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Garb the Child

Properties of Iron and Steel - By Kendrick Cameron
A brief look at the history and properties of the metal a blacksmith commonly uses.
Children should be accompanied.
I will have handouts for 15, more are welcome to share.
Time 30-45 min.

Boffer Weapon Construction

Monastery Brewing – by Baroness Verena Entenwirth

Romancing the Stove; The science behind brewing beers and meads - By Reinhardt WyGryff von Graham
A brief look at the Science behind brewing beers and meads.
No age limit (although most states require a brewer to be 21 to brew), nor class size limit.
No fees. Length 50 minutes.

Instruments Show & Tell

Calligraphy: Choose Your Hand - By Caitriona MacDhonnachaidh
How to learn any type of calligraphy from period sources.
Probably best for 12 and up, but not a requirement.
Class limit 20

Pewter casting

Getting Started in Pewter

Cheese Class - Waltrudis

Poultry for Your Persona - Abot Johann von Metten
Poultry for your Persona, an over view of the use of chickens, ducks, geese and other domestic birds and who kept what where and why. No limit size.

Monastacism 101 Monks – by Abot Johann von Metten
Monastacism 101 Monks, Canons and Friars, whose who and what’s what. An overview of Christian religious life from the Classical Age to the Renaissance. no limit or fees

Beginning Silk Painting:Hands On – by Instructor Petrona de Manciano
This class will work together to paint a war standard for the Midlands army. Focus will be in getting started in silk painting inexpensively as well as color application techniques.

Fee: none
length 1 hr
Class limited to 20 people

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