Curia Regis Minutes


Date of Meeting: Sunday, September 24, 2000

Location: A meeting room in Ohio, following Coronation.


His Royal Majesty Edmund (HisRM)

            Her Royal Majesty Kateryn (HerRM)

            Maestra Arianna Llwyd, Kingdom Seneschal (KSen)

            The Honorable Lady Clarissa Wykeham, Dragon Herald (KHer)

            Viscount Myles Blackheath, Kingdom Earl Marshal (KEM)

            Sir Randolph Lee, Kingdom Earl Marshal designate (KEMd)

            Viscountess Katharina von der Waldwiese, Kingdom Chirurgeon (KChir)

            Baniarla Aibhilin, Kingdom Chronicler (KChron)

            Lord Aiden Blackstone, Kingdom Exchequer (KExch)

            Master Charles Oakley, Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences (KMoas)

Master Arundel the Falconer, Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences designate (Kmoasd)

            Duke Eliahu ben Itzhak, Curia Secretary  (CSec)


Meeting called to order at: 10:10am


I. Approval of the Agenda:

            The agenda is approved (as amended)


II. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting:

            The minutes are approved (as amended)


III.Old Business:


A.                 New medallions for Great Officers are still in process

B.                 Kingdom Census.

            Results are being published ongoing basis. The KChron will inquire about when a final report will be issued (previously scheduled for sometime during Their Majesty’s reign)

C.           The Baronage

- results of meeting at Pennsic. The Baronage suggested to Their previous Majesties, that Their Majesties recommend three choices for secretary to the baronage, including one candidate who is not a baron/ess. The law changes have been published and proclaimed.

D.        New populace badges-- available as either round or heater shaped. Aiden to show new badge for decision. This is a go.


IV.New Business:

            A.        No new business.




V. Reports: (to include any reports of activity by or about direct deputies)

(The Crown encourages each Kingdom officer to bring one regional officer to Curia as a non-speaking observer (“bring the kids to work day”).


A.                 Their Royal Majesties

1.         Curia Minutes

Curia Minutes will be sent to Curia within 2 weeks after each Curia meeting, for review, comment, corrections, and additions. All agenda items should be sent to the Curia Sec at least 1 week before meeting.


2.                  Middle Kingdom Incorporation.

The issue of incorporating the Middle Kingdom as a separate entity from the SCA Inc., was pursued some years ago. This would be for the protection of the assets of the MK. HisRM has requested Duchess Lisa Dolorossa to once again pursue this project which she began during her tenure as KSen. HisRM points out that a $1500 retainer was paid to an attorney some years ago, but no services were received for this. The KEM pointed out that the kingdom officers of the Curia should be the Board of Directors of the Middle Kingdom, Inc., to avoid the problems that occurred in Europe and especially Nordmark, as the result of the separate incorporation of every country. Following consolidation of information by Duchess Lisa, and review by Curia, further legal counsel will be sought.


3.                  Curia officer transition.

HisRM strongly suggests, as a matter of policy, that Curia officers have emergency successor deputies, preferably at least two, be in place one year before stepping down. Further that at least one deputy be from outside the officer’s own region. The suggestion was made of the development of a Curia Handbook including policies and procedures. (For example a curia policy that Great Officers publish a request for applicants for all regional deputy positions.) The Curia Secretary will undertake this project. (A guide for the royalty has been proposed before, and is being worked on by the Minister of Protocol) The KSen proposes that each officer write a job description to forward to the CSec, and that the C Sec draft an outline for review.

Policy items for curia handbook will be an item of old business next meeting.


4.                  Publication of Curia minutes and proposed law changes.

His RM suggests that proposed law changes and Curia minutes be put in the Pale for commentary and information. HisRM suggests that this might put into Kingdom Law. The KEM suggests that the minutes be available by request, or online to anyone. The CSec suggests that subscriptions to curia minutes be handled by the KChron. This might be policy of the curia and so included in the curia handbook. The KMoas expressed concern about the potential divisiveness of this. But His RM suggests that this would have a positive effect on apathy, by giving everyone who wants to, a voice in the direction of the realm. And the curia and Crown would get good advice. A meeting of the committee of the whole or executive session could be convened for the discussion of sensitive issues.


Decided than Curia minutes will be published online and by subscription, and a matter of policy that proposed law changes of significant impact will be published for commentary by the populace.


5.                  Deputies of the Crown

a.       Houndmaster – no report at this time.

b.      Chief of Staff of the Army – no report at this time

c.       RUM Chancellor – see report later

d.      The Secretary of the Baronage – This position has yet to be filled

e.       The Interkingdom Advisory Council (if this ever becomes active again)


6.                  New Thrones- See item 10. under KSen


B.                 Their Royal Highnesses

None at this time


C.                 Their Serene Highnesses

No report at this time.

1.                  (from last meeting) TheirSHs will form a committee of 10 people to investigate the needs and realities of becoming a kingdom. This committee’s work will continue for probably 2 years. This committee will be formed after Pennsic, but before the end of TheirSH's reign (forwarded to next meeting)


D.                 The Lord and Lady Heirs of Northshield

No report at this time.


            E.         The Kingdom Seneschal (est 10 min)

1.                  Regionals

All reports expected in on time. The Regional Seneschal of Constellation (Master Arinwald) is currently looking for a replacement. KSen will place a note in next Pale letter.

2.                  Calendar

Transition has gone well. Lady Rosalyn is in place and learning the position.

3.                  Publications Office

Transition has gone well. KExch needs to warrant Lord Sigulf.

4.                  Groups in Transition

Baronial transition in various stages

a.       Northwoods complete

b.      Roaring Wastes complete

c.       Jarravellir to be done at Boar’s Head

d.      Andelcrag complete

e.       Fire Oaks. Nothing has been heard. The KSen will require a re polling, since two years has elapsed since the last one.

f.        Castel Rouge, polling is in progress. Investiture could be at Twelfth Night

g.       Wurm Wald

Confirmation needed as to resignation as Baroness or Baronial Exchequer 

5.                  Disabilities Coordinator

Doing well. Will have a letter in next month’s Pale. Lord Keidale has (with Master Dafydd) established a website for disabled services. This site will provide information on accessible sites and general information.

6.                  Cartographer

Doing well.

7.                  New Groups Deputy

New deputy in place, doing well.

8.                  Historian

No report at this time

9.                  Fall Crown


10.              Spring Crown

Bids are needed. Per rotation schedule to be located in Northshield.

11.       New Thrones

Update of the status of this project. Initially the delivery of the K&Q thrones were scheduled for yesterday (coronation) but Master Hal Raeburn requested that the P&P thrones be delivered first. These were not delivered, but the work is progressing. The KSen will inquire. HRM made the point that the cost of these thrones seem high, and that the Minister of Regalia needs to be kept informed of all details of regalia acquisition. The KSen suggested that curia discuss fund raising ideas. (FORWARD TO NEXT MEETING)The KChron suggests that some existing travel fund raising efforts be split with the throne fund.

11.              The Law Clerk

Doing well.

12.              New filing cabinets to replace the old broken cabinets.

Not yet acquired


            F.         The Northshield Seneschal

1.         No report at this time.  


G.                 The Kingdom Exchequer

1.   Balances.

      See attached

2.      Regionals

One of the regionals is now looking for a successor.           

3.      Society Updates.

The Society Exchequer wants the KExch to attend the Pennsic planning meeting. There is still no signed long-term contract with the Coopers. Aiden’s expenses to travel will be covered by Society, Inc.

4.      Middle Kingdom window clings fundraiser.

Going well

5.      Midrealm Badges

Approved, see above

6.      Reviewing stand funds

Costs were covered, additional arms can be sold to raise more funds.

7.   Known World Exchequers meeting

      No site yet, KExch has offered to host if necessary

8.  River Keep

Sent a letter to the KExch that they will probably be disbanding, and inquired to where they will need to transfer funds.

9.      Bad checks deputy

Alanna Brigid O’Riordan will make efforts to collect. Discussion of possible use of list at troll.


H.                 The Earl Marshal

1.      Youth

Sir Ix has taken over as the Youth activities marshal. He will submit a budget for start up loaner equipment. Discussion ensued about the liability off owning the equipment. The KSen will check on legal liability and report.


The KEM requests that the Curia reconsider the requirement for police background checks for youth warranted marshals, as the only additional access to children is for sparring directly with minors. All the other training activities are already permitted. HisRM asks whether this is a restriction that should be removed from this activity, or extended to all other areas. The KEM reported the extreme difficulties of meeting the requirement of a background check, in many jurisdictions. Also, many concerns will be addressed simply by the activity being very public, the requirement of parents to be present, and all other requirements of letters of application will still be in place. The chair of the Board’s legal committee has been researching this and has not found this to be a requirement. Randolph wants to reiterate that if we eliminate the background check requirement, that parents must absolutely be present. The KSen wants to continue to check the requirements of jurisdictions. This requirement will be removed until a jurisdiction is found that requires it.

2.      Office Transition will occur immediately after Crown Tournament

3.      3rd qtr report has been submitted.

4.      Handbooks

The first run of handbooks has sold out. An additional printing has been done. The equestrian handbooks will soon be on sale. Society handbook just printed.

5.      HisRM wants to have 6’ unpadded polearms as an experimental form. All users must be approved by the KEM, and must clearly mark their weapons.



            I.          The Kingdom Chronicler

1.                  Law issue update

Due out this month. The last items from KSen to Pale Editor shortly.

2.                  Editor of the Pale

Just published request for applicants for successor.

3.                  Web Minister

No report at this time.

4.                  Comic strip for the Pale


5.                  Permission to publish personal contact information on the web. Is proceeding. The KSen has added this to the officer change form. Email permission can be accepted.

6.                  Need warrant signed by TRMs and corporate.


            J.          The Kingdom Herald

1.                  Seals for TRHs

Have been ordered. The K Her will inquire. TRMs request a set of the small round seals. TRMs will post info on costs to CuriaNet for approval.

2.                  Minister of Protocol

Is proceeding with several projects

A.     Traditions Guide for the Royalty

The Minister of Protocol and The KHer will discuss and will report on progress.

B.  Also from last meeting: How the Kingdom and the Crown     Works, a Guide for the Populace

The Minister of Protocol and The KHer will discuss and will report on progress.

3.                  All Law changes are up to date, for publishing and proclaiming.

4.                  Known World Heraldic Symposium.

June 1-3 in Minneapolis. Looking for teachers.


            K.        The Kingdom Chirurgeon

1.         Water bearer

            New officer in place, Lady Sophia von Kulppe

2.         Regionals

Pentamer due to change shortly

3.         Successor in office

Change going smoothly

4.         Information on fundraising efforts.

5.                  Report on injuries

See KEM report

6.                  Pennsic.

Have not received any info from Pennsic CIC

7.                  Known World Chirurgeon meeting

Did not take place at Pennsic

8.                  New Society Handbook due out in spring

9.                  Patches will now be produced in Meridies


            K.        The Minister of Arts and Sciences

1.      Kingdom A&S fair.

Per His RM request, there will be a major effort to push this activity.

2.      Regionals

Doing well.

3.      Successor transition

File transfer is proving the only logistical difficulty.

4.      Form vs. function? A report on the science of improving bullhorn effectiveness versus the art of bullhorn aesthetics. The KMoas had many suggestions for improvement, and his Majesty suggests that sound will appear to emanate from odd places.


                  L.         Pennsic

1.      The KExch requests consideration of set aside budgeting for Pennsic, including possible consideration of purchase of equipment (including tentage, for example) rather than rental. The possibilty for fund raising exists with this as well. The KExch will pursue this and report for further discussion.

The maker of the abbey battle arrow slits has been paid , and The KExch will get reimbursed by Pennsic


M.               Gulf Wars

1.   His RM raised for discussion the issue of increasing the kingdom presence at Gulf Wars. Ideas include kingdom tabards, with unit epaulets. Ideas are solicited and this will continue to be discussed.


N.        The Chancellor of RUM          


We are now in the final stages of getting ready for the October 7th RUM.

People seem to be excited about it, and we're hoping it'll be a great event.

The site is gorgeous, although unusually shaped, which has created some

problems with the classes (classroom-sized rooms tend to work the best for classes, for some odd reason...).  The RUM staff has learned quite a bit

from this, our first (reorganized) RUM, and there is going to be a meeting

in the evening at RUM for the RUM staff to go over some of the items.


We are currently looking for a site for the spring RUM --- at this point,

we're hoping Milwaukee will be able to host it.  There has been some comment in Northshield about how long its been since a RUM was hosted there, and it's still near enough the rest of the kingdom can attend. 



VI.              Committee of the Whole


VI.       The Next Meeting:

            Sunday morning 9:30 am following Crown tournament.


Meeting Adjournment: