Contact the Event Stewards

Please, no calls to staff after 9:00 PM Eastern Time.

Mistress Wulfwen atte Belle
Kathy Anderson
(317) 519-7676
Handling: Gate, Kitchen (Lunches and Feasts), A&S Setup and Teardown, Dancing, Camping, Promotions and Publications, Website, Interior Decorations

Mistress Moira MacGillavrey
Polly Redmond
(765) 860-2410
Handling: Merchants, Royalty Liason, Marshals, Heralds, Parking, Volunteers, Site Setup and Teardown, Youth Activities

Feast Steward

Master Llewellyn ap Teirnon
Mike Hobbs

Preregistration Steward (Gate)

Signora Elisabetta Morosini de Mettenini
Karen "Sunny" Briscoe

Merchant Liason

THL Margaret Elizabeth O'Monaghan
(Beth Montano)
(317) 293-5164
Please Use Subject line: Spring Crown Merchant

Equestrian Marshal-In-Charge

Kiltigern MacClibarn
(Amy Thompson)

Archery Marshals-In-Charge

Cecily O'Donell
(Blair Burns)
Ilza Erkskrozite
(Rachel Randall)
(360) 223-0224

Fencing Marshal-In-Charge

Moira Eiriksdottir
(Moira Chance)

Volunteer Coordinator

Cecily O'Donell
(Blair Burns)

Feast Entertainment Coordinator

Breddelwyn ap Taliesin
(Michael Peterson)
(317) 610-9445

Camping Coordinator

(Karen Foster)
(317) 883-9644

Dancing Coordinator

Colette the Seamstress
(Alice Smith-Goeke)
(317) 456-2099

Setup and Teardown

Lord Rurik the Red
(Thaine Briscoe)

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