Midrealm Seneschallorum
This listing was last updated July 21, 2014. Entries marked with an * indicate a recent update.

In compliance with corporate policy, only Full Status groups are listed as part of the official Seneschallorum. Newly-forming ("Applicant and Incipient") groups, which are not officially warranted by the Middle Kingdom or the SCA, are still listed below, but are designated as "Applicant" or "Incipient" and listed for information only. You can also visit the clickable Midrealm maps to locate a group.

If an update is needed to reflect a new Seneschal for a group, the Seneschal must send a Resignation and Change of Office form to their Regional Seneschal via email (and please copy the Kingdom Seneschal).

For simple contact information changes, such as spelling of names, new addresses, or new group web link, the Seneschal should contact the Website Deputy via e-mail.

Constellation Midlands North Oaken Pentamere South Oaken

Midrealm (Kingdom)

Midair MacCormaic (Charles J. Cohen)
3405 Brentwood Ct
Ann Arbor, MI 48108-1757
734-971-1809 midrealm.seneschal [at] gmail (dot) com

Deputies to the Kingdom Seneschal

First Deputy
Margherita Alessia (Susan Earley)
4N400 Church Rd.
Bensenville, IL 60106
630-766-1162 Suzanearley [at] comcast (dot) net

Background Check Deputy
Arielle de Pontoise (Natalie Baird)
5539 Richardson Rd.
Howell, MI 48843
810-299-2977 nataliebaird [at] comcast (dot) net

Calendar Secretary
Kemma Quatremaine (Kim Kieffer) * (updated 5/6/2014)
13825 Brightwater Drive
Fishers, IN 46030
317-748-0271 midrealm.calendar (at) gmail [dot] com

Genoveva von Lubeck (Jennifer Marx)
PO Box 2296
Ann Arbor, MI 48106
734-276-5721 genoveva.von.lubeck [at] gmail (dot) com

Charter Compliance Deputy
Stephan Von Lubeck (Steve Kerg)
2902 Franklin Blvd
Cleveland, OH 44113-2919
216-269-8356 stevekerg [at] gmail (dot) com

Philippa of Otterbourne (Patrice Ribando) * (email and phone updated 3/16/14)
1436 Coventry Court
Darien, IL 60561
630-241-1908 (Please no calls after 9:00 PM Central) midrealm.chatelaine [at] gmail (dot) com

Citizenship Treaties
Gianetta Andreini da Vicenza (Jen Small)
1424 West Balmoral Ave.
Chicago, IL 60640
312-259-6688 jenrsmall [at] yahoo (dot) com

Curia Secretary
Sgt. Gilebert le braceeur de Dijon (Larry R. Sieting)
251 Richards Ave SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504-6078
616-437-2021 (cell) - Please, no calls after 10pm Eastern
webminister (at) midrealm [dot] org

Event Coordinator
Gwalchmai ap Bledig called Malachai (Jack Needles)
5624 Van Wert
Hilliard, OH 43026
614-219-9611 Malaechi (at) gmail [dot] com

Law Clerk
Anastasiia Kyrilovna Ivanova (Carole McCallister) (updated 5/20/2013)
80 E. Kelso Rd
Columbus, OH 43202
614-262-2672 or 614-477-9370 anastasia [at] ameritech (dot) net

Media Liaison
Kateline Eliot (Erin Potter) (updated 5/20/2013)
3311 West 100th Street
Cleveland, OH 44111
440-865-0969 kateline.eliot [at] outlook (dot) com

Minister of Youth
Elizabethe Alles (Ashley Smith) (updated 5/28/2013)
18911 Shawnee Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44119
937-760-0138 lady.elizabeth [at] gmail (dot) com

New Groups
Hillary of Langeford (Aggie Powell-Berger) * (updated 6/8/2014)
1738 N. 36th Road
Ottawa, Illinois 61350
630-750-0965 Jeffnaggie [at] aol (dot) com

Social Media
Duchess AnneMarie de Garmeaulx (Tracy DeGarmo) (added 5/5/2013)
103 Village Place Drive
Chelsea, MI 48118
734-475-8090 duchessannemarie [at] gmail (dot) com

Special Projects
Dame Caitriona MacDhonnachaidh (Kathleen Dyer) * (added 5/5/2014)
620 Union Ave
Belleville, IL 62220
618-830-2342 Caitrionamacd (at) yahoo [dot] com

Transition of Groups
Michaela de La Chesnaye des Bois (Michel DePriest) * (updated 2/27/14)
6768 Davis Highway
Grand Ledge, MI 48837
517-622-0813 warrenmichel98 [at] gmail (dot) com

Waivers Deputy
Countess Catarina deBruyn (Christine Wittenbach) (added 5/2/14)
9343 S. Westnedge Ave
Portage. MI 49002
269-598-0064 chris.wittenbach (at) att [dot] net

Web Site Deputy
Genoveva von Lubeck (Jennifer Marx)
PO Box 2296
Ann Arbor, MI 48106
734-276-5721 genoveva.von.lubeck [at] gmail (dot) com

Region of Constellation

Lord Accolon Shadowhawk (Henry Hina)
8000 Lauderdale Dr.
Evansville, IN 47715
812-550-8722 accolonshadowhawk [at] yahoo (dot) com

Afonlyn (Shire)
Muncie and Winchester IN
Uisdean McCallean (Andrew Tudor)
314 W. Colonial Dr.
New Castle, IN 47362
765-524-8128 uisdeanmccalean {AT} yahoo [dot] com

Cil Choluim (Shire)
Indiana counties of Brown, Bartholomew, Decatur, Jackson, Jennings, and Ripley
Thora the Red (Sarah Kornblith-Smith) * (updated 3/16/2014)
1315 McClure Rd
Columbus, IN 47281
812-603-7827 redthora [at] gmail (dot) com

Greyhope (Shire)
Lady Quenild of Mercia (Jennifer Dreessen)
14003 Butternut Street
Cedar Lake, IN 46303
219-765-7980 fenyx_fyre [at] hotmail (dot) com

Mynydd Seren (Shire)
Lord Christoph von Minz (Carl Short)
1305 Woodhill Dr.
Bloomington, IN 47403
812-340-2048 (no calls after 11 pm) christophvminz [at] aol (dot) com

Narrental (Shire)
Meisterin Katarina Helene (Helen Schultz)
2521 W. Woodland Ave.
Peru, IN 46970
765-469-1317 meisterin.katarina [at] comcast (dot) net

Qal`at Ja`far (Shire)
Boone and Hendricks Counties, IN
Countess Kenna Harve' (Kimberly Harvey) (updated 5/18/2013)
2123 Hannah Ct.
Lebanon, IN 46052
765-891-1634 kaharvey40 [at] hotmail (dot) com

Rivenstar (Barony)
Gallien de l'Ile (Lyle Janney) * (updated 5/19/2014)
2224 Longspur Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47906-6641
765-409-0800 gallien [at] comcast (dot) net

Riviere Constelle (Shire)
Warder Mark Mac Kill (Mark Killman)
3933 Forest Lake Dr
Boonville, IN 47601
812-897-1190 markkillman [at] yahoo (dot) com

Shadowed Stars (Shire)
Maggie MacKeith (Wendy Martin-Glick) * (updated 3/22/2014)
6120 Seabree Lane
Fort Wayne, IN 46835
260-466-2102 wmartinglick [at] comcast (dot) net

Steren Codha (Shire)
Alf of High Mountain (Alfred D. Blankenship)
716 W Walnut St
Kokomo, IN 46901-8404
765-459-5049 alf [at] matterofmail (dot) com

Sternfeld (Barony)
Ysabel de la Zarza (Aimee Rose Formo) * (updated 4/24/2014)
8906 Depot Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46217
317-296-7574 seneschal [at] sternfeld (dot) org

White Waters (Barony)
Symonne de Poitiers (Charise Markin) * (updated 3/16/2014)
55642 CR 27
Bristol, IN 46507
937-597-6815 bowwseneschal [at] gmail (dot) com

Region of Midlands

Marie la Fauconniere (Nita Lewis) * (email updated 4/9/2014)
PO Box 523
Wadsworth IL 60083
847-452-2032 midlands.seneschal [at] gmail (dot) com

Ayreton (Barony)
Foxvale, Grey Gargoyles, Rokkehealden, Tree-Girt-Sea, Vanished Wood
Etienne le Couteau des Roches (Steven DesRoches) (Updated 9/18/2013)
2 Crestview Lane #17
Vernon Hills, IL 60061
312-519-5350 spdesroches56 [at] gmail (dot) com

Foxvale (Canton of Ayreton)
Fox Valley area of western Chicago (west of Naperville, east of Dekalb)
Hillary of Langeforde (Aggie Powell-Berger)
1738 N 36th Rd
Ottawa, IL 61350-9654
630-750-0965 jeffnaggie [at] aol (dot) com

Grey Gargoyles (Canton of Ayreton)
Sarafina Sinclair (Harlie Des Roches)
1496 E Algonquin #1
Des Plaines, IL 60016-6628
312-493-2255 sarafina.sinclair [at] gmail (dot) com

Rokkehealden (Canton of Ayreton)
Akiko Catherine O'Brien (Patty Chadwick) * (updated 5/11/2014)
11824 Wolf Creek Lane
Plainfield, IL 60586
815-230-2721 pattystruckstuff [at] gmail (dot) com

Tree-Girt-Sea (Canton of Ayreton)
Robyyan Torr d'Elandris (Dennis Sherman) (updated 5/22/2013)
2506 W. Morse Ave.
Chicago, IL 60645
773-797-9506 rtesca-robyyan [at] yahoo (dot) com

Vanished Wood (Canton of Ayreton)
Acelina of Derelei (Dayle Harding) * (updated 3/25/14)
137 Fairwood Dr.
Bollingbrook, IL 60440
630-378-5413 djc137@ [at] aol (dot) com

Baile na Scolairi (Shire)
Barun Rory mac Feidhlimidh (Kevin L Conlin)
820 E Monroe St
Bloomington, IL 61701-4138
309-828-8582 seneschal [at] scolairi (dot) org

Blackhawk (Shire)
Caenell verch Ailwyn (Kallie Bailey) * (updated 1/10/2014)
2937 Cameron Ave.
Rockford, IL 61101
815-708-0731 seneschal [at] shireofblackhawk (dot) org

Carraig Ban (Barony)
Seamus MacBain (James Polli)
732 St. John Street
Elgin, IL 60120
224-535-8042 seamus [at] occamsconspiracy (dot) net

Dark River (Shire)
Zalim Esrar (Kelly Hanson) (updated 9/17/2013)
513 25th Ave.
Moline, IL 61265
309-236-4838 demonweed610 [at] yahoo (dot) com

Illiton (Barony)
Eoin atta Keld (John Kell)
PO Box 516
Brimfield IL 61517
309-446-9697 eoinattakeld [at] yahoo (dot) com

Lochmorrow (Canton of Illiton)
David of Lochmorrow (David E. Hines) * (updated 12/6/2013)
424 S. 1st, Box 273
Cuba, IL 61427
309-221-0347 david.hines8612 [at] gmail (dot) com

Athelington (Incipient Canton of Illiton)
Lady Josephine Catherine LeDuc Daltrey (Dixie Schroeder)
228 North Church St.
Princeton, IL 61356
815 876 0486 chynna061688 [at] gmail (dot) com

Ravenslake (Shire)
Calybrid Ine Tere (Diana Bradburn)
1995 Apache Trail
Round Lake Beach, IL 60073
847-224-5757 calybrid [at] gmail (dot) com

Saint Carol on the Moor (College)
Kendrick Cameron (Jeremy Vail)
1281 CR 2300E
Casey IL, 62420
217-663-3467 jervamp [at] yahoo (dot) com

Shattered Crystal (Barony)
Lyonesse Meyrick (Lori Morris)
715 Park Ave
Belleville, IL 62220
618-235-4492 seneschal [at] shatteredcrystal (dot) org

Black Stone Forge (Incipient Canton)
Ylva (Stephanie Butts) * (updated 5/6/2014)
108 S. Ash St.
De Soto, IL 62924
618-534-2144 blackstoneforgesca [at] gmail (dot) com

Swordcliff (Shire)
Immanuel von Brandenburg (Josh Flanders)
3536 South Park Ave.
Springfield, IL 622704
503-975-3804 joshflanders [at] gmail (dot) com

Wurm Wald (Shire)
Marketa z Prahy (Tricia Dean) * (updated 10/9/2013)
1404 N McKinley Ave #6
Champaign IL
217-419-0862 marketazprahy (at) hushmail [dot] com

Runvidrstad (Incipient Shire)
Sigrikr Thorolfson (Shane Harbach) * (added 1/27/2014)
118 E. Main St., PO Box 344
Warren, IL 61087
815-990-9172 sigrikr (at) gmail [dot) com

Region of North Oaken

Ohio except for Dayton and Cincinnati areas
Lazaro de Toledo (Clarke Andrade) * (Updated 12/29/2013)
622 Ordway
Bowling Green, Ohio 43402
clarkeandrade [at] ymail (dot) com

Brendoken (Barony)
Ohio counties of Crawford, Morrow, Richland, Ashland, Medina, Wayne, Stark, Summit, Portage, Carroll, Holmes, and Tuscarawas
Ron The Heretic (Ron Coffman)
5872 Manchester Rd.
Akron, OH 44319
330-882-4428 ronwd8mbf [at] yahoo [dot] com

Alderford (Canton of Brendoken)
Stark, Carroll, and Tuscarawas Counties OH
GuyJacques DeLachaux (Dan Plott)
2342 11th St. NW
Canton, OH 44708
330-224-2449 earthmagic [at] sbcglobal (dot) net

Gwyntarian (Canton of Brendoken)
Summit and Portage Counties OH
Sieglinde Von Krieg (Julie A. Wagner-Leonard) (updated 3/24/2013)
715 West Market St. Apt. 216
Akron, OH 44303
330-509-3629 wjul90 [at] yahoo (dot) com

Thistle (Canton of Brendoken)
Medina and Wayne Counties OH
Mihajlo Od Nerche (Michael Robart)
621 Johnson Road
Wadsworth, OH 44281
330-573-5336 MDRobart [at] aol (dot) com

Three Towers (Canton of Brendoken)
Crawford, Richland, Ashland, and Morrow Counties OH
(No SCA name) (Michael T. Stokes) * (updated 5/20/2014)
522 N. Thoman St.
Crestline, OH 44827
419-545-3966 mordalf [at] hotmail (dot) com

Castell Gwent (Shire)
Seneca and Wyandot Counties, OH
Albrecht der Stille (Jason Kurtz)
406 Grove St
Carey, OH 43316-1310
419-722-6489 albrecht396 [at] roadrunner (dot) com

Cleftlands (Barony)
Cuyahoga County OH
Gianna Vettori (Nicole Davaris) * (updated 6/16/2014)
5311 Amherst Drive
Parma, OH 44129
440-477-0655 seneschal [at] cleftlands (dot) org

Eastwatch (Shire)
Lake, Geauga, and Ashtabula Counties OH
Perrin de Sable (Patrick Armetta) * (updated 1/17/2014)
1490 E. 337th Street, B104
Eastlake, Ohio 44095
440-637-4327 perrin.de.sable (at) gmail [dot] com

Falcon's Quarry (Shire)
Lorain County OH
Zoltan Filius Farkasi (Bob Palko)
215 Roosevelt Ave
Elyria Ohio 44035
440-366-0585 or 440-387-7527 (cell) -- No calls on home phone after 9pm Bobrjp (at) windstream [dot] net

Middle Marches (Barony)
Numerous counties in central, southeastern, and south central OH
Maggie O'Donnell (Lisa Grimm) * (updated 11/28/2013)
528 Santa Barbara Dr.
Pataskala, OH 43062
614-620-3031 madkelt104 [at] yahoo (dot) com

Dernehealde (Shire of Middle Marches)
Athens County OH
Finche Odhinnsdottir (Judith Winner) * (updated 1/22/2014)
50 Mound Street
Athens, OH 45701
740-707-2255 dernehealde.seneschal [at] gmail (dot) com

Gleann Iaruinn (Canton of Middle Marches)
Lawrence and Scioto Counties OH
Generica McKenna (Terry Dawson)
1392 Private Drive Rd
Willowwood, OH 45696
740-867-5140 ladygenerica [at] gmail (dot) com

Mugmort (Shire of Middle Marches)
Fairfield County OH
Richard Ealdwulf (Richard Greenawalt)
298 Chateaugay Rd SW
Pataskala, OH 43062-9549
740-964-9232 rgreen105 [at] aol (dot) com

Tirnewydd (Shire of Middle Marches)
Franklin County OH
Aine ingen Neill mec Lugdech (Deborah A. Hooper) * (updated 11/28/2013)
1163 Arkwood Avenue
Westerville, OH 43081-1426
614-806-4165 redanya (at) gmail [dot] com

Red Spears (Barony)
Williams, Fulton, Lucas, Defiance, Henry, Wood, Paulding, Putnam, Hancock, Van Wert, and Allen Counties, OH
Konrad Mailander (Dale Niederhauser)
110 Dodge St
Swanton, OH 43558-1269
419-356-8390 seneschal [at] redspears (dot) org

Catteden (Canton of Red Spears)
Findlay OH and vicinity
Genevieve O'Connor (Jennifer Conner) * (Email address updated 11/24/13)
1709 S. Main St.
Findlay, OH 45840
716-343-5376 genevieve [at] redspears (dot) org or jenconner65 (at) gmail [dot] com

Hrgeirsfjrr (Canton of Red Spears)
Lucas County OH
Godfrey Thacker of Northumberland (Robert P. Wenzlaff)
38 California Blvd
Toledo, OH 43612-2533
419-309-0271 rwenzlaff [at] soylent-green.com

Marshes, Marche of the (Canton of Red Spears)
Wood County OH
Kristina Nicolo
2050 Country Trace Lane, #16C
Toledo OH 43615
419-305-1180 kschnell [at] yahoo (dot) com

Oakford (Canton)
Ottawa, Sandusky, Erie, and Huron Counties, OH
Piotr Zavilov (Shane M. Brandes)
254 Elm St
Oberlin, OH 44074-1504
440-775-4409 shane [at] grayskies (dot) net

Rivenvale (Shire)
Trumbull, Mahoning, and parts of Columbiana Counties OH
Lady Genevieve de Saint-Malo (Gwen Brown) (updated 10/9/2013)
218 Rebecca Ave, Hubbard, OH 44425
330-565-0657 genevieve1385 [at] yahoo (dot) com

Region of Pentamere

Bjarg Kormaksson (James Scott) * (Updated 1/4/2014)
336 N. Fairview Ave.
Lansing, MI 48912
517-204-4910 bjarg.kormaksson [at] gmail (dot) com

Altenberg (Shire)
Celestria de Cranham (Carol Girard)
19306 Eastland St.
Roseville, MI 48066
586-864-2534 cgirard529 [at] gmail (dot) net

Andelcrag (Barony)
Vladislav Siretescu (Norman J. Minzey) * (Updated 2/8/2014)
3600 Maple Grove Road, Apt. 141
Muskegon, MI 49441
231-288-0728 before 10 pm vladdrgo [at] yahoo (dot) com

Dun Traigh (Canton of Andelcrag)
Soffeke Stoterogghen (Amy Urick) * (updated 10/25/2013)
13843 Lincoln Street
Grand Haven, MI 49417
616-644-5715 amy.urick [at] gmail (dot) com

Nordheim (Canton of Andelcrag)
Balthasar de Nordheim (Ethan Garrow) (Updated 7/21/2014)
6670 W. 24th St.
Fremont, MI 49412
231-519-1986 uirsgeul [at] gmail (dot) com

Rimsholt (Canton of Andelcrag)
Amanita Villarosa (Laurie Hamilton)
7790 Coconut Drive
Jenison, MI 49428
616-821-4983 chad.laurie [at] sbcglobal (dot) net

Three Hills (Canton of Andelcrag)
Kateline Crowe (Kathleen Anlage) * (updated 7/8/2014)
6789 Cypress Bay Drive
Kalamazoo, MI 49009
904-525-0870 katelinecrowe [at] gmail (dot) com

Three Walls (Canton of Andelcrag)
Sisildi de Orense (Diana Thrasher) * (updated 4/18/2014)
180 N Canfield Rd
Eaton Rapids, MI 48827
269-719-0909 sisildi (at) yahoo [dot] com

Westmere (Canton of Andelcrag)
Michigan counties of Van Buren and Berrien
Rowan of Wind-tree Tower (Vincent Whitmore)
8516 Douglas Ave
Kalamazoo, MI 49009-6397
616-365-1665 rowan25 [at] charter.net

Cynnabar (Barony)
Finn Finnegan OFlynn (Dennis Higgins)
1342 Armstrong Dr.
Chelsea, MI 48118
734-562-2340 Seneschal [at] Cynnabar.org

Donnershafen (Barony)
Muriel Glendonwyn (Kathy Zimmerman) * (Updated 3/22/2014)
3147 Cedarwood Lane
Traverse City, MI 49686
231-620-1518 katupnorth [at] charter (dot) net

Fearann na Criche (Shire)
Morgan End Starre (Scott M. Gingerich)
228 S Plank Rd
Tawas City, MI 48763-9678
989-310-0678 morganenstar [at] yahoo (dot) com

Northwoods (Barony)
Morgaine nicFhrannsaidh (Theresa Catalano-Reinhardt)
54 Joy St
Clarkston, MI 48346-4116
248-673-7969 MzKaoz [at] yahoo (dot) com

Ealdnordwuda (Canton of Northwoods)
Kata Aragunnrsdottir (Catherine Hagler) * (updated 6/20/2014)
906 E Shiawassee Apt 12
Lansing MI 48912
517-256-8068 kata.aragunnrsdottir [at] yahoo (dot) com

Hawkland Moor (Riding of Northwoods)
Jacques Raymond de Beaupre (Jacques Boudreault)
1820 Spring Grove Rd
Bloomfield, MI 48304-1158
248-797-2331 jboudreault99 [at] yahoo (dot) com

Iron Oak (Incipient Canton of Northwoods)
Gabriel Sebastian Greaves (Michael Danke) (updated 9/10/2013)
30442 Utica Road
Roseville, MI 48066
586-775-1921 hunter.saint.saens [at] gmail (dot) com

Wealdlake (Canton of Northwoods)
Lady Odelia of White Waters (Susan Tucker-Judd) (updated 6/12/2013)
2355 Doris Dr.
Brighton, MI 48114
810-772-9544 seneschal [at] weldlake (dot) org
seneschal [at] weldlake (dot) org

Roaring Wastes (Barony)
Urbain LeBasque (James Harrison)
1364 Beaconsfield
Madison Heights, MI 48071-3516
313-445-7877 urbainlebasque [at] gmail (dot) com

Brackendelve (Canton of Roaring Wastes)
Downriver/Metro Detroit
Baldwin of Brackendelve (Louis J. Pezet)
13235 Exeter Rd
Carleton, MI 48117-9721
313-655-0830 Clew23 [at] aol (dot) com

Starleaf Gate (Shire)
Sanchez of Gelderland (Jacob Zuiderveen)
291 Summerset Ave.
Kingsville, ON N9A 4X7
519-733-0165 jj.zuiderveen [at] gmail (dot) com

Stormvale (Shire)
Ligessac d'Isigny (Josh Cook) (Updated 11/8/2013)
7 Apollo Ave
Flushing, MI 48433
810-853-7192 Ligessac [at] yahoo (dot) com

Talonval (Shire)
Tacie de Birchwood (Angela Schort) * (updated 4/4/2014)
10750 Pulaski Rd
Hanover, MI 49241
517-740-2798 taciedebirchwood [at] yahoo (dot) com

Region of South Oaken

Kentucky, and Dayton and Cincinnati areas in Ohio
Angus Drummond (John Drummonds) * (updated 7/3/2014)
5134 Lilibet Ct.
Cincinnati, OH 45238
513-922-0064 jdrummonds [at] hotmail (dot) com

Aurea Ripae (Shire)
Owensboro KY
Song Li Lan (Kylah Clark)
709 Wandering Lane Court
Owensboro, KY 42301
270-839-7810 songlilan [at] yahoo (dot) com

Dragonsmark (Shire)
Lexington KY
Brianne of Greenlea (Brenda Evans) * (updated 5/23/2014)
10536 Troy Pike
Versailles, KY 40383
859-873-7202 ejackamack [at] aol (dot) com

Okenshield (Shire)
Southern Kentucky - Whitley, Laurel, Jackson, Lee, Owsley, Clay, Knox, Bell, Harlan, Leslie and Perry counties
Gedrian Alexandre Marius (Charles Melton) * (added 6/14/2013)
515 Highway 1350
Manchester, KY 40962
606-813-6912 charles.melton [at] okenshield (dot) org

Fenix (Barony)
Cincinnati OH and Covington KY area
Melisande de Canonwald (Stephanie Drummonds) * (Updated 4/13/2014)
5314 Lilibet Court
Cincinnati, OH 45238
513-403-3301 stephanie.drummonds [at] gmail (dot) com

- elspethc [at] cinci.rr (dot) com

removed on 7/9/2014--?

Flame (Barony)
Louisville KY and vicinity
Ceadda of Fox Hall (Chad White) * (Updated 2/8/14)
989 Vine Street
Louisville, KY 40204
502-585-8263 ceadda [at] outlook (dot) com

Flaming Gryphon (Barony)
Darke, Miami, Champaign, Clark, Preble, Montgomery, Greene, Butler, Shelby, and Warren Counties OH
Phillip the Pilgrim (Phillip C. Reed) * (updated 4/13/2014)
348 Melanie Dr.
Franklin, OH 45005
937-219-3968 phil [at] moyen (dot) org

Havenholde (Canton of Flaming Gryphon)
Clark County OH
Ragnar of Birka (Eric B. Ottoson)
2400 Greenknoll Drive
Springfield OH 45502
937-925-0645 eottosan [at] woh.rr (dot) com

Hawkes Keye (Canton of Flaming Gryphon)
Butler County OH
Aldis Sigurdardottir (Audrey O'Hara)
8624 Butler Warren Rd
Mason, OH 45040-9277
513-398-8033 dragoonfyre1 [at] msn.com

Norborough (Canton of Flaming Gryphon)
Darke, Miami, and Shelby Counties OH
Shamira Rae Linacre (Sharon Linder)
3956 St Rte 121
Greenville, OH 45331-9739
937-417-5033 shamira13 [at] hotmail (dot) com

Unicorn (Canton of Flaming Gryphon)
Miami University (Oxford OH)
(Geneviefve de Chenonceaux) (Nicole Sheldon) Oxford, OH 45056
847-899-7699 sheldon2 [at] muohio.edu

Winged Hills (Canton of Flaming Gryphon)
Dayton OH
Lancelin Peregrinus (Grant Root)
1723 Auburn Ave
Dayton, OH 45406-4513
937-626-7668 lancelin [at] rootcentral.org

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