Curia Regis Minutes


Date of Meeting: Sunday, April  22, 2001

Location:             After Coronation, in the Shire of LochMorrow, Macomb, Illinois.


Attending:             His Royal Majesty Bardolph (HisRM)

                        Her Royal Majesty Brigh (HerRM)

                        His Serene Highness Saeric (HisSH)

Maestra Arianna Llwyd, Kingdom Seneschal (KSen)

                        Sir Randolph Lee, Kingdom Earl Marshal (KEM)

                        Lord Ulrich von Landstuhl, Kingdom Chirurgeon (KChir)

Master Arundel the Falconer, Kingdom Minister of

Arts and Sciences (KMOAS)

                        Master Aiden Blackstone, Kingdom Exchequer (KExch)

                        Duke Eliahu ben Itzhak, Curia Secretary (CSec)


Invited Guests:              Mistress Elena de Vexin, representing The Honorable Lady Clarissa Wykeham, Dragon Herald (KHer)


Meeting called to order at: 10:14 a.m.


I.            Approval of the Agenda



II.            Approval of the minutes of the last meeting:



III.       Old Business:


A.            New Thrones

Update of the status of this project, from last meeting.


(Their Majesties Edmund and Kateryn received a proposal from the artisan two weeks prior to the last meeting of the Curia. The proposal was that the next set of new thrones (Prince and Princess) would be similar to the new King and Queen thrones, but with no decoration other than the oriel cutout. The letter and drawings from the artisan have been copied and circulated to all Curia members at this Curia meeting.)


After discussion it was determined that Curia will have one week to review the proposed contract, and then the KSen would have a lawyer review the contract, which would then be presented at the next meeting. Specific items of concern in the current version of the contract were specifically noted to review. These include the penalty amounts for late delivery, and some other items.


B.            New Medallions for Great Officers

Update on written bids, tabled from last meeting.


The KSen reports that Master Wolfgang von Roessler can make medallions for $100, similar to the current medallions, but smaller. He would not be able to begin until after Pennsic. After discussion, it was determined that the KSen would publish in the Pale a call for artisans to bid on this project.


C.            Specific procedures for Courts of Chivalry (from last meeting)

Further consideration of the changes proposed at the last Curia meeting.

                        (See minutes of last meeting 04-01-01, for proposed wording)


After discussion it was determined that the proposed changes look good, and that the KSen will publish these proposed changes in the Pale for comment. The KSen will also publish for comment the proposed procedures for the Court of Inquiry.


IV.       New Business:


A.            (from last meeting, KExch)

For consideration, the establishment of a Pennsic fund and a Gulf War fund specifically for Kingdom Expenditures at those events.


Discussion ensued about what expenses were appropriately considered Kingdom expenses. The KExch will pull up last year’s budget for Pennsic and post the figures to CuriaNet. This will be discussed further at the next meeting.


B.            (from last meeting, KEM)

Consideration of idea of creation of a Midrealm Quartermaster Corps, or Corps of Engineers. These people would provide support services to the kingdom and to the army. The KEM discussed this with the General of the army, and this will continue to be discussed. TRMs will publish this in Their next letter in the Pale.


V.             Reports: (to include any reports of activity by or about direct deputies)


A.            Their Royal Majesties

1.            Deputies of the Crown

a.                   Houndmaster –

No report at this time.

b.                  Chief of Staff of the Army –

No report at this time.

c.            RUM Chancellor – see below

c.                   The Secretary of the Baronage –

No report at this time.

e.            The Interkingdom Advisory Council

No activity at this time. TRMs will wait to appoint someone to the IAC until the reconstruction of this body is settled.


2.            Kingdom Law Changes


a.                   From the last meeting, TRMs (then, Edmund and Katryn) suggest for consideration a new award, equivalent to the Doe’s Grace, but given at the discretion of the King.


The KHer suggests that absolute parity between the King and the Queen’s specific awards is not essential, and that the Royalty have many options already, including “official attaboys” (ie. A scroll that says thanks you, or a personal item such as a ring). No new awards will be considered at this time.


b.            Proposed law change


That entrants and consorts into Crown Tournament must be at least 21 years of age, because of gifts of alcohol to the Royalty, and other legalities.


This was published for comment in the Pale and no comments were received. The KSen will draft specific wording, and will post this on CuriaNet


3.            Pennsic

                                    HisRM will send final rules to the KEM.


B.            Their Royal Highnesses

No report at this time, as there are no TRHs at this time


C.            Their Stellar Highnesses


1.            Kingdom Exploratory Group (KEG) 

Email discussions are continuing. The mission of the KEG is being formulated. This will continue. The KSen provided information to the KEG about the packet of information that is submitted when a Principality requests becoming a Kingdom.


2.            Proposed change to Northshield law regarding dates of Coronet Tourney. The change would be both for Spring and Fall
Coronets. Reasons include, easing travel difficulties that occur currently in Northshield in November, and balancing the lengths of reigns.


This would require groups to submit bids with multiple dates, so that there would be no conflict with Crown or Coronation.

What considerations are there besides the dates set aside for Crown and Coronation; are there any other things we should be considering as well? 


HisRM suggests setting the last weekend of October as the permanent date for Fall Crown Tournament. This would free up the third weekend of October for Coronet Tournament, without conflicting with the possible dates for Coronation.


This will continue to be discussed at next Curia.


            D.            The Kingdom Seneschal


1.            Regionals

a.            All is proceeding well. The Constellation regional is transfering to Baron Caellen.

b.                  Oaken regional is changing. Justinos has done a superlative job.

2.            Calendar

                                    All is proceeding well.

3.            Publications Office

                                    All is proceeding well. Sigulf is doing a fine job.

4.            Groups in Transition

a.            Midlands polling will begin. Labels have been sent for.

b.            Sternfeld and Rivenstar pollings came back. The KSen will inform the appropriate people of the results.

c.            Oaken polling will begin in the fall.

5.            Disabilities Coordinator

a.            All is proceeding well. He coordinates and disseminates information, and has established a website.            

6.            Cartographer

a.            All is proceeding well. He is doing a splendid job, and is referencing zip codes with population location.

7.            New Groups Deputy

a.            Advancement to full status

                                                None at this time

b.            Advancement to Incipient

1.                  March of Norborough (a march of Flaming Gryphon), comprised of various counties in Ohio.

2.                  Black Dragon Keep (Ashland, Kentucky)

8.            Archivist

                                    This position will be established after Pennsic.

                        9.            Curia Secretary

                                    All is proceeding will.

10.            Crown Tournament

Two bids were received, but the bid from Roaring wastes conflicted with the date for a Known World Rapier event, and could not be changed. The bid from Andelcrag is accepted.

11.            Fund raising

                                    All is proceeding well. Monies have been given to the KExch.

12.            The Law Clerk

All is proceeding well. The KMOAS will update the laws online, and the seneschallorum.

13.            The Law Committee

                                    Still soliciting for members.

14.            New filing cabinets to replace the old broken cabinets.

                                    Not yet acquired.

15.            Successor

Two applications have been received from qualified candidates. This will be discussed at Crown.

16.            Fall Coronation bids

                                    These will be presented to the winners of Crown Tournament.

17.            Fall Crown Tournament Bids


Roaring Wastes Crown Bid (via Aibhlinn) – “I have talked to Baroness Iasmin (Baroness Roaring Wastes) and Roaring Wastes is unable to change the date for our bid.  We are very sorry and will probably have to bow out due to the conflict.”


            F.            The Northshield Seneschal        

                        No report at this time.


G.            The Kingdom Exchequer

1.      BALANCES

















Chir. Office









Curia Secretary



Earl Marsh












A & S Fund









Archer General



Minister of Fence



Clerk of the Roster






Marshal at Arms



Dean of Equestrian



Water Bearer



A&S Judges






Rouge Scarpe



Jessant Editor






Nshield Snshl






General Fund











































2.            Exchequer/Seneschal Symposium May 18-20 Chicago

3.            Successor/extension

                                    Applications have been received.

4.            Regionals/Domesdays

Has been submitted to Society, corrections are being made. Copies of the final Domesday will be provided if requested. Final summary will be published in the Pale, as required, probably in June.

5.            Society Updates.


6.            Pennsic

                                    Further information about this will be provided.

7.            Middle Kingdom window clings and Midrealm Badges

Canadian border impound (follow-up from last meeting)

8.            Bad checks deputy

Groups are not fully using this deputy, but information has been given to groups that have reported bad checks.

9.            The Kingdom Minister of Regalia and Properties

a.                   Successor

Applications have been received.

b.                  policies and procedures (from last meeting).

The KExch will ask the KMinofReg to develop.

c.            Report on repair of the thrones

Completed, the KEM will find where the thrones are, and report.

c.                   (from last meeting) The KMin of Regalia to investigate additional storage room at the facilities being used for storage of other regalia. (Pavilion purchase and gate construction pending on storage space)

The KMinofReg reports that current storage space will accommodate a pavilion, and the KExch will proceed to purchase. A new gate will require a larger storage facility. The KExch will post to CuriaNet the costs of a larger storage facility.



10.            For consideration (from last meeting, see under New Business), the establishment of a Pennsic fund and a Gulf War fund specifically for Royal Expenditures at those events.


11.            Follow-up from last meeting, the purchase of the Pavilion was approved pending location of storage space. (See above under KMin of Regalia)


12.            Investigation about obtaining a letter of transport of items across the border into Canada, to facilitate the travels of the Royalty, and possibly all SCA participants. Information will be reviewed next time.

H.            The Earl Marshal

1.            Deputies

a.            Marshal at Arms

c.                   Archery

d.                  Missile Combat

Combat Archery is still being allowed as a first authorization.

d.            Equestrian

e.            Rapier

f.            Youth Armored Combat


2.            Experimental Weapons

                                    Butt spikes on great swords have been tested and will be allowed.

3.            (From last meeting, see under New Business) The idea of a Midrealm Quartermaster Corps or Corps of Engineers.


I.            The Kingdom Chronicler


1.            Editor of the Pale

Daria has finished her last issue and is stepping down.

Rhiannon is stepping up.  The has been changed to include her.


2.            Web Minister

a.            deputies

b.            web-based email


3.            Warrants - I will be mailing warrants to Their Highnesses/Majesties (as of Sat) to be signed and sent back.


4.            Curia Minutes Subscription

                                    None have been requested to date.

5.            Kingdom Historian.



            J.            The Kingdom Herald

1.            Seals

a.            Seals for TRHs

Her(then)RM (Kateryn) was to check

                                                No news.

2.            Minister of Protocol

a.            Book of Ceremonies and Protocol Handbook are still in the works

b.            Traditions Guide for the Royalty

Nothing has been done to date. The KHer will follow up

c.            How the Kingdom and the Crown Works, a Guide for the Populace

Nothing has been done to date. The KHer will follow up

3.            Known World Heraldic Symposium.

June 1-3 in Minneapolis, MN.


4.            Development of a Guide for the Royalty for Pennsic

Some information has been gathered. The KHer will follow up


5.            Successor

One application has been received. Decision will be made at Crown.

K.            The Kingdom Chirurgeon


1.            Deputies

a.            Emergency Successor

                                                Nothing to report.

b.            Regionals

                                                Nothing to report.

c.            Training

                                                Nothing to report.


2.            Fundraising

a.            The calendar is available.


3.            Reported Injuries

One injury at Gulf Wars.


                        4.            Pennsic


            L.            The Minister of Arts and Sciences

1.            Deputies

a.                   emergency successor.

Nothing to report.


b.                  regionals

1.            Pentamere, in transition

2.            Norhtsheild in transition

3.            North Oaken, all is proceeding well

4.            Constellation, needs to submit some paperwork

5.            South Oaken, all is proceeding well

c.            Successor


2.            The Artes Draconis newsletter

                                    All is proceeding well

3.            The Masterwork Challenge

                                    All is proceeding well

4.            Kingdom A&S fair.

a.                   (from last meeting) consideration of idea of pre-registration, to alleviate certain problems

The KMoas has drafted a pre-registration form, and will circulate.

b.                  Written procedures will be developed for the tally room, as well as other areas. The KMoas has drafted and will test this at an upcoming regional.

c.                   It is estimated that there will be more entries at Kingdom than ever.

5.            The Kingdom Pentathlon                   

                                    All is proceeding well

6.            The divisional championship

                                    All is proceeding well

7.                  The children’s A&S

8.                  Domesday was submitted on time.

9.            Discussion of the possibility of creating a name that Companions of the Evergreen could use to style themselves, much as the Sergeants, the Lancers or the Foresters. Suggestions will be solicited and reviewed by Curia.


            M.            Pennsic

1.            tent purchase, see above under KMin of Regalia, under KExch


2.            (from last meeting) HisRM noted that people from Midlands have volunteered to build a gate for Midrealm at Pennsic also provided that there is sufficent storage space available, and suggests that storage for Pennsic materials be investigated. (See above under KMin of Regalia)


3.            The KExch suggests establishing a permanent deputy for logistics (i.e. Tables, chairs, etc.) for the continuity of necessary information. (from last meeting) See above under New Business re: Establishment of Quartermaster Corps.


4.            bids for autocrat of Pennsic XXXII

                                    There are three bids. These will be reviewed by Curia.

N.            Gulf Wars

Many cans of MK Whup Butt™ were successfully opened, and generously shared with our friends from other lands.

O.            The Chancellor of RUM  

                        No report at this time.


VII.            Committee of the Whole


VIII.     The Next Meeting:

            At Crown Tournament, possibly on Saturday afternoon.


Meeting Adjournment:

12:24 p.m.