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From 11/22-12/6, Krannert Park's Recreation Center will be closed for the installation of a new HVAC system. Fighter Practice cannot be held in the Krannert Gym on Nov. 25 or Dec. 2.
Current alternatives include carpools that are likely to form for nearby practices:
-Our neighbors in Mynydd Seren hold an indoor fighter practice on Wednesday evenings. The drive is approximately 1 hour.
-Our neighbors in Rivenstar also practice indoors on Wednesday evenings. Drive time is similar.

Barony of Sternfeld Fighter Practice Announcements for 11/18/2014

Business Meeting, which should be pretty short this month, is this week, November 20, 7pm at St. Timothy's.
Archery: Tomorrow night, as usual!
Please review proposed bylaws and financial policy revisions and send Ysabel any last bits of feedback by December 1. We will discuss final changes at the December Business Meeting and poll on a document to submit to Kingdom in January.

Barony of Sternfeld Althing Minutes for 11/02/2014

Due to a computer snafu, the notes that were taken at the meeting were not saved. An attempt was made to recreate the notes from memory and it was decided in the interest of not misrepresenting the discussion, the documents under discussion (including changes as discussed from the meeting) would be posted instead. My apologies for the screwup. ~Antonio

First up, revisions to the Sternfeld Financial Policy, were discussed and passed first polling. Please see this draft which shows the changes and additions made.
Secondly, budget amounts for 2015 for the various officers were discussed. These are amounts that can be spent by the officer without requiring specific approval from Open Council. Link to those figures as soon as I can get a copy.
Thirdly, proposed revisions to tbe Baronial Bylaws were discussed. A revised version including the changes proposed at the Althing can be found at this link.
Fourthly, the bids for Simple Day were discussed and a second polling to approve the bid submitted by Hadley passed. Simple Day 2015 will be at Hendricks County 4-H Fairgrounds (the site where we recently have been holding BWTA and where 50-year will be held) - 4th of July weekend.

Barony of Sternfeld Business Meeting Minutes for 10/16/2014

Baronial: Champions are doing good work on the field. Congrats to Mateo for representing us well. Congrats to Moira for winning a tournament in Odile's name.

Seneschal: Please fill out event site evaluations for event sites you are investigating. An event toolkit is being developed and is existing in draft form. There's insurance documents, a bid overview document, and a guide for event stewards. Links to all in the online agenda for this meeting (posted on Facebook and on Yahoo Group). Althing is November 2nd, which is also the same day as Equestrian. The meeting is at 4:00 PM, with pitch-in dinner, a silk banner class before - be sure to sign up. (All spaces now filled. ~Ed) It will be held at St. Timothy's and there will be space for open crafting. Pitch-in will be eaten during the meeting. Revision of the Baronial Bylaws is ongoing. If interested in helping let Ysabel know. If you are holding an office, please especially review those sections relating to your office.

Chatelaine: No report this month.

Herald: Tikka has submitted her name. Colette will be doing voice heraldry at several upcoming events.

Chronicler: We had a Star this last month. The Back-Issue scanning project continues. Hopefully will have something soon.

Exchequer: See her report in the star. Q3 report is due this month. Officers will be receiving information about their spending vs. budget for 2014 - please review and prepare a budget request for 2015 before the November 2nd Althing. This is Elisabetta's last month as Exchequer. A motion was raised to remove Eilsabetta (Karen Briscoe) from the checking account, and add Saldis (Karen Foster) as well as the Regional Exchequer. The motion was seconded and passed polling.

Property Master: If you have Baronial Property, please let Ronan know before the Domesday. Saturday November 1st, we are having a gathering to move all Baronial Equipment to our new storage location. Details on where/when to meet forthcoming.

Armored Combat: Continues.

Rapier Combat: We stab each other. It's awesome.

Archery: Our current Archery Marshal is moving so we will need a new one.

Equestrian: Practice the last few months has been great, including new people. Everyone is welcome. Next practice is the goat game. Kiltigern is interested in being replaced soon. Michael de Quarmby has expressed interest. If someone else is interested, they should contact Ysabel. We'll be having a first vote for the office at the November 2nd Althing.

A&S: People keep making awesome stuff. Bredyllwyn has expressed interest in the position. No one else has expressed interest. A motion was made to install Bredellwyn as Arts and Sciences Minister at Better War Through Archery. He was selected, and since he was unopposed, he was selected in one polling.

Dance: 29 People came to dance. English Country dance will be happening monthly starting in 2015. December's dance will have live music. There will also be dancing at Yule.

Brewer's and Vintners had a meeting. Several cordials were made. The November meeting will be sampling the cordials made in September. A field trip is coming up to go to New Day Meadery.

Garb Work Day: Went really well. Costumer's group still exists. Want to make a Gothic Fitted dress? Contact Colette.

Scribes: A scribal group is in the process of forming. Meeting details.

Webminister: Website for BWTA should be up soon. We've been having problems with the Yahoo Group and have been doing testing of using the Google Groups platform - so far it is going well. Google Groups does not include a calendar, but we've got one setup on the Baronial email accounts that can be used. Some discussion of using Google Groups occurred - several individuals asked to be added to the beta.

Prize Czar: No report this month. If you need prizes for an upcoming event, let Grainne know.

Better War Through Archery: Should be up on ACCEPS fairly soon. Website will be up once the event steward(s) send info to Antonio.

Yule: No updates. Second polling for $300 for the event was passed.

Simple Day: It's the final month for Simple Day bids. Rois has submitted a bid at the FFA Site we've used the last three years. Hadley also has submitted a bid, using the Hendricks County 4H Fairgrounds (the site we've been using for Better War Through Archery). Motion was made to approve both budgets but not pick a bid this month, pending answers to some questions. There was a lot of discussion of both bids. Bid documents are available for Hadley's Bid and Rois' Bid - please send your feedback to Ysabel.

Barony of Sternfeld Fighter Practice Announcements for 10/07/2014

Dance is this Thursday from 6:30 to 8:30 at Garfield Park Arts Center.

Our monthly business meeting will start at 7 p.m. Next Thursday. We will be polling on a new Minister of Arts and Sciences and on bids for Simple Day 2015. If you have additional action items for the agenda please let Ysabel know.

Barony of Sternfeld Fighter Practice Announcements for 09/30/2014

If you would like to assist with bylaws revision, please sign up--there are links on both the Facebook and Yahoo groups. We especially need members of the populace to participate. The commitment for the task force is less than 1 month, we will only "meet" virtually, and you wneed to commit to review and comment on 1-2 of Sternfeld's bylaws. Many hands make light work!

Dance is October 9 at Garfield Park.

We'll have an Althing in early November, either the 2nd of the 9th--still confirming a couple of details.

October's Business Meeting is the last chance to submit a bid for 2015's Simple Day.

Barony of Sternfeld Business Meeting Minutes for 09/18/2014

Editor's note: Thanks to Wulfwen for taking these notes such that they can be published.

In attendance: Odile, Ulfr, Ysabel, Moira M., Torquil, Breddelwyn, Nicolas, Duncan, Molly, Wulfwen, Rurik, Caristonia, Elisabetta, Antonio, Colette, Eirik, Odette, Various Children

Baronage: TE have sent their report to Their Majesties. Please submit Kingdom and Baronial award recommendations!

Seneschal: We're waiting to hear back from a couple of people before finalizing the date for the Althing. Date options: 2-Nov-2014 or 9-Nov-2014. Plan to start at 1:00 with a craft of some kind; Althing meeting to start at ? and will include a pitch-in.

Chatelaine: We have new people!

Herald: We have a big box of heraldic resources. Jerik and Llewellyn have volunteered to help with book heraldry.

Chronicler: We had a newsletter! There will be another this month; so far it will be very small. Please consider submitting items! The "Scan the Old Stars" project is coming along well. If you have old Stars, please let Antonio know so we can fill in the gaps in our collections.

Exchequer: We have money! $17,923.95; there are some additional checks to be deposited.

Marshal, Heavy: Quarterly report was submitted on time.

Marshal, Fence: Rapier is happening. We have some new fencers.

Equestrian: Practice is still happening. Kiltigern will publicize the next date.

A&S: Breddelwyn has expressed interest in being MOAS. First polling will be at the October Business Meeting. Duncan will be stepping down at BWTA. If you are interested, see Ysabel or Duncan.

Dance: October 9th 6:30 - 8:30 at Garfield Park! Garb is welcome but not required.

Costumers': Sternfeld Work Day is on Saturday October 4th, from 9:00 - 5:00 at the Brownsburg Public Library.

Brewers' & Vintners': Cordial making at Duncan & Wulfwen's house. Sunday 2:00. Come and bring a project, or just hang out! Ysabel & Bjorn have semi-permanently loaned their larger corker to the group.

Cooks': Cooks' & Bards' is Sunday at Grainne's house, at 3:00.

Property Master: We want to start moving into the new storage place soon. Ronan will post details.

Web Minister: We have a website!

Yule Court: We need a bid by the end of the Business Meeting tonight! Antonio & Colette will host Yule if nobody else bids. It would be at St. Timothy's. There was general acceptance. Date: 10-Jan-2015. Tentative budget: $300. First bid held and passed.

BWTA: February 7th at the Hendricks County 4-H Fairgrounds.

Simple Day: Moira E. will be submitting a final event report. Accepting bids for 2015 through the November Business Meeting.

General News:

We will be having a demo on Monday 6-Oct-2014 at Ladoga Elementary. If you can help during the day, particularly with dance, please let Colette know ASAP.

Eirik asked whether the New Demo Armor project was passed. Ysabel advised that it was. Work will begin soon.

Ysabel is setting up a project to review the Bylaws. The plan is for interested people to review one or two sections. If you're interested, please see Ysabel.

Barony of Sternfeld Fighter Practice Announcements for 09/16/2014

Business Meeting is this Thursday. Please let Ysabel know if you have any action items for the agenda, otherwise this one promises to be pretty short.

Current, recent, and incoming officers, please watch your email for a bylaws-revision-related request.

If you would like to assist with bylaws revision, please see Ysabel. The committment for the task force is less than 1 month, and you will only be asked to review and comment on 1-2 of Sternfeld's bylaws. Many hands make light work!

We have a demo in Ladoga on October 5th. Dancers are especially needed from noon to 3. See Colette for details and to sign up!

Barony of Sternfeld Emergency Finance Committee Meeting Minutes for August 26, 2014

A meeting was called to provide a second polling for HRM's proposal to create six sets of loaner armor. The amount of $500 was polled a second time and passed. Phases two and three of the project will be discussed at future meetings. Phase one will get us 2 small, 2 medium, and 2 large sets of Body, Arm, and Leg Harnesses. A huge thank you to HRM Cameron for taking on this project to improve our loaner kit!

Barony of Sternfeld Fighter Practice Announcements for August 26, 2014

Welcome to our incoming Exchequer, Saldis. The transition will take place at the end of October when Elisabetta's warrant expires.

Yule Court still needs an event steward!

Rivenstar has had a request for a speaker that they have passed on to us in the hopes that we may be able to help. The "Magna Carta Dames and Barons" need a lunch-time speaker Nov. 15. Topic: anything related to life within 100 years of the signing of the Magna Carta. If you are interested, please see Ysabel to get connected with this group.

Barony of Sternfeld Business Meeting Minutes for August 21, 2014

Baronage Report: Pennsic went well. Special thanks for Rose and Odile for doing most of the camp's setup. PPPPP happened. Thanks to Wulfwen for cooking.

Seneschal: Still gathering information on event sites. There's a survey online, with a link on the front page of Sternfeld's website. Several things are coming up. Last month we voted a first polling to pay "back rent" to St. Timothy's for letting us use their space. A motion for $1000 to be given to St. Timothy's was raised, seconded, and passed second polling. Sunday, November 2nd has been reserved from 1 pm to 6 pm at St. Timothy's for a work day (from 1-4p) and an Althing (from 4-6p), which will be a pitch-in. If you are an officer, consider what your budget needs are for next year and submit to Elisabetta. We'll be discussing the 2015 budget. If anyone can't make it the 2nd, the 9th would also be an option, but please let Ysabel know if you'd prefer it be moved. Please consider bringing a non-perishable food item for the food pantry at St. Timothy's.

Herald: We have a lot of Baronial Blue and Yellow linen, so if you've got a need for a sash or improving a bit of Baronial regalia, this is a good time to do it. Talk to Colette!

Chronicler: We had a July Star, we will have an August Star. Working on scanning the historical archives of the Star and getting them in a form that people can easily look at them.

Exchequer: We have $17923.95 in the bank after all Simple Day expenses have cleared. Does not include the $500 security deposit we should be getting back. Elisabetta's warrant expires in October. Saldis has stepped forward in interest in the position. She's currently training in it. A motion was raised to confirm Saldis as our exchequer from 2015 until her warrant expires (2 years) or when she chooses to step down. It was seconded and passed. Congrats to the new Exchequer and many thanks to Elisabetta for her service.

Property: Everything is still being moved to the new location soon.

Armored: Official transfer of office paperwork is ongoing.

His Royal Majesty, King Cameron of the Midrealm: Most of our loaner armor is quite old and starting to smell pretty bad. Body, arm, and leg harnessses could be replaced. HRM is requesting $500 to make 6 sets of loaner armor - 2 small, 2 medium, 2 large. Full harness sets. There was a motion raised to approve $500 for phase one of this project (described above). Motion was seconded, voted on, and passed. It will need to be polled on a second time.

Rapier: Rapier fighting happens.

Equestrian: Was a bit too far from the action at Simple Day. Practice is this Sunday.

Chirurgeon: No report.

Arts and Sciences: Duncan is interested in hearing what cool classes you took at Pennsic. BWTA will be the two year mark for his office - and it is recommended by the manual for his position that he only serve for two years, with an optional third year. The group polled and confirmed they'd like him to continue in the office through BWTA 2016. RUM is coming up - consider volunteering to teach at this event.

Dance: Thirty-five people came to Dance last Thursday. There were eight SCA people present. Garfield Park is renewing their interest for 2015. There will also be a modern English Country Dance starting on the opposite months of the historical one run by Colette.

Cooks and Bards: Will be this Sunday.

Ars Rustica: It's slaughtering time for Chickens!

Prize Czar: Prizes were given at Simple Day. Nothing else to report.

Simple Day: We made $2187.32 profit at Simple Day this year.

PPPPP: Thanks to Joan, Waldetrudis, and Wulfen.

BWTA: It's on the calendar. Need to submit deposit check. Been in touch with the regional MOAS. No response yet. Planning is ongoing. It will be at Hendricks County again.

Yule: Need a bid this month or next.

Simple Day: Need a bid by the November business meeting.

Riley Days Demo: May be happening. We'll see. October 2nd if it does. Waldetrudis following up.

Mistress Branwen Scholastica got several awards for her creations at the State Fair. Congratulations to her!

Toy Drop: It's going well. Might bring in new people. Check with new people to see how they found us.

Demos: If someone wants a demo, send them to the demo webpage and then to the Seneschal or Caristonia.

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