Officer Bios

Chronicler and Web Minister - Antonio Bellini

I am Antonio Bellini, a relative newcomer to the Barony of Sternfeld. My SCAdian interests are fairly wide ranging - I dabble in Brewing/Vinting/Cordialling, Middle Eastern Drumming, and Bardic, but I find myself usually trying to help keep things organized with events and fill in gaps when needed. Dance is probably the "medieval skill" that I have the most practice at, as my wife Colette is frequently the dancemistress at our events. We've got a semi-regular dance night at Garfield Park that gets publicized via the Sternfeld List and Fighter Practice announcements, if you are interested. We do English Country dance as well as some dances from other cultures (and some out-of-period dances, as well as SCA specific dances that don't appear in period).

I don't really have a persona yet, as I've always identified myself as "the mysterious stranger who follows Colette around", but I enjoy doing things with the Barony just the same. In addition to local events, we try to make it to at least a few events in other Baronies/Kingdoms each year, and I make it a point to go to Pennsic each year if I can possibly manage it. It is truly my home away from home. Though small details change each year, it's amazing to me how this town that only exists two weeks a year can have such a sense of place.

As Web Minister, I'm responsible for the website you are looking at right now. We have shared webspace that is provided by the Middle Kingdom - I just have to update the Sternfeld parts. The position is largely about communication, and not so much about technology. In particular, my goals have been to make sure that there is detailed information on all our activities available on the web and that updates are made in a timely fashion. I'm also responsible for most of the Event Websites for the events put on by the Barony of Sternfeld. As Chronicler, I publish the monthly newsletter of the Barony, The Sternfeld Star.

Outside of the SCA, I have a wide variety of interests, from Video Gaming (Console and PC both) to Reading (almost anything, but especially Science Fiction and Fantasy), to Music (almost anything, but I'm especially fond of Video Game Soundtracks - particularly those of JRPGs). I like to spend time with good friends, cook, and of course eat good food. In my day job I'm a Web Developer, which while it might sound similar is very different in practice from what I do for the Sternfeld site. In my spare time, I like to overuse parenthesis.

Minister of Arts and Sciences - Duncan Sinclair

I am Duncan Sinclair the Cordwainer, a relative newcomer compared to my lovely wife. My SCAdian interests are fairly wide ranging - I enjoy Leatherworking, Woodworking, Brewing/Vinting/Cordialling, Calligraphy/Illumination and Archery. Leatherwork is probably the "medieval skill" that I have the most practice at, followed by Archery. My woodworking uses modern tools and machinery, but I try to produce something that looks period.

My persona is a game keeper from 15th century Scotland. In addition to local events, we try to make it to at least a few events in other Baronies each year.

As your MOAS, I'm responsible for the encouraging and helping those practicing the more gentle Arts and Sciences. The position is largely about communication and my goal is to help you find the right person or source you need.

Outside of the SCA, I have a wide variety of interests, including fishing, shooting sports (rifle, shotgun, and pistol), reading, watching movies, and Amateur Radio (my call sign is KC9UVB). In my day job I'm a Business Integrator in Information Technology, which is like herding cats at times.

Seneschal - Lady Ysabel de la Zarza

Hello! I'm Ysabel de la Zarza, and I'm the group's seneschal (mundanely known as a president). My persona is usually a late 15th century Spanish lady, living during the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella and the exciting time of Spanish exploration in the new world. I chose my persona years ago based solely on the crazy and awesome clothes, and have begun to dig a lot deeper in the past few years. I love later-period styles, so I suffer a little from a mild case multiple persona disorder, occasionally fast-forwarding to the more ruff-y and structured late 16th century. I choose not to confuse myself and others by having an alter-ego and no one seems to mind. My main SCAdian obsessions are clothing and accessories.

Mundanely, I am a public historian specializing in 19th century American history, outreach, and project management; a mom that's obsessed with real food and cloth diapers; a seamstress-for-hire making historical costumes in miniature, and a local coordinator for a national au pair placement agency.

Clerk of the Roster - Lady Odile de Brienne

Lady Odile de Brienne, sometimes called Endormie. C'est moi! I'm the Sternfeld Roster Clerk, and it's my job to compile, maintain, and archive our Barony's roster, which is the directory of contact info and awards for current and former members of the Barony. I publish this roster via email quarterly, in April, July, October, and January, but in between times you can always contact me directly to update your listing or request a new copy.

I discovered the SCA in 1999, when I was fifteen and had no transportation and no time, and actually joined in February 2005 when I was out of school and found I had free time again. My activities in the ensuing eight years have been varied, including costuming and related textile arts (mostly 14th and 15th c. French and 8th c. Danish), literature, gaming, dancing, archery, armored combat (Oh so briefly! One day I will revisit this.), cooking (I have a laissez-faire relationship with period food), eating (here I have a deep and abiding relationship with period food), and animal husbandry (much to Ulfr's dismay). I've held a few offices at various times, both for Sternfeld (Property Master from Dec. 05-Apr. 08 and Chronicler from Nov. 09-Feb. 12), the Incipient Canton of Steorra Holt (Exchequer from Jul. 06-Jul. 08), and Constellation (MoAS from Nov. 11-present).

Odile, my persona, is the only daughter of a minor French nobleman in the years at the beginning of the Hundred Years' War. As a young woman she longed for adventure and romance, frequently stealing her brothers' clothes and passing herself off as her nonexistent teenaged brother Henri. Through a series of unlikely and no doubt fantastical events which she certainly does not fully understand (nor does anyone else), she wed a Dane who turned out to be five hundred years older than she. Fortunately, she has no idea of this, and their daughter Verun seems to have suffered no ill effects. These days she leads a somewhat more staid life, chasing a toddler and indulging in creative pursuits whenever possible.

Outside the SCA, I admin an old-school text-based RPG, knit copiously, try to read 60+ books a year, do stay-at-home-mom things, and plan the next trip I plan to take that isn't to Pennsic. Merci!

Equestrian Marshal - Lady Kiltigern MacClibarn

I am Lady Kiltigern MacClibarn the Equestrian Marshal. I joined the SCA in the 1990's, started heavy fighting, dabbled in rapier as well as many arts and sciences. I've owned a horse most of my life and have been participating in the Equestrian activities since the beginning. I took a break from the SCA as a whole for a while and since coming back became an equestrian marshal. I want to introduce the equestrian games to the populace and try to help people participate as much as they want to. Besides actually riding in the games there is also a need for people who are willing to reset games and add to the pageantry.

Exchequer - Signora Elisabetta Morosini di Mettenini

Signora Elisabetta Morosini di Mettenini is a late 15th century Florentine who has followed her second husband to the Midrealm and among other things, found her mother, whom she had been told long ago was dead. She is now enjoying and connecting with her newfound family. Elisabetta enjoys spending time with her children, sewing, and other fiber arts. She is starting to dabble in the kitchen.

Elisabetta is currently serving as the Barony's Chancellor of the Exchequer. Her goals include building up a solid electronic file of records for easy transition to the next officer, and implementing good and efficient Troll Procedures.

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