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St. Carol on the Moor is a chapter of the SCA that operates out of Charleston, IL.  We are part of the Midlands region of the Middle Kingdom for the SCA.  We are dedicated to studying and recreating the Middle Ages as they should have been with no plague, no discrimination, and food for all!

What the SCA IS

The SCA is a non-profit group that strives to learn about everything pre-17th century Europe.  As a group, we get together for various meetings and events to share our knowledge that is split mainly into two groups, Combat and Arts & Science.  Our members practice everything from rapier fighting, armored combat, archery to bead making, painting, sewing, and cooking.  There is a niche for everyone.  There are a variety of events such as weekly meetings that are free.  Weekly meetings are usually very laid back, and depend on the interests of those attending the meeting that night.  There might be combat, blacksmithing, or whatever topic the group wants to discuss that week.  Period garb is typically not worn for our weekly group meetings.  Weekend events and demos typically do request at least some attempt at period garb.  Local chapters can often help newcomers with garb for their first events.

What the SCA is NOT

The SCA is not a role playing fantasy group.  We are a historical group that tries to recreate and study history.  There are no elves, fairies, or magic so please leave your wands at home.


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Charleston, IL Demo and Fighter Practice

Sunday, September 14th at 1:00 PM
Morton Park, Charleston, IL

Come one! Come All!

Ever feel that you would like to take a trip to another time?  Would like to learn more of the basic knowledge that has been lost with time?  Ever feel like smacking your friends with a stick could be fun?  Well the SCA is a great place for all of those things and great for everyone of all ages.  The local St. Carol on the Moor group will be hosting a Demo/Fighter practice for one and all.  Wear your garb, strut your stuff, or just come as you are and find out some information about the wonderful organization that we call the SCA!

Fighters from near and far will be meeting to put their metal to the test, and practice for all to see.  It is a free event and all are welcome to come and participate or just to watch!

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Newcomer Garb

What to wear?  I think that is one of the first questions every asked in history, and is typically one of the first questions asked by newcomers to the SCA.  See you are already participating in the spirit of recreating history!

Period garb is great because you have several centuries of fashion spread across multiple countries to choose from.  You can choose to keep it simple or go for a full historical wardrobe that would put a king to shame.  For your first event you might be able to borrow garb from your fellow SCA group.  But if you would like to get a start on your own collection here are a few directions.

Simple Tunic

Tunics are a simple design that shows up across many periods in our history.  They are fairly easy to make and can be used for nearly every event!  Plus they can be mixed and matched with loose pants, skirts, and surcoats to give you a change of pace.

Here is a great article to get a person started on their own garb!

Intro to Garb ~ By Cynthia Virtue aka Cynthia du Pré Argent

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