New Comers

Welcome to St. Carol on the Moor.  We are a local chapter of the SCA located in Charleston, IL.  We welcome anyone who has an interest in learning more about the Middle Ages and Renaissance Periods.

Please let us take a moment to answer some typical questions that many people have.

1.  What is the SCA?

The SCA stands for “Society for Creative Anachronism.”   The group as a whole devotes itself to creative recreation of everything historical from the period of pre-17th century Europe.   Groups meet weekly to discuss topics, work together, learn from each other, and have a good time.  Throughout the region there are events where groups meet for dances, fighting, eating, and revelry.


2. What do you do in the SCA?

This is a big question but the answer is basically whatever you want!  There are no limits or standards set for what a person must participate in.  Your participation depends solely on your own comfort level.  If all you want to do is cook or fight then that is fine.  If you want to become an expert in everything SCA, then that is fine too.  Any time you want to change or learn something knew there is always someone around willing to help!

There are many events to paricipate in.  Weekly meetings typically allow local groups to meet and work on common projects and to learn from each other.  Local events allow groups to get together for group events such as feasting, balls, combat, and practice.  Demo’s allow SCA members to reach out to the general public and show them what we do.  Then there are Crown Tournements that choose our next King and Queen, to wars such as Pennsic where thousands of SCA members come together to share everything SCA.


3. How is the SCA organized?

The SCA is organized loosely like the Medieval periods were in a feudal society. The “Knowne World” is separated into thirteen kingdoms, which are then separated further down to your local chapter.
Each Kingdom has a King and Queen, who earned that right through combat, and a Prince and Princess who are heirs to the throne.  The King fights at an event called a Crown Tournament for the right to wear the crown.  Royalty are bound by the laws and customs of the society as a whole and wield significant power over their subjects for their ruling period of six months.  The SCA has many officers and various ranks as well.


4. How do you get started?

Anyone who is interested in getting started with the SCA should reach out to their local chapters and attend one of their weekly events.  All meetings welcome newcomers and are often able to provide new people with any needed items to participate in the weekly events.  We have clothes, information, and everything you need to get started that we can loan out.  Most of the time weekly meetings do not require any special kind of garb, just come as you are.  Attempts at garb typically are required though for official events.



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