Arts & Science

Arts & Sciences is the study of all things non combative.  It encompasses blacksmithing, cooking, bead making, sewing, armor smithing and so much more from pre- 17th Century Europe.  The SCA has people in all levels from beginners to experts, and the best thing of all is that everyone is encouraged to sample all of the Arts & Sciences to their hearts content.   We teach each other and learn from each
other.  We share our interests, our passions, and our work both successes and failures.  As a person progresses with their chosen
study they can enter into A&S fairs to show off their work, complete with historical documentation.

Locally we have members who practice bead making, cooking, sewing, candle making, pewter smithing, and blacksmithing.

For more information go to the SCA site:

SCA Arts & Science List

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