing between the kingdoms and the local groups according to an established formula, contract agreement between the kingdoms, set annual recurring date (as in, the third full weekend of a particular month) for the event, establish rotating responsibilities for event administration, and establishment of martiallate procedures.


Note from KExch: I think that Corporate is working on a set of financial guidelines for inter-kingdom events, so that everyone has some sort of the same system.  Don't have any details on that yet, probably will discuss at Exchequer symposium.


            D.            The Kingdom Seneschal


1.            Domesday


2.            Regionals

a.            Constellation changing, Mater Arinwald stepping down, Baron Caelin assuming the office.

b.            Oaken is looking for a successor.

3.            Calendar

Nothing to report

4.            Publications Office

Nothing to report

5.            Groups in Transition

                                    Baronial polling completed in Rivenstar and Sternfeld.

6.            Disabilities Coordinator

Nothing to Report

7.            Cartographer

Branch zip code mapping continues

8.            New Groups Deputy

a.            Advancement to full status

1.            Pentamere – Talonval

2.            Pentamere – Dun Traigh

3.            Pentamere – Fasach Mor

b.            Advancement to Incipient

1.            Pentamere – Vargavick

2.            Oaken – Gateway to the Emerald Moors

3.            Pentamere – Mystic Straits

9.            Archivist

New law creating position.

                        10.            Curia Secretary

Awaiting handbook draft comments.

11.            Crown Tournament


12.            Fund raising


13.            The Law Clerk

Assisting with law changes

14.            The Law Committee

                                    Still looking for committee members

15.            New filing cabinets to replace the old broken cabinets.

Not yet acquired

16.            Successor

One applicant so far

17.            Fall Coronation bids

Bids have been received, and will be presented to the Heirs at Crown Tournament

18.            Fall Crown Tournament Bids

Have been received from Andelcrag and Roaring Wastes.


            F.            The Northshield Seneschal        

                        No report at this time.


G.            The Kingdom Exchequer

1.            BALANCES

TRM 1,450.47

TRH 1,500.18

TSH 500.00

NS-Heirs 500.00

Chir. Office 448.94

Chirurgeonate 80.00

Chronicler 99.88

Curia Secretary 103.35

Earl Marsh 307.79

Exchequer 139.40

Herald 210.05

MOAS 626.80

A & S Fund 300.00

Seneschal 1,482.50

Chatelaine 200.00

Archer General 100.00

Minister of Fence 68.09

Clerk of the Roster 67.00

Youth 100.00

Marshal at Arms 70.00

Dean of Equestrian 150.00

Water Bearer 81.17

A&S Judges  169.60

Escutcheon 100.00

Rouge Scarpe 100.00

Jessant Editor 385.71

Signet 200.00

Nshield Snshl 200.00

Regalia 1,345.32

General Fund 18,475.42

TOTALS FUNDS 29,561.67

2.            Exchequer/Seneschal Symposium May 18-20 Chicago

3.            Successor/extension

Two people have expressed interest so far.


4.            Regionals/Domesdays

                                    Kingdom should be completed this week.

Four branches have not reported. Rockhaven and Colderdenhale in Northshield, Silver Swords and Aquilon in Pentamere

5.            Society Updates.


6.            Pennsic

A request was sent to the KExch that the Middle, East and Aethelmark each contribute $600 for a trailer to store archery supplies. HisRM expressed concern that the clear precedent that Pennsic is an event between the Middle and the East remain in place. The KExch suggests that this is appropriately a Pennsic expense, and will direct the Midrealm Archer General to contact his Eastern counterpart to submit a formal proposal to Pennsic.

7.            Middle Kingdom window clings and Midrealm Badges

A Northshield fundraiser ran into a problem at the Canadian border and supplies were impounded. Inquiries are being made regarding return of the supplies.

8.            Bad checks deputy

                                    Nothing to report

9.            The Kingdom Minister of Regalia and Properties

a.            Successor

One person has expressed interest so far, just not directly to The Regalia Minister

b.            policies and procedures (from last meeting).

c.            Report on repair of the thrones

                                                Almost completed

10.            For consideration next time, the establishment of a Pennsic fund and a Gulf War fund specifically for Royal Expenditures at those events.


11.            The KExch suggests that each Curia officer request an extra copy of the Laws Issue to keep with their office files.


12.            From Last meeting, the purchase of the Pavilion was approved pending location of storage space.


HisRH noted that people form Midlands have volunteered to build a gate for Midrealm at Pennsic also provided that there is sufficent storage space available, and suggests that storage for Pennsic materials be investigated. The KExch will have the KMin of Regalia investigate additional storage room at the facilities being used for storage of other regalia.


The idea of a Midrealm Quartermaster Corps or Corp of Engineers was suggested. The KEM will investigate this idea.



H.            The Earl Marshal

1.            Deputies

a.            Marshal at Arms

b.            Archery

c.            Missile Combat

d.            Equestrian

e.            Rapier

There was a blade breakage reported at a practice. The break was in the tang. No injury resulted.

f.            Youth Armored Combat


2.            Experimental Weapons

Nothing to report.

3.            First Quarter report has been submitted on time.


            I.            The Kingdom Chronicler

1.            Law issue 

                                    The just published issue is now out of date.

2.            Editor of the Pale

The successor will be Lady Rhiannon. Her first issue will be the June issue. The other applicant has been asked to be the KChron’s in-region emergency successor.

3.            Web Minister

a.            He is giving up hands-on web page creation duties, and will delegate those to various people. A new faster system will be installed. This will enable web-based email, that will reduce the number of items that have to be changed each time an officer or the royalty change, for email to be forwarded.

b.            Kingdom Census

Numbers presented and available as an Access database.

5.            Curia Minutes Subscription

                                    None requested so far

6.            Kingdom Historian.



            J.            The Kingdom Herald

1.            Seals

a.            Seals for TRHs

HerRM will check


2.            Minister of Protocol

a.            Book of Ceremonies is in the works

The KHer will follow up

b.            Traditions Guide for the Royalty

The KHer will follow up

c.            How the Kingdom and the Crown Works, a Guide for the Populace

The KHer will follow up

3.            Known World Heraldic Symposium.

June 1-3 in Minneapolis, MN.


4.            Development of a Guide for the Royalty for Pennsic

The KHer will follow up


5.            Report on possible Webcast of Crown Tournament

                                    This will not happen.


6.            Scribe’s Handbook

A draft has been presented.


7.            Successor

One applicant so far.


K.            The Kingdom Chirurgeon


1.            Kingdom Waterbearer’s Handbook – The final draft of the handbook was completed by the previous Kingdom Waterbearer.  However, during her recent move to North Carolina, she misplaced the disk and is searching for it. I move that this item be removed from the agenda until we are back on track.


2.            Deputies

a.            Emergency Successor

Eleanor cannot meet travel requirement. Only viable candidate is Diedre Mac Morcat.

b.            Regionals

Nothing to report

c.            Training

Training Deputy will be teaching at RUM


3.            Fundraising

a.            The calendar is available.

b.            Ambulance body must be ordered by June 1 to be ready by Pennsic. 25 Calendars were sold yesterday.


4.            Reported Injuries

See below in Quarterly Report


                        5.            Pennsic

Master Bedwyr reports the staff is in place, the budget is set, and they are meeting the deadlines with the autocrats. Autocrats have replace Waterbearer-in-Charge. The new WIC is Baron James Douglas of Eoforwic, the present Kingdom Waterbearer of Ealdormere.




Middle Kingdom Chirurgeon

4th Quarter Report 2000






As of 12/15

As of 3/15

Net gain (loss)



















Reported injuries




Host Group




12th Night



Thrust to jaw sprained TMJ.


Fencing Practice



Thrust from dislodged tip caused a small laceration on arm.


Masque of Courtly Love



A minor with history of heart problems experienced chest pain.





Knee injury.  Transported to hospital via car.  Follow up visit indicated torn ACL requiring surgery.




Online Communications – I am working with a programmer to develop Apprentice Evaluation and Event reports that can be submitted online.

Kingdom Waterbearer’s Handbook – The final draft of the handbook was completed by the previous Kingdom Waterbearer.  However, during her recent move to North Carolina, she misplaced the disk and is searching for it.

Fund raising – The “Knights of the Midrealm Calendar” should be delivered to Viscountess Kathrina around the end of March.

Training – I wrote an article outlining the policies of this office that was published in the January issue of The Pale and added it to the Kingdom Chirurgeon web page.




Officer Transitions –Sir Bran, Pentamere Regional, reported he wants to step down and an announcement seeking his successor was published in the December issue of The Pale.

Budget – No money was spent during the last quarter. 




Master Bedwyr reports the staff is in place, the budget is set, and they are meeting the deadlines with the autocrats.




Overall it’s been a quiet quarter.  The chirurgeons that have figured out they are no longer warranted because they didn’t submit a Domesday are starting to send in certs.  We’re entering our traditional melee season, so things should be picking up.


            L.            The Minister of Arts and Sciences

1.            Deputies

a.            emergency successor.

b.            regionals

Some will need replacement soon.

c.            Successor

Three candidates so far.

2.            The Artes Draconis newsletter


3.            The Masterwork Challenge


4.            Kingdom A&S fair.

Double the entries of previous years. There were some problems in regions that could possibly be alleviated by pre-registration. Written procedures will be developed for the tally room, as well as other areas. The Kmoas will write a full and detailed report to present to Curia.

5.            The Kingdom Pentathlon                   

                                    Proceeding well.

6.            The divisional championship

                                    Proceeding well.

7.            The children’s A&S

                                    Proceeding well.

            M.            Pennsic

1.            tent purchase

See above

2.            Research into issues about the golf cart. See above under Chirurgeon re: Ambulance body

3.            The KExch suggests establishing a permanent deputy for logistics (i.e. Tables, chairs, etc.) for the continuity of necessary information. (from last meeting) See above under Earl Marshal re: Establishment of Quartermaster Corps.

4.            bids for autocrat of Pennsic XXXII

One formal bid and and second preliminary inquiry has been received.

N.            Gulf Wars

                        Went very well.


O.            The Chancellor of RUM  


RUM will be held at the end of April (April 28th) in the Barony of Caer

Anterth Mawr (Milwaukee, WI).  Our guest speaker, Duke Henrik of Havn, has purchased a ticket (and I will be mailing his reimbursement this weekend)  and is very much looking forward to attending.  The original difficulties with the site has been settled:  a new site was found that is exponentially better, and the school is thrilled to have us there.  We think, if things go well, this could work out to be a good site for future SCA events, too.  The autocrat seems to have things well under control (the last I spoke with her), and the head cook also seems to have things well managed (again, from the last conversation I had with her). 


We will be spending the month of April making final plans and preparations for RUM.  With one session under the RUM staff's collective belt, we seem to be a lot more relaxed about things.  [Of course, I'm not excluding the possibility that I've become so overstressed with Real Life that RUM seems truly simple!] 


We have over 70 teachers lined up for this session, and I think it will be

very good.  I have spoken with Her Highness Brigh, and she has said at least one of them (herself or His Highness --- who will be Their Majesties at that time, of course) or maybe both will be attending RUM.  We are very excite about this!  It really does make a huge difference to the populace if Their Majesties attend a kingdom-level event or not, and since the restructuring of RUM is still so new, having Our Majesties attend will make a big difference to the event itself.  (Thank you, Your Highness!)  Also, since Northshield (or certain elements of it) is so 'sensitive' to the issue of Midrealm royalty attending Northshield events, it can only help. 


We are still looking to fill the provost position for RUM --- the provost

handed in her resignation at the end of January/early February with her

Domesday report, citing real life difficulties.  Now is not a great time to

be looking for a provost, but I hope to concentrate on that more after this

RUM session. 


Other than that, things seems to be going along smoothly.  I do regret the

scheduling of several other important events (Northshield Rapier Academy,  Regional A&S) on the same weekend, but it's bound to happen with a kingdom of our size and with our diversity.  I hope our plan of having RUM on the same two weekends every year (the last weekend of April and the first weekend of November) will get settled into the Midrealm mind soon enough so when people plan their events, they will be able to plan with or around RUM.  I expect this will take probably two years (4 events) to happen.


Question concerning RUM heraldry: 

At a Curia meeting late last spring/early summer I gave to Clarissa a design for a badge for RUM --- white field, red pale, gold fleur de lis over the red pale.  At that time she stated there should be no problem getting it passed, and it was voted on and approved (I think there was one point of conflict with the Midrealm arms, but since RUM is part of the Midrealm, it was decided it would be no problem).  She then stated it would most likely be passed by the College of Heralds in time for our fall RUM last October.  We were very excited and based our site tokens on the design, and I also created a banner with the design


Could we please find out the status of the device?  Has it been submitted to the College of Heralds?  We, the RUM staff, would really like to know where this is, especially since we have plans to use the heraldry of RUM to bring it more to the attention of the populace.


NOTE: The KHer reports that the device has been submitted, and that she is inquiring of the College of Arms about its status.


Also, I have sent an email asking Daffydd to please change my curia address from to I am to receive a very minimum of non-work-related email at work, and I would really like this taken care of as soon as possible.


VII.            Committee of the Whole


VIII.     The Next Meeting:

            Sunday morning April 22, 2001, following Coronation.


Meeting Adjournment:

            1:14 p.m.