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Barony of Sternfeld Business Meeting Minutes 04/17/2014

Baronial - Mynnd Seren is doing Coronation coming up and we are going to be providing guards for the Royalty Room. There are three unfilled shifts remaining. Retainer shifts were filled! Thanks to all who are participating. We are hosting Crown Tournament soon. Please volunteer early and often. In June we have the 30th Anniversary of the Barony. We will be selecting our next Armored and Rapier champions at that event. We have camping coming up soon. Please make inquiries about Pennsic early.

Great Officers and Their Deputies

Seneschal - Thanks for being awesome!

Chatelaine - Had 3 or 4 new people at the last fighter practice. Thanks for being friendly to them.

Herald - We need voice heralds Saturday and Sunday for Crown announcements. The Tourney has a primary herald - if interested in helping, see the info on the front page of the event website. The Equestrian activities also need heralds. Thanks in advance for helping out with this.

Chronicler - March Star was published. April Star will be published soon. If you send a submission, please use the permission form to grant rights to publish in the Star and on the website - that's the minimum needed to publish.

Exchequer - Things are going fine.

Property Master - No report this month.

Armored Combat - We are having fighter practice and some new people including children are coming to practice.

Rapier Combat - We continue to have practice.

Archery Combat - Sixteen people including five children and some new people to the SCA.

Youth Combat - Youth combat practice is coming soon.

Equestrian - Had practice recently. No new people. Total of six attended the most recent practice. Encourage people to come. There will be activities at Coronation and Crown Tournament!

Chirurgeon - No report.

Arts and Sciences - If you haven't signed up to judge at Crown Tournament, we always need more judges and you get free lunch.

Ars Rustica - Chicks and seeds are arriving, including duck eggs.

Cooks - Cooks meeting is later than usual this month by a week due to Easter.

Brewers - Hiatus.

Costumers - People are continuing to make garb.

Largesse - Nothing currently.

Bardic/Performing Arts - Will be happening at Cooks this month.

Lesser Offices

Web Minister - Event listings on the website/Sternfeld list/Sternfeld Star have been updated. All three should match. You'll see a lot of new calendar reminders.

Minister of Youth - Youth activities are being planned for upcoming events.

Prize Czar - If you need prizes, let the Prize Czar know for your upcoming events.

Recent and Upcoming Events

Crown - May 24th and 25th, Autocrats: Wulfwen/Moira. There will be TONS of activities at Crown - Martial, Dancing, Etc. Please prereg on ACCEPS. The feast menu and ingredients are posted to the website. Please use for communication with the autocrats. There's also a Facebook Group. Camping prereg can be done via the form on the website - this includes RV spaces. Judges lunch - a budget of $300 is requested by Odette to provide the Judges' Lunch. A motion to approve this request was approved and will be voted on a second time next month.

Baronial Birthday - June 7th, Steward: Austorga. At Sahm Park. The current A&S Champion has asked to defend her title, so is not designing the competition. Since this is the 30th anniversary, it should be special! We cannot be rained out, as we have an internal site. Sahm Park is the location of our first event as a group.

Simple Day - No updates this month.

Demos - a request was received to help Cuil Collum with a demo. We'd like two fighters for Friday the 25th of April.

Barony of Sternfeld Fighter Practice Announcements for April 15th, 2014

Business Meeting is Thursday--if you have action items for the agenda, please let Ysabel know.

Volunteers are still needed for Crown/Kingdom A&S.

May is going to be busy for Constellation with Coronation, CAD, and Crown. Pre-register to save yourself some time and money and help all the regional event stewards plan ahead.

Baronial Birthday is June 7 in Sahm Park.

If you're planning to camp with Sternfeld at Pennsic and you haven't camped with us before, please see Moira, Ronan, or Ysabel for camp rules and to be added to Camp Sternfeld's listserv and Facebook group.

Barony of Sternfeld Fighter Practice Announcements for April 1st, 2014

Please play nice and don't block the paths in the common area.

Costumer's is Thursday at the Willow Lake Panera.

Help our friends in Mynydd Seren with Coronation in 2 ways: Please consider volunteering at least 1 shift. Or, help them plan ahead by pre-registering for Coronation on ACCEPS. The feast looks tasty and is limited to 100 seats, so pre-registration is a great idea.

ACCEPS is also live for Crown. Volunteers are still needed for this event, too, and the VolunteerSpot is available for you to select your shifts!

The feast survey has closed - we received a total of 1,529 responses! Woot!

Spring Largesse Needs are up in VolunteerSpot.

Ysabel would love to have a deputy to eventually take over her unofficial job as Keeper of the Largesse.

Our friends in Cuil Cholum could use our assistance with a demo for Greensburg Jr. High School. See Ysabel if you're interested and she'll connect you.

Crown will host the Kingdom Bardic Champion contest. Details TBD.

Crown still needs Dept. Heads (kitchen cleanup dept head gets homemade candies from Wulfwen, and I didn't manage to text myself quickly enough to make note of the other open positions, so Wulfwen may have to fill you in on that if you want to publish details)

Barony of Sternfeld Emergency Finance Committee Meeting Minutes for April 1st, 2014

Sahm Park fee/contract are needed prior to our next official business meeting. Primitive site has no water access, so as per first polling, the "executive" building has been reserved (this is the area with more amenities and less outdoor space).
Second polling passed unanimously.

Barony of Sternfeld Fighter Practice Announcements for March 25th, 2014

Please play nice and don't block the paths in the common area.

Welcome to our new armored marshal, Dyderich, preferably by not generating any need for paperwork with injuries during his first few weeks on the job.

Constellation had a great showing at Regional A&S is this past weekend, with all entries advancing to Kingdom. Congratulations to all the Sternfeld entrants!

Sternfeld has offered to assist our friends in Mynydd Seren with Coronation by providing additional guards and retainers. Please consider volunteering at least 1 shift. Also, you can pre-register for Coronation on ACCEPS. The feast looks tasty and is limited to 100 seats, so pre-registration is a great idea.

ACCEPS is also live for Crown. Volunteers are still needed for this event, too, and the VolunteerSpot is available for you to select your shifts!

Last call for feast survey responses is March 31st. Please go complete it if you have not already.

Spring Largesse Needs are up in VolunteerSpot. If you're looking for a simple way to use your skills to serve, consider signing up to donate handmade items--we can use everything from Baronial or Kingdom award tokens to fingerloop braid and cordials. Also needed: Ysabel would love to have a deputy to eventually take over her unofficial job as Keeper of the Largesse. Match up Royal preferences with items donated for welcome baskets, ask people to make stuff when it's running low. The pay is terrible, but you get to see some of the barony's best work and make people smile.

Our friends in Cuil Cholum could use our assistance with what looks to be a really fun demo for Greensburg Jr. High School. This one isn't just a martial demo--the display is very open-ended. Tentative dates are April 25 and/or May 15 during the school day with an additional family night in the evening that may need to be staffed. See Ysabel if you're interested and she'll connect you.

Equestrian practice happens next on 4/6.

The next Garb work day is 4/12.

Barony of Sternfeld Emergency Financial Committee Meeting Minutes for March, 20th, 2014

A second polling for $150 for radios, in order that they might be purchased and received before Crown, was passed.

Barony of Sternfeld Business Meeting Minutes for March, 20th, 2014


Baronial: Attempting to setup a network of youth volunteers. There's a Facebook group. Contact the Baroness if you are interested in helping, either as a background checked person or just a volunteer who helps out.

Great Officers and Their Deputies:

Seneschal: Waivers were sent to Kingdom. Transition of office paperwork was lost and is being redone. A group called the Grand Council that advises the SCA Corporate Board exists - they do not currently have a Midrealm representative. If interested in becoming a member, either as an at large member or an active representative for the Midrealm, please consider it. Anyone can subscribe to their email list if they are interested in following the discussion.

Chatelaine: A number of new faces have been showing up recently. If you see a new face, go meet them. Simple Day is the new target for the Chatelaine auction.

Herald: No report this month.

Chronicler: February Star was published. March will be published today or tomorrow. Looking for a deputy for both the Chronicler and Webminister officers. It's fun! Officers aren't sending in reports. Please send in reports next month, and make sure to copy the Seneschal.

Exchequer: Quarterly report is in and corrected. BWTA financials are still being compiled, but we have about $15,000 in the bank right now.

Property: We will need some new bins shortly to replace the oldest ones. A motion was made and seconded for $100 to be approved for new bins. The polling passed.


Armored: Gulf Wars took it's toll on Fighter Practice attendance. Consider checking your armor and having it inspected - clean your armor bags and get your stuff fixed. Polling on Dyderich as the Armored Fighting Marshall has been completed - Dyderich is our new armored marshal. Please check nooks and crannies of your home for Baronial tabards, etc. that you may be holding.

Rapier: Throwdown was this week - 12 people showed up. There's a new set of rules coming out in April. Be on the lookout.

Archery: Quite a few new people have shown up since BWTA - three new families. Attendance has been averaging about 15 per night. Winter challenge took place recently.

Youth: There are new youth interested. Rose is working on getting this started back up again.

Equestrian: Took horses to Gulf Wars. 48 Horses attended! Met a lot of other equestrians. Sternfeld has our practice Sunday April 6th at 2:00 PM. A new group is getting together in Fort Wayne to do equestrian! They've been putting calls out on many lists.

Chirurgeon: No report.

Arts and Sciences: Constellation A&S is Saturday. Seeking new people for the Artisan of the Month feature in the Star.

Ars Rustica: Catalogs, etc. People are buying chickens and seeds.

Cooks: Did not meet this month.

Brewers: Xenon offered up some really cool looking bottles. See Austorga if you are interested in them. Sent 15 gallons of mead to Gulf Wars. Group dormant at the moment.

Costumers: Met this month at St. Timothy's. Worked with new people on their costuming needs.

Largesse: Mostly dormant. We need Largesse - a listing of things we need was put on the Largesse Facebook group. There's a signup on volunteer spot.

Bardic/Performing Arts: No report this month.

Lesser Offices:

Web Minister: Crown website will be going up soon. If you are the leader of a department, please make sure to submit details about your activity. Make sure to copy on any coorespondence to keep your event stewards in the loop.

Minister of Youth: Office vacant but a group of interested parties is working on planning for events.

Prize Czar: Contact her with your needs before upcoming events! We have prizes.

Old Business:

Recent and Upcoming Events:

Better War Through Archery Postmortem: 135 Paid Adults. 9 Teens. Undersold feast - only 49 instead of 66 seats sold. Brought in $2,744 + refund of site deposit and refund from Sunday, it appears we probably made a smallish profit on the event. There's limited interest in Sunday activities - future autocrats should consider not running Sunday activities for this event.

Crown: May 24th-25th. Wulfwen/Moira stewards. Updates: Finishing details with the site. Cannot have alcohol on site. Vinting and Brewing entries will be judged at Moira's house - 5 minutes from site. Equestrian activities will be on site - details being worked out, insurance being obtained, as required by Society. Archery - there was a question if we could do it. Looks like we will be able to. Compound bows (which aren't allowed anyway) won't be allowed. Department Heads are needed - parking, camping, youth activities, hall steward, head server, interior decorator, and someone to cook bread for the judges lunch. If you are a department head, let Cecily know what volunteer shifts you will need to fill so she can add them to VolunteerSpot. There will be a table decorating competition for feast on Sunday. There's also a cake decorating contest - see details on the Crown website when it is up. Odette will be sponsoring a banner competition for decorating the halls as well. Tournament will be outside if weather permits. Site tour this Sunday at 2:00 PM. Al Jafar is doing the populace lunch for both days. Great food at a great price. "The Jafar Rock Cafe".

Baronial Birthday: Steward is Austorga. 30th Anniversary! Being held at Sahm Park, as it was the first location of the first Baronial Meeting. Two options were considered: An indoor building with flush bathrooms, vs. a Shelter with more outdoor space but less amenities. A motion passed first polling for up to $400 for the event, with the more primitive option as the group's first priority unless there is no water available at that location, in which case we'd prefer the option with more amenities.

Simple Day: July 11th-13th. Steward is Moira Chance. Second polling passed on budget, which again, is pretty much the same as last year because the site costs, attendance estimates, etc. are the same. The lunch budget of $650 (the minutes from January misstate the first polling's budget as $550) passed second polling. Demos: None Scheduled.

New Business: 948 Respondents to the Feast Survey so far.

A motion for $150 for radios. was made and passed. Ronan will shop and purchase. Second polling will be done via emergency finance committee as that's the only way to ensure the radios arrive before Crown.

Barony of Sternfeld Fighter Practice Announcements for 03/18/2014

Business Meeting is this Thursday at St. Timothy's, 6:45pm. We'll be polling for our new armored marshal, and finalizing some event budgets at this meeting. Ysabel wants to keep the meeting-y part of our business meetings to an hour, so if you have action items, please send them in advance so we can stay on schedule.

Please also send officer reports, articles you'd like published, etc. to the Chronicler in advance of Thursday's meeting so that they can be published along with the meeting minutes in this month's issue of the Star...

Regional A&S is this weekend (3/22).

The Feast Survey is going great! It will continue to be available until the end of the month. If you have not gone and filled out the survey, this is a good time to do it. It can be found at this link.

Our next local event is Crown Tournament, but before that Sternfeld has offered to assist our friends in Mynydd Seren with Coronation by providing additional guards and retainers. Please see Cecily to sign up.

Speaking of Crown Tournament, the ACCEPS site for pre-registration is now available. Link here.

Barony of Sternfeld - Fighter Practice Announcements - 03/11/2014

We have a volunteer to take over the Armored Marshal job, Dyderich. We will poll at this month's business meeting.

There is a martial experiment ongoing, taking place on the Rapier side at Fighter Practice and including only a select group of fighters. It will help to determine if grappling will be allowed in a revision of the cut and thrust rules. Please do not be alarmed by the punching and such. If you want to know more about what's going on, see Rurik.

Business Meeting is next Thursday at St. Timothy's. If you have action items for the agenda, please get them to Ysabel by next Fighter Practice.

Thanks to everyone who volunteered this weekend to do the Oaks demo!

Please take the feast survey if you haven't already.

Constellation Arts and Sciences is on the 22nd of this month!

Kitchen help is needed for Crown. See Master Llew. People interested in being department heads for Crown, see Baroness Moira or Mistress Wulfwen. People interested in volunteering for other things, see Cecily.

See Master Llew if you'd like to tour the 50 year site on the Saturday of Crown weekend after Arts and Sciences.

Sternfelders are needed as reinforcements for retaining at Coronation - please talk to Cecily if interested.

Barony of Sternfeld - Fighter Practice Announcements - 03/04/2014

Huge thanks to everyone who helped make Better War a great event, despite the weather reports that scared people away. By my estimate over 200 hours were volunteered by event staff and volunteers. 96 hours were pledged by people inside and outside the Barony using VolunteerSpot.

In case you missed it in the minutes of last month's meeting, Antonio is now officially our chronicler. If you'd like something published in the Star, please send it to him. In order to include each month's meeting minutes, he's going to be publishing right after business meeting, so please send in officer reports before the start of the meeting each month.

We have a volunteer to take over the Armored Marshal job, Dyderich. We will poll at this month's business meeting.

There is a martial experiment ongoing, taking place on the Rapier side at Fighter Practice and including only a select group of fighters. It will help to determine if grappling will be allowed in a revision of the cut and thrust rules. Please do not be alarmed by the punching and such. If you want to know more about what's going on, see Rurik.

Costumers meets Thursday at St. Timothy's.

There has been some discussion of a change in our fighter practice location (see last month's business meeting minutes). If you do not make it to business meetings but you have strong positive or negative feelings about our current site, please email so that your concerns are known. I'll do my best to make sure that they are addressed during discussions at the next couple of meetings.

There is a martial demo on March 8th for The Oaks. Visut VolunteerSpot or see me (Ysabel) for details.

Constellation Regional Arts and Sciences is coming soon.

Please take the feast survey if you haven't already.

Barony of Sternfeld Business Meeting - 02/20/2014


Baronial: Sent in their Star report. BWTA planning is happening. The Baronial Archery championship tournament will be happening at BWTA to select our next Archery Champion.

Great Officers and their Deputies:

Seneschal: Property is transferring from the current Seneschal (Katrina) to the incoming Seneschal (Ysabel). Offical transfer happens at BWTA. VolunteerSpot is up and running for the group. If you would like to use it for an event or for any other organization (like pitch-ins or projects) let Ysabel know and she can set you up!

Chatelaine: No report.

Herald: Fabric for Baronial Baldric/Tabards has been ordered and has arrived.

Chronicler: Office Vacant, Antonio Interested. No other candidates. After discussion, polling passed. Antonio is the new Chronicler.

Exchequer: Approximately $12,400 is in the bank. The Domesday Report has been submitted. There will be a Troll class at fighter practice next week. If you volunteered to help at Troll please attend this training, particularly if you have not previously attended Elisabetta's training. Elisabetta has a possible replacement Exchequer that she is working with.

Property Master: Our storage space is currently flooded. We will need to order a replacement carport cover to replace the one that died at Riley Days. The possibility of getting Canvas vs. Tarp Material was discussed. We settled on Tarp Material. A motion was passed for up to $100 to purchase a replacement cover.


Armoured: Office open, Dyderich interested. Polling will be held next month. Is anyone else interested?

Rapier: We had 20 people at a recent practice. There have been recent discussions about terminology - calling what is usually called Heavy instead Armored and calling what is usually called Fencing being called Rapier. Please consider adopting the new terms as they have less negative history associated with them and are more accurate. Experiments are ongoing with variations on cut-and-thrust that allow tripping, punching, kicking, etc. Do not panic - there is not a brawl going on.

Archery: Archery has been about 10 people. We have an event next week - BWTA.

Youth: On hold right now.

Equestrian: Practice on Sunday from 2 PM to 4 PM, mounted archery is the planned activity.

Chirurgeon: No report.

Arts and Sciences: Regional A&S will be in about a month in Steren Codha. They always need judges - sign up to help out! Sign up to submit projects! There will be a deserts/subtlety competition at Coronation. Judging will also be needed for Kingdom A&S.

Ars Rustica: Seed catalogs and Chickens and Trees are being ordered.

Cooks: Cooks and Combined Bardic was this last Sunday.

Brewers: On hold for now.

Costumers: Meeting two weeks from today at St. Timothy's. Also there is a workday planned for Saturday at the Brownsburg Library - if you need help, please contact people and arrange help if you need it.

Largesse: Meetings will resume soon.

Bardic/Performing Arts: Met with Cooks Guild. Bardic at Daisy's is tomorrow - please contact her if you are interested.

Lesser Offices:

Web Minister: We have a website. BWTA site is up. Getting other sites posted - Autocrats and Department Heads should contact me (and each other) with info. Doing experiments with Google Forms - Baronial Award Recommendations are moving to Google Forms for ease of use.

Minister of Youth: Office vacant - Chatelaine is planning family activities for upcoming events. The Baron and Baroness are getting background checks to that they are warranted youth ministers - and they encourage their populace to do the same - talk to Baroness Odile if you are interested.

Prize Czar: If you need prizes, talk to Grainne.

Old Business: There is a form online for site evaluations - recent autocrats are asked to add their information to the form.

Crown Post Mortem: Event feedback was received. TRM were happy with the event. We had mostly very minor issues. A document was distributed. There were 365 adults. We profited $872.45 on the event.

Recent and Upcoming Events:

Baronial Yule Report: People liked the site. If we use it again we should plan court to be later. The kitchen staff liked the kitchen. The size of the site was about right for the number of people attending. Lots of smiling faces. We will need to provide volunteers for the Italian Fest when it occurs next, as payment for use of the site.

Better War Through Archery: March 1st, Autocrat is Cecily. A lunch budget of $400, previously polled at an emergency finance committee meeting, came up for second polling and was passed.

Baronial Birthday: bids needed ASAP, Austorga interested - she's working on a site. Austorga is bringing a budget next week.

Simple Day: July 11-13, Autocrat is Moira Chance. Updates were provided and a budget was distributed. The numbers are the same as last year's. A motion to pass the budget was submitted and passed. Second polling will be next month.

Crown: May 24-25, Autocracts are Wulfwen/Moira. Update.


Oaks Academy Saturday School: March 8th, 11 am. It's a short demo. There is a Volunteer Spot page for signing up.

The Hasten Hebrew Academy: We received a week and a half notice on when they wanted this to happen and we were unable to pull together on such short notice.

Demo Information for Website: Ysabel is drafting something and it will be posted on the website.

New Business:

Fighter Practice: Many fighters are unhappy with how short fighter practice has to be on weeknights. Lord Lothar's Lady has access to warehouse space with a community room and bathrooms. It's a huge space. The community room is unfurnished - but we could bring tables and chairs each week like we do all summer. The site location is free. There is also outdoor space for when the weather cooperates. The only catch is that Lord Lothar's Lady has to be present whenever we are in the space. So if she is sick or out of town, we will be unable to have practice. The site is being toured soon. Send questions you'd like answers for to Baron Ulfr ( and he will find answers as part of his research into this site option.

Discussion of when to publish the Star occurred. After discussion it was decided to publish immediately after the Business Meeting, to include the Minutes for that month's meeting. This month an addendum to the February Star will be published to get us on track. Officer reports will be due by the start of the Business Meeting - please copy the Seneschal ( and Chronicler ( on your officer reports.

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