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Barony of Sternfeld - Business Meeting for 07/16/2015

Baronial - Everything is good. People are prepping for Pennsic. Court is Middle Saturday (August 1st) at O'Dark Thirty. Ideally a small court at PPPPP, assuming that happens. (Editor's note: See later.)

Great Officers and Their Deputies

Seneschal - Minor edits to the bylaws still ongoing for submission to Kingdom.

Chatelaine - Demo on Saturday. Newcomers meeting, "What Not To Wear" at Fighter Practice on Tuesday. Lots of new people. The Regional Chatellaine is moving, anyone interested in stepping up?

Herald - Everything going great. At Simple Day, Joe got to do his first Kingdom Court. Colette also did her first Kingdom Court at Simple Day. Jerric is working on badges for Sternfeld Awards. People helped at Simple Day with site heraldry (announcements).

Chronicler - We had a Star. We plan to have one for July - I hope to publish tomorrow. I've received very few submissions.

Exchequer - We have $15,585.66 (and change?) in the bank.

Property Master - Trailer load for Pennsic is Tuesday at 5:15 PM at Storage, before Fighter Practice. Come help and make it go quickly!

Armored - No report. We continue to practice.

Rapier Combat - People show up and stab each other. The throwdown this past Tuesday was great. Cecily is stepping down as Rapier Marshal (see Archery report as to why). Rurik has agreed to step up and is filling the position on an Interim basis until we can get through the usual selection process. There's a limited number of eligible people to fill this position - if interested talk to Ysabel - polling starts at the August meeting.

Archery - Office suddenly vacant (current Marshal moved). Cecily has agreed to step up as the Archery Marshal, but wishes to step down as the Rapier Marshal so she doesn't have two offices. There are very few who are eligible - we are looking for someone who has been around for two years or more. After discussion, Cecily has been put in place as the Interim Marshal. If anyone else is interested and meets the requirements, talk to Ysabel. Polling starts at the August meeting.

Equestrian - 1st practice at Just Us Stables went well. Practiced Heads, Reeds, and Rings. Horses were great. Horse rental is $10. Practices will continue at both Practice Sites after Pennsic. Mounted War Games is coming up Labor Day Weekend.

Chirurgeon - The office (SCA-wide) is disbanded after Pennsic. An unofficial Guild is forming. Rowena will need to provide all her documentation (injury reports, etc.) to send up to Society Level per their document retention policy.

A&S - There was a display at Simple Day. It was good. There was a Bardic Circle as well. It was good. The Artisan of the Month is Odette for Costuming, Challenges, Innovation and other myriad reasons. Make sure to convey your congratulations. Quarterly report was submitted. All is well.

Interest Groups - Sewing workday at Brownsburg Library on Saturday, from 9 AM until 5 PM. Don't bring paint or other messy/staining projects. If you are bringing projects wanting help - be aware that most everyone has projects to do and probably cannot provide much help this month. Dance went well - smaller group. Please join us on the 2nd Thursday at Garfield Park. Scribal Group starts meeting in September on the 4th Thursday.

Lesser Offices

Web Minister - We have a website. Minor cleanup and updates coming. Revisions to newcomers and Pennsic information upcoming.

Prize Czar - Need prizes for something? Talk to Grainne. Next known need is for Simple Day, so you have a while.

Youth (OPEN) - No report.

Recent and Upcoming Event

Simple Day - July 3-5, 2015. Steward: Hadley of Sternfeld. Postmortem! - It was fun, no one died. One person broke his ankle in three places. He's had surgery. Event otherwise went well. Thanks to everyone who helped. A post-event survey was posted, and received 70 responses. Survey is being closed. Analysis will be shared for discussion and information purposes. In general people liked the site. Putting camping and merchants on the main battlefield is a good idea for future use of this site - lots of room, and that would tighten up our footprint on the site, making it a bit more walkable. Snow Cones made about $240 for the Sternfeld Hospitality at 50 Year. There were 406 adults, plus about 60 children (some were free). We made a profit of $3,503.32.
For next year, we've got a tentative reservation at Hendricks County for the 4th of July weekend. In any case, if looking to put in a bid, you'll want to do so soon. Given 50 year next year, Ysabel would like any interested parties to submit bids BEFORE the October Business Meeting. Additionally, bidders may want to consider bids that are a one day event and less complex than Simple Day usually is.

PPPPP - a last minute bid was submitted by Caristonia - $100 for meat, pitch in at Krannert. If Shelter is empty we will use it. If not, we'll do EZ-Ups. Bid was polled and passed. Event to happen instead of Fighter Practice on August 11th.

Demos - Shortridge Block Party, July 18 10:30-3:30 - steward: Tualaith, Ysabel - Come Help Out and Be Friendly!

Still accepting bids for Better War, Simple Day, Baronial Yule, and Baronial Birthday for 2016.

Fighter Practice Announcments for 06/30/2015

Simple Day starts Friday. Volunteers are still needed in every department, especially Gate and Setup. Setup begins mid-morning and will go for a couple of hours at a minimum. We need all hands on deck.

July 18 we have a demo/recruitment booth at Shortridge's Block Party. Please sign up to help staff the booth from 10:30-noon and/or noon-3:30. We may be able to have the stage for a dance demonstration around 2:30pm.

Pennsic is less than 1 month away. If you are camping with the Barony, or participating in the meal plan, please pay fees before Peace Week.

Barony of Sternfeld Business Meeting - June 18, 2015

Baronial - no report this month. Because they are not present, we cannot pass any pollings. A decision was made to share the contents of all discussions and pollings with their Excellencies upon their return from vacation and then allow them to poll. If they agree with the polling result, the polling will stand.

Great Officers and Their Deputies


Baronial Bylaws Revision - Ysabel is going through and doing the editing to get the changes we approved cleaned up for submission to Kingdom. (Removing strikethrough sections, etc.) Some brief discussion of the Family Max (technically part of the financial policy) occurred. This will be discussed further and the financial policy will be updated later in the year.

Event Stewards Toolkit - is up. Still needs revision, but Ysabel needs your feedback.

Largesse needs for upcoming events are here.

Chatelaine - had a new members meeting two fighter practices ago. The 14th of July will be the next new members meeting. Handouts will be available with information on patterns, fabric, etc.
Deputy needed with an eye towards eventual replacement - Annabelle is interested in becoming the deputy.

Herald - Dance was successful - and we had live musicians from the Barony! If people are interested, we'd love to have musicians at the July Dance, on July 9th.

Chronicler - There was a May Star, and there will be a June one. We received an honorable mention nomination for the Sternfeld Star (William Blackfox awards), and THL Breddylwyn received a nomination for his poem, "I was forged."

Exchequer - We have $11233.05 in the bank currently. We recieved a letter from the Kingdom Chronicler that the audit of the SCA's finances went well but there's a few documents they need from us.

Property Master - We have a lot of children coming to events. Pennsic will be well attended with them. A proposal for the purchase of a Youth Activities sunshade was raised, with a budget of $100. A provisional polling was passed, pending their Excellencies' agreement. (Editor's Note: Their Excellencies agree this is a good idea and the polling stands.) This shade would also be taken to Pennsic. Rose has requested that we advance her some of the previously approved fuel money for pulling the trailer to Pennsic. It was agreed that $350 will be provided and she is on the hook for providing receipts and any remainder left over.

Armored - Some classes will be starting in the next few weeks. There was a call for Armored Mashals to help out at Simple Day, meeting at 9 AM on Saturday.

Rapier Combat - We had some new people attend, and it's going well.

Archery - We need a new archery marshal. Anyone interested? Kjalvor may have expressed interest? The current marshal is gone at the end of July, so we need to be prepared to act somewhat quickly. If interested, speak to Ysabel before the July Business Meeting.

Equestrian - Had practice with two attendees this last Sunday. Took it easy due to heat. The next is the 28th at 4:00 PM. See Michael's report in the Star for address and further details. Brought receipts for games equipment for reimbursement on previously approved expenditures.

Chirurgeon - No report.

Arts and Sciences - We had a demo at Baronial Birthday, demostrating various arts and sciences. We also did a demo/exhibition at Indy Pride this past weekend and there was tons of interest in what we are doing. Cuil Cullom brought several items for display as well. At Kingdom Arts and Sciences, Annabelle took a second and Elisabetta took a first in their respective categories. Calligraphy and Illumnination group will start meeting the 4th Thursday of each month, beginning in September, at John and Priscilla's house.

Interest Groups - continue to meet. Cooks is this Sunday.

Lesser Offices

Web Minister - we have a website. Looking at updates, particularly posting a calendar-style listing of activities on the website and in the Sternfeld Star.

Prize Czar - If you need prizes for Simple Day, it's a little late, and you will likely be stuck with whatever we already have - talk to the Prize Czar SOON if needed.

Youth (OPEN) - Still looking for someone.

Recent and Upcoming Event

Baronial Birthday June 6, 2015. Steward: Annabelle - Report: Went pretty well. Lots wandered through the demo and some asked questions.

Simple Day - July 3-5, 2015. Steward: Hadley of Sternfeld. Updates: Schedule is on Facebook and should be on the Website tonight. (Editor's note: It was not. Sorry. It is now though.) We've got tons of classes booked all day, which is pretty cool. Torchlight tournament will have an axe as a prize and it is a draw for a lot of fighters. The prizes for the rapier (a shield that looks like an Oreo style cookie) and thrown weapons (handmade throwing knives) competitions are also really cool! The water battle war practice is also going to be pretty cool! A good number of out of kingdom visitors are coming to see the 50 year site.
General volunteer shifts here; retainer shifts here

Demos - Baronial Birthday, June 6 went well.

Indy Pride, June 13 - steward: Master Llew: Also went very well. Hoobah to Dyderich for 9 hours in full plate armor.

New Business: None.

Barony of Sternfeld Fighter Practice Announcements - June 9th, 2015

Pride is Saturday. Setup at 9am, American Legion Mall. Blingy garb encouraged. Contact Master Llew for more details.

Largesse is needed for Simple Day, as are volunteers of all sorts. It's less than a month away, so sign up soon!

You have about a week to register for Pennsic and camp with Sternfeld. If you haven't already chatted with the Camp Moms about camping with us, do so ASAP, and be sure to follow up with Baroness Moira after registering so that she can confirm you were assigned to our camp.

Breddelwyn announced he is still looking for a place to hold scribal activities.

Colette reminded everyone about Dance this Thursday at Garfield Park.

Caristonia held a Newcomers' Class on Society Jargon and "Who's That in the Pointy Hat?"

Barony of Sternfeld Emergency Finance Committee Meeting Minutes - May 21, 2015

Due to Baronial Birthday taking place before the next business meeting, an early second polling was required to provide budget for the meat being grilled at Baronial Birthday. The Emergency Finance Committee met and discussed the situation. A motion was raised to provide $200 for Meat, Buns, and Ice, and passed.

Barony of Sternfeld Fighter Practice Announcements - May 21, 2015

Baronial Birthday is right around the corner. Sign up here to be a part of the demo or claim a pitch-in dish category! We especially need calligraphers (or people who can fudge it).

Sign up for Simple Day volunteer shifts here.

Sign up to retain at Simple Day here.

Barony of Sternfeld Business Meeting - May 21, 2015


Baronial- Baronial Birthday is coming up. We have a Barony.

Great Officers and Their Deputies:


Baronial Bylaws Revision - no written feedback was provided by anyone. After a brief discussion, a motion was made to submit the draft bylaws to the charter officer at Kingdom. Motion was seconded and passed. Renumbering of sections may be required. The document will be cleaned up and submitted for approval upstream. Bylaws as passed can be found here.

Event Stewards Toolkit is in beta - try it out here and contact Ysabel with feedback.

Ysabel is working on a hospitality project for 50 Year, which she will be test driving at Simple Day, called, "Everyone is a Chatelaine". There will also be tours provided, in preparation for 50 Year.

Largesse needs for upcoming events are listed on Volunteer Spot. See the listings and sign up here.

Chatelaine - looking to train her replacement. Looking to hold new members meetings - the next one will be at fighter practice the 9th of June.

Herald - some people have recently gotten their names registered. If you need help coming up with Badges, Devices, and Names, contact Colette and she'll point you towards knowledgeable people. Needing people to make announcements at Simple Day.

Chronicler - April Star was published. May Star will be published in the next day or two.

Exchequer - Balance is currently $11,360.18

Property Master - Still looking for suggestions on what to use the budget for. Cooking and feast stuff is largely updated, but other areas might need stuff. Archery may need new grass mats to shoot at, some of which may be covered by their budget. There have been problems obtaining them due to only one company making them, and that company ceasing operations.

Armored - We've had fighter practice. No one got hurt.

Rapier Combat - People are still showing up and having fun stabbing each other, including children!

Archery - Turnout is slowly increasing.

Equestrian - May practice happened. Looking for more interested people. Next practice is the 13th of June. Games equipment is mostly complete.

Chirurgeon - No report.

Arts and Sciences - People are doing stuff and making things. We have at least two people competing at the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Faire.

Interest Groups -

Dance - There were 56 unique people at Dance practice this month.

Garb Work Days - At Brownsburg Public Library on June 20th, July 18, August 22nd. Other costumers will be there - if you need help with a project, please arrange it ahead of time by asking for help on the Costumer's list.

Costumers - Met in May. June meeting will be at Saint Timothy's. If you need help with a project, let the Costumer's list know so that someone can be prepared to know.

Cooks - Didn't meet due to illness in May.

Lesser Offices:

Web Minister - Updates to Simple Day Site pending. There are issues with the Awards Google Doc - Antonio is investigating.

Prize Czar- No Report.

Youth (OPEN)- If you are interested, please contact Ysabel.

Recent and Upcoming Events

Baronial Birthday - We will be doing Bookmarks - sign up on Volunteer Spot to help out with this project. We will be doing felt Herald Banners as a family craft project - please sign up. If you are demoing an activity, make sure to sign up. Sign up for your pitch in contribution. The various sign-ups for Baronial Birthday can be found here.The Arts and Sciences competition theme is 50 Year. A motion was raised to approve $200 for meat, buns, and ice. A second polling will be done via emergency finance committee on Tuesday at Fighter Practice, as we do not meet again before Baronial Birthday.

Simple Day - July 3-5, 2015. Steward: Hadley of Sternfeld. Updates?
General volunteer shifts can be found here and retainer shifts can be found here.

Demos -
Baronial Birthday, June 6

Indy Pride, June 13 - steward: Master Llew. Needing pavilion, parade walkers, booth staff.

New Business

June 17th is the deadline for registering for Pennsic with any group.

Barony of Sternfeld Fighter Practice Announcements - May 19, 2015

Business Meeting is Thursday, May 21 at St. Timothy's. 7pm. If you have business to add to the agenda, let Ysabel know ASAP.

Baronial Birthday is right around the corner. Please submit award recommendations this week! Sign up here to be a part of the demo or claim a pitch-in dish category!

Sign up for Simple Day volunteer shifts here.

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