Marshal Activities

Offical Unbelted Champions Practice and Meeting

I will remind each of you that to be chosen as one of the thirty-five Unbelted Champions to represent your kingdom against the team the East fields is of great honor and renown. Everyone one has an equal chance to make the team, as the selection will be based off how hard you work this year. No spot on this team is reserved for those who have served before. Everyone must earn the spot they are given. ~ His Highness

Sgt School Recap - by Duchess Elania

If you missed Sgt. school due to bad weather or the drive was just to far,all those classes will be covered again! These are not armored combatant specific classes! The Sgt school is one of the better training skill sets for the dragon army and will help improve basic leadership of our soldiers on the rapier and armored field. This will help our region on many different levels.

Polearm Class - By Duke Palymar (bring weapons and armor)

German Long Sword Class - By Cecil de Tueurleon (bring weapons if you have them)

Study the traditional martial art techniques as written by medieval Fechtmasters Ringeck,  ichtenauer, and Tolhoffer. While the focus is on historical training, class is oriented to improve skills in SCA Armored Combat.

No age limit. All welcome.
Class runs for 1 hour, or until people get tired of training.
Armor not required, though welcome. Bring any form of longsword; rattan, steel, plastic, and wood wasters all welcome.

Midrealm Legion Command topics and Q&A – By Sir Denewolf ( bring a notebook)

Midrealm Command Structure and Theory - By Baroness Rowen Connor who is Chief of Staff of the Dragon Army

This should be a wonderful day of learning.
BRING YOUR ARMOR! There will be fighting, along with drills and teaching!


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