Curia Regis Minutes


Date of Meeting: Sunday, October 22, 2000

Location:             A meeting room in Ohio, following Crown Tournament

Attending:             His Royal Majesty Edmund (HisRM)

                        Her Royal Majesty Kateryn (HerRM)

                        His Royal Highness Bardolph (HisRH)

Her Royal Highness Brigh (HerRH)

His Stellar Highness Tristan (HisSH)

Maestra Arianna Llwyd, Kingdom Seneschal (KSen)

The Honorable Lady Clarissa Wykeham, Dragon Herald (KHer)

                        Sir Randolph Lee, Kingdom Earl Marshal (KEM)

                        Lord Ulrich von Landstuhl, Kingdom Chirurgeon (KChir)

                         Lord Aiden Blackstone, Kingdom Exchequer (KExch)

Master Arundel the Falconer, Kingdom Minister of

Arts and Sciences (KMOAS)

                        Duke Eliahu ben Itzhak, Curia Secretary (CSec)

                        Baniarla Aibhilin, Kingdom Chronicler (KChron) (reporting by telephone)


Invited Guests:Mistress Rosamund Beauvisage, First Deputy Kingdom Seneschal

Baron Midair MacCormac, Pentamer Regional Exchequer

                        The Honorable Lady Diedre MacMorcat, Oaken Regional Chirurgeon


Meeting called to order at: 9:45 am


I. Approval of the Agenda:

            The agenda is approved (as amended)


II. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting:

            The minutes are approved (as amended)


III.Old Business:


A.            New medallions for Great Officers are still in process

A contract from Master Wolfgang will be presented then a check will be issued     

B.            Middle Kingdom Incorporation.

Awaiting word from Duchess Lisa Dolorossa to continue

C.        A Discussion of Policy items for inclusion in the Curia handbook. Some possible policy items discussed at the last meeting: policy that proposed law changes of significant impact will be published for commentary by the populace; policy that Great Officers publish a request for applicants for all regional deputy positions; how long before Curia meeting agenda items should be sent to the CSec.

Following discussion decided that all curia officers will get job descriptions and policy items to CSec by Nov 15, and the CSec will present a draft outline of the Curia Handbook by Dec 1.


IV.New Business:

A.             A request for info from Mistress Siobhan O'Neill

Seneschal, Canton of Three Hills, regarding officer policy manuals 

Has been answered by the KSen


V. Reports: (to include any reports of activity by or about direct deputies)


A.            Their Royal Majesties

1.            Deputies of the Crown

a.            Houndmaster – no report at this time.

b.            Chief of Staff of the Army – no report at this time

c.            RUM Chancellor – no report at this time

d.      The Secretary of the Baronage – This position has yet to be filled (Their previous Majesties Dag and Elayna were to recommend three choices for secretary to the baronage, including one candidate who is not a baron/ess)

The KSen will coordinate information from Dag and Elayna to TRMs and TRHs. The KSen reviewed the policies for reporting and the baronage review process.

e.      The Interkingdom Advisory Council (listed here should this position ever become active again)


2.            Discussion of Gold Mace, specifically Red Company Requirement

The KHer reviewed the rationale for the requirement for a potential Gold Mace recipient to already be a member of the Red Company to be admitted into the Gold Mace. The Gold Mace was added as an appropriate level of award for those who are deserving, without lessening the status of the Red Company. Following discussion of the background of this compromise solution, it was resolved that  the requirement of the Red Company would be dropped for the admission to the Gold Mace, thereby giving The Crown more flexibility to recognize deserving individuals. As this would be a substantive change, HisRM will draft a law change, post this to Curianet for comment, and then publish this for comment in the Pale.


3.            Specific procedures for Courts of Chivalry

HisRM wants a review of the procedure of the Court of Chivalry, with the goal of clarifying the procedures to be followed. The KEM and the deputy EM, HisSH Tristan, will undertake this review, to include a review of the quarter courts procedures, and the procedures in other kingdoms, including Courts of Courtesy, and will coordinate with the KSen, and advise the Crown. The KSen will also investigate the development of a legal committee composed of lawyers in the Midrealm. Curia members will send potential names for members of this committee to the KSen.


4.            After discussion it was determined that Kingdom Law needed to be revised so that references to 20th century would be reworded with appropriate references to the 21st century. This is not considered a substantive change, and will not be published for comment.


5.            HisRM raised for discussion the issue of archiving documents. The creation of the position of the Kingdom Archivist as separate from the Kingdom Historian will be considered. HerRH will advise as far as arching retention schedules, will contact the KHist to coordinate, and will recommend to the CSec policies for inclusion in the Curia officers manual.


6.            New children’s awards proposal

Discussion of the need for and uses of additional awards for children. The possibility of a martial award, not for skill but for courtesy, and a service award, and an arts award, were discussed. The idea of researching other kingdoms awards was also discussed. TheirRMs will ask for comment on this issue in their Pale letter.


B.            Their Royal Highnesses


TheirRMs discussed fashion and other issues.


C.            Their Stellar Highnesses

1.                  Northshield Steering Committee

(or Kingdom Exploratory Group (KEG))

TheirSHs reported on the progress of the formation of a committee  to investigate the needs and realities of becoming a kingdom.  HisSH presented a proposal for review for this committee, including additions to principality law. This committee will gather information and report. This will be discussed on Curianet, with all comments by Nov 1.

2.            HisSH discussed the establishment of a principality event, possibly Armorgeddon. Calontir wants to turn this into an interkingdom event. HisSH presented a proposal for a principality law change to cover the establishment of a principality event. The KSen advises that for interkingdom events between the principality and another kingdom, TheirRMs would need to delegate to TheirSHs the authority to negotiate medieval aspects and the KSen would need to delegate authority to the principality Seneschal to sign contracts. As far as purely principality events, Northshield can name an event as a principality event. HerRH offered advice based on Her experiences with the use of funds in the Midlands, enabling smaller groups to have access to start up funds for large events. This will be discussed further on Curianet, with all comments by Nov 1.

3.            Discussion of suggestion to review and revise kingdom law to reflect the BoD ruling on accepting pledges of service in lieu of oaths of fealty for members of the royal family. A draft of proposed law changes was presented by HisSH. The KSen advised about Society rules on this, and the Corpora requirements for allowing an alternate oath of service. HisSH suggests changing some wording. Following discussion it was determined to leave the wording as is for now, and to continue to discuss. HisSH will suggest changes.


D.            The Lord and Lady Heirs of Northshield

They send greetings to TheirRHs.


            E.            The Kingdom Seneschal

1.            Regionals

Arinwald is looking for successor for constellation for March

2.            Calendar

Going well

3.            Publications Office

Going well files still need to be transferred

4.            Groups in Transition

a.            Jaravellir to be done at Boar’s Head

b.            Fire Oaks. Nothing has been heard. The KSen will require a re polling, since two years has elapsed since the last one. The KSen will investigate the reasons for the hold up, whether it is just for name acceptance by the College of Heralds.

c.            Castel Rouge, polling is in progress. Investiture could be at Twelfth Night

d.            Wurm Wald

Confirmation needed as to resignation as Baroness or Baronial Exchequer. She needs to submit in writing to the crown or KExch. Posting to Middlebridge is insufficient.

5.            Baronage

HisRH asks that the KSen review the current membership levels of baronies and report.

6.            Disabilities Coordinator

All is going well.

7.            Cartographer

TheirRHs have received maps

8.            New Groups Deputy

Gateway to the Emerald Moors (Seneca and Wyndot counties, OH) is recommended to be advanced from proto-incipient to incipient status, Dearhaven (Trumball and Mahoning counties, OH) and will wait to be advanced from proto-incipient to incipient status pending additional information on the reporting of their officers.

9.            Historian

Possible report on the historical uses of and/or veneration of bullhorns, as a Midrealm phenomenon, and also as it relates both to other kingdoms in the Society, and to the history of Medieval Europe (see report “The Lost Kingdom of Bullhornaea,” available Pottsylvania University Press). The report was not received, but may be presented next time.

                        10.            Curia Secretary

The Curia Secretary will undertake the drafting of a Curia Handbook including policies and procedures. Each officer will write a job description to forward to the CSec, and the CSec will draft an outline for review.

11.            Spring Crown

Bids are needed. Per rotation schedule to be located in Northshield.

Caer Anterth is considering submitting a bid, Rokeclif and a consortium of smaller groups is western Northshield have requested information. Ravenslake and Treegirtsea are considering submitting a bid. Whitewaters has submitted a bid for fall 2001 coronation.

12.            New Thrones

Update of the status of this project

Hal will present a new schedule. The KSen will discuss the terms of the contract with Master Hal, and will advise Curia about the outcome of this discussion.

13.            The KSen suggests that Curia discuss fund raising ideas. Mistress Rosamund suggested  some ideas, and HerRM would like to see what travel fund raising could be done.

14.            The Law Clerk

Will check on references to the 20th century in Kingdom Law, for rewording.

15.            New filing cabinets to replace the old broken cabinets.

Not yet acquired


            F.            The Northshield Seneschal        

No report at this time.







G.            The Kingdom Exchequer

1.            Balances.

                                    CURRENT            AS OF

                                    BALANCE            11/5/00

DAG                                    2.94            

TRM                                    522.67            

TSH                                    643.31            

NS-Heirs                        500.00            

Chir. Office                        476.15            

Chirurgeonate                        3,000.00

Chronicler                        124.63            

Curia Secretary            300.00            

Earl Marsh                        307.79            

Exchequer                        411.63            

Herald                                    210.05            

MOAS                                    776.80            

A & S Fund                        300.00            

Seneschal                        1,619.62            

Chatelaine                        300.00

Archer General            100.00

Minister of Fence            68.09

Clerk of the Roster            67.00

Youth                                    100.00

Marshal at Arms            70.00

Dean of Equestrian            150.00

Water Bearer                        81.17

A&S Judges                         169.60

Escutcheon                        100.00

Rouge Scarpe                        0.00

Jessant Editor                        500.00

Signet                                    300.00

Nshield Snshl                        100.00

Regalia                        1,345.32

General Fund                        6,638.22

TOTALS FUNDS            19,284.99


2.            Regionals

Transitions of two are complete.

3.            Society Updates.

Interkingdom event guidelines are in the works. HisRM suggests all officers develop Interkingdom event policies related to their offices.

4.            The Pennsic planning meeting.

Nov 18 at Coopers Lake, the KExch will attend.

5.            Middle Kingdom window clings fundraiser.

Selling well

6.            Midrealm Badges

Selling well

7.            Reviewing stand funds

Costs were covered, and there remains space for additional arms can be sold to raise more funds. The KExch will find out from Duke Dag how many more can be sold

8.            Known World Exchequers meeting

            No site yet, KExch has offered to host if necessary

9.                  Bad checks deputy

Officer is in place, nothing to report at this time.

10.            The branch River Keep has closed and forwarded funds to the kingdom

11.            The Pilgrimage to Canterbury event has been dealt with as far as problems of incorrect procedures for sponsoring events and handling money.

12.            The Kingdom Minister of Regalia and Properties wants to step down, HisRM wants him to develop policies and procedures.


H.            The Earl Marshal

1.           Making the Marshal at Arms a Lesser Officer of State.

The KEM recommends this change for consistency of accountability and responsibility. This law change draft will be posted to Curianet and then published for comment by the populace

 2.             Unpadded pole arms

            This weapons form is again being used experimentally.

 3.             Youth Activities

            About $500 is needed for building 6 full sets of armor

            M/S/P to approve that amount for this purpose.

Also a yearly budget of $100 is requested for youth martial activities office expenses.

            M/S/P to establish a yearly budget of $100 for Youth Activities.

4.            Purchase of punch testers for Regional Fencing Marshals.

As the Society has mandated the use of these a request by  Master John Inchingham, Kingdom Deputy Earl Marshal for Rapier Combat, for $240 to purchase punch testers for regionals.

            M/S/P to approve that amount for this purpose.


            I.            The Kingdom Chronicler (by phone)

1.            Law issue update

Due out soon. The last items from Northshield Seneschal to Pale Editor shortly.

2.            Editor of the Pale

No applicants for successor have been received. Suggestions are welcome.

3.            Web Minister

No report at this time

4.            Kingdom Census.

Raw numbers at next Curia and summaries in 2001

5.            Curia Minutes Subscription

The KChron presented these questions for discussion:

a.            What account for money for the subscriptions to the Curia Minutes?

b.            How much to charge for the subscriptions?  If I assume a maximum of 4 pages (double-sided) at $.014 per page, [NOTE  from CSec: should this be $0.14?] plus postage, each issue comes out to be $.89.  I could make this an even $1.00 per copy to help with the cost of labels and staples (or envelopes) and possibly make some money also.

c.            Subscription or by request?


The KExch recommends establishing an account separate from the Pale, with checks made out to SCA, Inc., Middle Kingdom, per request, not by subscription. The KExch will discuss these issues with the KChron and advise Curianet by Oct 30. The CSec will investigate options for layouts for mailing.


6.            Kingdom Historian.

There will be discussion of whether it is more appropriate to have this office as a deputy of the KChron rather than the KSen as it is now. Tabled to the next meeting.


            J.            The Kingdom Herald

1.            Seals

a.            Seals for TRHs have been ordered. The KHer will inquire. b.            A set of the small round seals is needed for TRMs, Art work is needed. The KHer will inquire.

2.            Minister of Protocol

a.             Book of Ceremonies revisions are progressing.

b.            Traditions Guide for the Royalty

Work has begun.

c.      How the Kingdom and the Crown Works, a Guide for the Populace

No report on progress at this time.

3.            Known World Heraldic Symposium.

June 1-3 in Minneapolis. Looking for teachers.


            K.            The Kingdom Chirurgeon

1.            Water bearer

New officer in place, previous officer Lady Padraiga is reviewing handbook

2.            Regionals

Possible transition in Pentamere

NShield Regional Lady Tatiana wants to reduce apprentice event requirement from four to three.

Acting regional for Oaken, THL Diedre will be the Regional next month, and is currently the kingdom emergency successor. The KChir will get additional emergency succesors.

3.            Information on fundraising efforts

$70 was raised by auctioning a sword.

Work continues on the calendar fundraising project.

4.            Report on injuries

During Crown Tournament a combatant cut his hand while repairing his sword and required stitches.

5.            Pennsic.

Report from Pennsic CIC not been received by KChir, but the KEM has it and will forward.


            L.            The Minister of Arts and Sciences

1.            Regionals

Previous KMOAS Master Charles Oakley is the kingdom emergency successor. Other candidates will be reviewed.

2.            The Artes Draconis newsletter will be edited by Mistress Siobjan O’neill

3.            The Masterwork Challenge deputy Baroness Una will finalize contracts with participants and advisors. She will also contact the regionals to find more advisors.

4.            Kingdom A&S fair.

Per His RM request, there will be a major effort to push this activity.

5.            A report of A&S monies owed to Northshield from Pennsic 99.

This will be investigated and reported.

6.            HisRM suggests considering changing The Kingdom Pentathlon requirements from 5 entries over 4 divisions to 5 entries over three divisions, in order to encourage more participation. Following discussion it was decided to float this idea as a means of soliciting opinion. Another suggestions was to only require entries from three divisions, and to award bonus points for four categories and additional for five categories. This idea will also be discussed.

TRMs also suggest recognizing division champions. This idea will be explored and reported upon.


            M.            Pennsic

1.            KExch report for further discussion of consideration of set aside budgeting for Pennsic, including possible consideration of purchase of equipment (including tentage, for example, for meetings) rather than rental. Also the possibilty for fund raising for this. Sources for tents are being investigated. KExch will report on options. KExch will forward a copy of the trailer storage contract to the KSen.

2.            A Chirurgeon-In-Charge (CIC) for Pennsic from Aethelmark has been appointed,  per the Society Chirurgeon, but the KChir is the warranting authority, and remains in the loop.

3.            Research into issues about the golf cart, owned by the Middle Kingdom will be tabled to next meeting.


N.            Gulf Wars

1.      HisRM raised for discussion the issue of increasing the kingdom presence at Gulf Wars. Ideas include kingdom tabards, with unit epaulets. Following discussion it was decided to ask the large households that go to make kingdom tabards and possibly make extras for use or sale. The KEM suggests sponsoring a tournament, perhaps a torchlight tournament.  HisRM wants to do an early period tournament. The KSen suggests an arts event or entertainment or performance, open to everyone, not just the royalty. This will continue to be discussed.


O.            The Chancellor of RUM  

“The reorganized RUM fall session went very well overall.  People seemed to be pleased with the classes and the teachers, and I had numerous positive comments about the event, the classes, the teachers, the site, the hosting group, and the guest speaker.  Oh, and people were *very* excited that royalty had attended the event!!  A lot of enthusiasm seemed to be generated, both within the University and with the populace, and I look forward to the spring session.


Speaking of which, the Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr, located in Milwaukee, WI (Northshield), has agreed to host the spring RUM.  We are looking at dates right now, but it looks to be either the last weekend of April or the first couple of weekends in May.  I'm very excited, and I think this group will do an excellent job. 


I just received the financial report from the bursar for the event, and we

(the RUM side) nearly broke even.  We lost $7.65 (seven dollars and

sixty-five cents).  I know at one point troll shut down just after lunch and

a group of people arrived and tried to pay, and were let in free because no

one could locate the exchequer or the bursar, and I was in the pelican

meeting.  Gosh, if only we'd been able to get those people to pay, we would have made a profit!  Oh, well --- considering the fact we had a great deal of money spent in getting RUM up and going again, I think we did very well. Especially since all the teachers, the royalty, and the guest speaker were not charged for the site or RUM fee --- that's over 50 people that didn't have to pay.  But it's a concept I want to promote within RUM --- if you teach, you get in free!  The group hosting the lunch also gave the teachers a free lunch, which was wonderful.  Being a teacher is a _good_ thing in the Midrealm!


People are getting the concept about RUM and collegiums and asking us for help with teachers, too.  Several people have contacted me about events they're hosting and have asked for help in locating teachers.  I'm very pleased about this --- the more education and fun classes, the better!”


VII.            Committee of the Whole


VI.       The Next Meeting:

            After Twelfth Night in the Barony of The Roaring Wastes,

at Palazzo di Griffone d’Oro.


Meeting Adjournment:

1:57 pm