Registration and Fees

Preregister online via ACCEPS at this link! Alternately, mail your preregistration in with the form at this link.Preregistration closes Tuesday, May 20th, so get your registration in now! Save time and money by preregistering! The more people preregister, the faster Gate moves!

Event Fees (Preregistration):

Adult Site: 2 days (FMAX) ***ages 18 and over$ 15.00
Adult Site: 1 day (FMAX) ***ages 18 and over$ 10.00
Child Site: 2 days (FMAX)ages 6 to 17$ 7.00
Child Site: 1 day (FMAX)ages 6 to 17$ 5.00
Minor Site (FMAX)ages 5 and under$ 0.00
Adult Feastages 18 and over$ 12.00
Child Feastages 6 to 17$ 6.00
FMAX => means the fee counts towards the family max amount of $ 40.00
*** => means that non-members pay an additional $ 5 NMS Fee

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