Combat & Chivalry

Combat and Chivalry were a huge part of Europe’s history.    As with everything, SCA studies combat and chivalry in all of its varieties.  While all ages are encouraged to participate, there are rules regarding combat in order to provide safety for all participants.  There are many opportunities to practice one’s chosen form of combat.  There are often weekly practices, demo’s, events, and competitions all the way up to competing for knighthood and for the right to sit as king.  You could compete one on one, as a small group, up to hundreds of people on the battle ground at once during events such as Pennsic.

Armored Combat

SCA combat/armor/martial arts postings

SCA Tournament Companies

Target Archery

SCA Archery Homepage

An Tir Thrown Weapons Resource page


SCA Equestrian Officers’ Page

Combat/Chivalry Information

Concerning Knighthood ~ A short essay by Duke Cariadoc

King René’s Tournament Book ~ A modern English translation of a French text (circa 1460)
on how tohold a tournament

Therion’s Arms & Armor Resources ~ More links on armor

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