Most Recent Announcements

Barony of Sternfeld Emergency Finance Committee Minutes for 02/19/2015

Motion for second polling for $274.97 reimbursement to Wulfwen and Duncan for the trailer repair was raised, seconded, and passed.

Barony of Sternfeld Business Meeting Minutes for 02/19/2015

Baronage - BWTA went well and the food was good. The Barony hasn't burned down.

Seneschal - All those people who promised to look over the awards section of the bylaws - please look through it so we can finalize the bylaws and send to Kingdom for approval. (Link Here!) Event stewards toolkit is about 75% along. If you are preparing a bid, please use it and send Ysabel feedback. (Link Here!)

Chatelaine - We have had new members recently.

Herald - There was a wonderful table for getting Heraldry work at BWTA - several report getting excellent help.

Chronicler - We had a Star. We're going to have another one.

Exchequer - We made about $613 profit from BWTA, pending any additional refunds.

Property Master - We still have stuff. It made it back from BWTA. There was a trailer accident requiring repair - a new coupler for the hitch. The total cost was $274.97. A motion was raised, seconded, and passed to reimburse Wulfwen and Duncan for the repair, which they paid for out of pocket to ensure the trailer could be towed to BWTA. We've had 5 baking sheets disappear - Ronan replaced them with 6 new ones after they were unable to be found. The Baronial towels seem to have disappeared - anyone know where they are?

Armored - We've been having practice. We've got 3-4 new guys the past few weeks.

Rapier Combat - People show up and stab each other. Plans for loaner gear are ongoing. Fabric has been purchased and not washed yet.

Archery - Has been meeting most of the time, when the site is available.

Equestrian - BWTA had an equestrian equipment demo. Looking to attend events where horse people are to try and recruit. The new Equestrian manual has been posted. Has a few receipts to get reimbursed for. Equipment for the games is being pulled together. A new potential practice site on the Northeast side of Indy has expressed interest in us practising there - to do that we need insurance coverage. It has indoor practice space. Cost would be $100 for the year to add the insurance with an additional named insured. A motion was raised to approve the expenditure, seconded, and approved - second polling not needed since it's an expenditure of $100 or less.

Chirurgeon - No report.

A&S - Thanks to Duncan for his service as MoAS - Breddelwyn became the MoAS at BWTA. We had Constellation A&S Faire at BWTA - very few entries due to how early it was in the faire season. Would like to continue having an artisan of the month. If you do A&S or know someone who is, contact Breddelwyn through Facebook, email via the email, or anywhere else you know to contact him from. This month's artisan of the month is Frode. Go out and make stuff.

Cooks - met this past weekend. There's a new Facebook group.

Ars Rustica - Catalogs are clogging everyone's mailboxes.

Dance - this month was called by a different caller. There were 48 in attendance including 16 kids. Colette has been asked to keep the dances easier so the activity is more child-friendly. There will be a demo from the Scottish-Country Dance group at the March dance.

Costumer's - March meeting will be at St. Timothy's. February 28th is the Tunic-in-a-Day workshop at the Brownsburg Library. There is a supply list if you plan on coming and making a tunic. April 4th will be a workday at the Brownsburg Library.

Web Minister - We have a website. Small additions and changes have been made. Simple Day site will be up VERY SOON! (No, really.)

Prize Czar - if you need prizes for your event, you will need to get in touch.

Youth - Open - we are looking for someone who will work to coordinate youth activities. This is not the same thing as running a Youth Point at events. The goal is to identify, encourage and create programming at events that are child and family friendly. If you are interested in being the group's Youth Minister, please talk to Ysabel.

BWTA Preliminary Report - Around 260 people attended. A few overall ideas for next time were discussed. There's an online discussion with information that will be provided to the next Event Steward.

Baronial Birthday Bid - Annabelle wanted to discuss options for preparation of her bid for next month.

Simple Day - There will be Hounds Coursing and other stuff. Website coming soon. Nearby hotel block is being made available. Negotiations for discounts on food at local restaurants are being arranged. Lunch and Feast options are being worked out. Sounding like it is shaping up to be an awesome event.

Demos - March 7th Oaks Academy Demo - Need Rapier/Heavy Armored fighters. There are a few people who have signed up. It's on VolunteerSpot. Go sign up. We've done this demo for over a decade. Bishop Chatard High School is looking to have a demo or multiple demos.

Fighter Practice Announcements for 02/17/2015

Please get outstanding receipts to Saldis from BWTA so that she can prepare the final event report!
Ysabel is seeking someone to fill the vacant minister of youth position. Watch the Star for details, and let her know if you're interested!
One bid is anticipated at Thursday's business meeting for Baronial Birthday--if you are considering submitting a competing bid, contact Ysabel ASAP.
Tunic/Chemise in a day is February 28th! Save the date.

Fighter Practice Announcements for 02/10/2015

Thank you to everyone who pitched in to make Better War great! If you felt anything went particularly well, or noticed anything that we can improve on next year, please let Waldetrudis or Ysabel know for the postmortem! And if you observed anyone being really awesome, why not send in an award recommendation? Baronial Birthday is looming, you know...
Speaking of Baronial Birthday, bids are due at the February or March business meeting. One bid is already being prepared. If you are interested in submitting a bid, let Ysabel know.
The Oaks Academy demo is on March 7. Both Heavy Armored and Rapier fighters are needed--sign up on VolunteerSpot or with Ysabel.
Archery is Wednesday.
English Country Dancing is this Thursday at Garfield Park.
Costumer's Guild is hosting a Basic Tunic/Chemise day on Feb. 28 at the Brownsburg Public Library. Bring 3-5 yards of fabric and get help laying out and cutting basic garb pieces.
Master Peter of the Golden Isles is starting a metalworking group, on trial basis. First & 3rd Mondays, 7-10pm, near East & Emerson starting 2/16.

Fighter Practice Announcements for 02/03/2015

Better War is Saturday! Volunteers are still needed, especially kitchen cleanup and retainers/guards. Pre-reg is available tonight.
Gate volunteers, see Saldis for training after announcements.
Volunteers are needed to load the trailer this Wednesday. That's tomorrow! See Ronan.
The Oaks Academy's annual demo is coming up again. Heavy armoured and rapier fighters are needed. Everyone who's participated in previous years has had a blast-these kids are sharp, well-prepared for your visit, and very interested. Sign up on VolunteerSpot or in person after announcements.
Bids for Baronial Birthday need to be in by the March business meeting. This is a great event to learn how to be a steward, so no previous experience necessary. If you want to learn, we will assign a mentor. I have a couple of special requests for the event steward for this event, so please see me ASAP if you are planning to submit a bid.
At BWTA, around lunchtime near gate, Mistress Rhiannon will take Saldis as a student. All are welcome to attend.
Cuil Cholum is hosting Fimbulwinter Games on Feb. 14. You should go!

Fighter Practice Announcements for 01/27/2015

Volunteers are still needed for BWTA on Feb. 7. Please sign up!
It's that time again--The Oaks Academy's Saturday School demo is going to be March 7th this year. Rapier and Heavy Armored fighters are needed. For those who aren't familiar, this is a demo we've been doing annually for many years--the kids are sharp as tacks and very engaged. Volunteer on VolunteerSpot starting tomorrow!
Upcoming meetings: Archery is tomorrow at Yurts of America. Costumers in February will be at the Willow Oaks Panera.

Barony of Sternfeld Business Meeting Minutes for 01/15/2015

Baronage - We have a Barony, it has not burned down. We gave out awards - they will be published in the Star.

Seneschal - Still need edits to the Awards section of the Baronial Bylaws. BWTA is February 7th - volunteer early and often, Gate will have cookies.

Chatelaine - We have a lot of new people recently.

Herald - We need voice heralds for BWTA. There will also be a consultation table at BWTA, run by Jerric. There are three people with names and devices at Laurel level.

Chronicler - There was a November/December Star. There will be a January Star published tomorrow. If you are submitting something - submit it tonight!

Exchequer - Bank Balance is $13,080.01 as of right now. Big checks for Krannert, feast advance for BWTA, etc. just went out. ACCEPS is open for BWTA.

Property Master - The sign project, polled for the first time last month, was brought up. A motion was raised to approve $400 for the sign project. Motion was seconded and passed second polling. Hoping to have a few of them done before BWTA.

Armored - We have not had practice recently (boo!).

Rapier Combat - No really, we haven't had practice recently. Hopefully we will on this upcoming Tuesday?

Archery - Archery happened this week.

Equestrian - Next practice is the first Sunday in February. Working on Games equipment. The insurance for the old site (in Mooresville) has been taken care of. The marshal has a lead on an alternate practice site and would like to start taking steps towards moving to this other site.

Chirurgeon - No report.

A&S - Nothing new to report at this time. The regional MOAS sent info for the BWTA A&S Faire.

Costumers - The 1st Thursday in February is Costumer's. A newcomer's garb gathering (with fittings, etc.) is being planned because of newcomers who are going to Pennsic this year. If you are interested, please contact Colette.

Cooks - Is this Sunday at Grainne's.

Dance - is now every month (2nd Thursday) at GPAC 6:30 to 8:30 PM. Colette is sharing duties with other callers. Those callers do more modern English Country Dances. We also have musicians who have started attending every month.

Ars Rustica - Seed catalogs and hatchery catalogs are in! Yay!

Web Minister - We have a website for BWTA. Simple Day site exists in draft form and Hadley and Antonio are working on getting something that can be published.

Prize Czar - She has prizes. If you need prizes, please give her information about 2 months ahead of time.

Youth (VACANT) - No report.

Recent and Upcoming Events

Better War Through Archery - Planning is going ok.

Baronial Yule - Went great. Looking for bids for 2016. It's easy - volunteer to run it! (If we keep growing like we have, we may have to find a bigger site. Over 90 attended!

Simple Day - July 3-5, 2015. Steward: Hadley of Sternfeld. Planning is ongoing.

Barony of Sternfeld Business Meeting Minutes for 12/18/2014

Baronage - Mateo Lopez won the Baronial Armored Championship and Bjorn Arnaldsson won the Rapier Armored Championship.

Seneschal - Holding off on voting on bylaws revisions until next month. The FFA has formally apologized for whatever is causing us to not come back for Simple Day in 2015.

Chatelaine - There's been several new people. Been busy. Looking at doing a new member's gathering, at least quarterly. Either to meet at her house or a restaurant or other public venue.

Herald - Someone got their name and device passed.

Chronicler - There will be a combined November/December issue of the Star.

Exchequer - Saldis is getting settled in and is going to work on reconciling bank statements.

Property Master - Ronan presented a proposal for six signs to use within an event site including an arrow that can be pointed. The proposal is for a budget of $363.25. A motion was made to approve $400 for the signs. First polling passed. Second polling in January.

Armored - We've been having Armored Combat at Fighter Practice. Going well.

Rapier Combat - We had one fighter authorize at Christmas Tournament.

Archery - The 17th was the last archery practice of 2014 and we are looking for sites to use in 2015. Please email Ysabel with ideas.

Equestrian - Insurance is being setup for 2015 practices. Practice will resume in February. Equipment for the games is being gathered and purchased.

Chirurgeon - No report.

A&S - Class list for BWTA is being assembled. Regional Arts and Sciences will also be at BWTA.

Costumers - We are looking to start earlier for the January Meeting. We've got a workday on Saturday at the Brownsburg Public Library. If you need help with a project, try and contact a costumer ahead of time to arrange help.

Cooks - Meeting is Sunday. There will be food.

Dance - There were 42 people at the Garfield Park English Country Dance. Working on getting live music for many of the upcoming dates. The Dancing is monthly in 2015.

Web Minister - Updates to BWTA site to be made, Yule site to come very soon. Simple Day website will be up by 1st of the year.

Prize Czar - Has prizes. If you need prizes for BWTA, let Grainne know.

Youth (VACANT) - We have lots of kids.

Recent and Upcoming Events

Better War Through Archery - We will have archery, classes, regional arts and sciences faire, and TRM will be present. Second polling for $150 for judges lunch was moved, seconded, and passed polling.

Baronial Yule - Site will be opening at noon. At St. Timothy's.

Simple Day - None.

Demos - None.

New Business - The loaner armor project is proceeding - we should get the results somewhat soon.

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