Food Options

Lunch Tavern

Lunch will be provided by the Shire of Cuil Cholium as a fundraiser for the Shire. Lunch will be run by Thora the Red, Master Johann von Metten, and Lord Shannon.

For $5:
Choice of Pollo d'Oro Soup (Chicken with Rice, Roots, Garlic, Onion, Herbs, Saffron) or Golden Borscht Soup
Bread and Butter
Cheddar Cheese
Fruit as Available
Lemonade, Hot Tea, or Coffee


A feast will be prepared by Cerridwynn nic Alister, more details on the feast page soon!

Nearby Food

For those who do not wish to eat feast or lunch, there are several nearby food options.

From Site, Heading West on Main Street:

Several options exist about 1/2 a mile away from site:
Pizza Hut
Pizza King
Happy Dragon (Asian)
Jack's Pizza (Hope you like Pizza!)

Continue West on Main Street until US 36 - turn right onto US 36, heading West:

Corky's (50's Dining)
Burger King

Farther West on US 36, in Danville town proper:

Dairy Queen
Franks Place (33 S Washington Street) (Italian)

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