Equestrian Practice

Equestrian Practices for 2014 will be held on the schedule below. Practice is presided over by Lady Kiltigern MacClibarn. Although many are the first Sunday of the Month, not all are on Sunday and not all are the first Sunday.

UPDATE: Practices will continue through the winter! HOOBAH!

Starting around 2pm, but may shift as necessary to avoid the hottest parts of the day. June through September may be 6pm to avoid the hottest part of the day, but it will depend on what works best for everyone.

Location: 1401 Market Street, Martinsville, IN 46151

To ride at the practice you must already know how to catch, groom and saddle a horse without help. There are some rental horses here for $10 a session. You may bring your own horse, but the property does not allow stallions due to liability issues. If you want to take lessons to learn the horse basics contact Lady Kiltigern MacClibarn for more information. Everyone will take a turn at riding and at resetting games.

Anyone may come and ask questions, help groom horses or resetting the games.

Children are allowed and under current rules, those over 5 may ride with a parent present. All children need to be under supervision.

Tentative 2014 Schedule
The January Equestrian Practice has been cancelled. See you in February!
February 2nd - Spear Throwing
February 23rd - Mounted Archery
April 6th - Heads
May 11th - Reeds
June 1st - Rings
July Equestrian Practice is Cancelled!
August 17th - Quintian
September 7th - Pig Sticking and Birja
October 5th - Tippet Tag
November 2nd - Buzkashi

There is not a rain plan, but there is a small indoor arena there, so we can move indoors for some of the practices and keep everything to a walk. Everyone is welcome, I can deal with a lack of knowledge and skill, but anyone who causes dangerous situations for others may be asked to leave or dismount.

You can contact Lady Kiltigern MacClibarn with questions at equestrian@sternfeld.org

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