Midrealm Seneschallorum Addendum -- Non-Warranted Groups
This listing was last updated May 01, 2012.

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This listing provides contact information for the new groups in the Middle Kingdom. Refer to the official Seneschallorum page for a list of warranted groups. You may also want to use the clickable Midrealm maps to locate a group near you.

If an update is needed to reflect a new Acting Seneschal for a group, the Acting Seneschal must send a Resignation and Change of Office form to the Kingdom Seneschal, in hardcopy form.

For simple contact information changes, such as spelling of names, new addresses, or new group website URL, the Seneschal should contact the Database Deputy to the Middle Kingdom Seneschal. Email is acceptable for this type of change.

DISCLAIMER: The listing of non-warranted (i.e., Applicant and Incipient) groups on this web page is solely for the purpose of assisting new members in locating a nearby group. Listing here does not constitute any form of sanction or warrant of these Acting Seneschals by the Middle Kingdom nor by the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Ath Dreagain (Incipient Canton) (Middle Marches)
Belmont County OH
Alia Greniczer (Stephanie Brown)
PO Box 65
Neffs, OH 43940-0065
740-671-2323 stephielbrown@yahoo.com

Athelington (Incipient Canton) (Illiton)
Griffin Daltrey (Kenneth Schroeder)
228 N Church St
Princeton, IL 61356-1759
815-878-0219 chynna061688@verizon.net

Elv Av Tiden (Applicant Canton) (Carraig Ban)
Elgin, IL and vicinity
Jadwiga Wlodzislawska (Caroline Polli)
732 Saint John St
Elgin, IL 60120-3755
224-535-8042 carrot.khan@gmail.com

Gray Ridge (Applicant Canton) (Flame)
Everard (Phillip Wilkerson)
7844 Brandenburg Rd
Leitchfield, KY 42754-7548
270-259-4267 egg@eggarmor.net

Iron Oak (Incipient Canton) (Northwoods)
Morgaine nicFhrannsaidh (Theresa Catalano-Reinhardt)
54 Joy St
Clarkston, MI 48346-4116
248-673-7969 MzKaoz@yahoo.com

Northgate (Incipient Canton) (Andelcrag)
Ulrich Eisenhart (Scott Wright)
5108 Locust Ave
Newaygo, MI 49337-8706
231-652-2496 boarcat@gmail.com

Weldlake (Incipient Canton) (Northwoods)
Finian Mac Finn (Patrick J. Tucker)
2355 Doris Dr
Brighton, MI 48114-8908
810-220-0535 pjbt@cac.net

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