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Coursing of the Royal Hounds of the Middle Kingdom

Coursing of the Royal Hounds of the Middle Kingdom (lure coursing) is a recreation of an activity that was used in the middle ages to simulate the hunt and keep the hunting pack in shape. The packs consisted of several different breeds of hounds who all hunted different types of game.
In the current Middle Ages, Coursing is open to any healthy hound who will chase a lure. Gentles wishing to course their hound for the first time must provide proof of vaccinations, should not feed their hound at least 6hrs before the course (to prevent bloat), give water only sparingly, and females in season (heat) should not be brought to the field.

Gaming and Bacon Party

What's good? Period gambling!
What could make it better??? COOKIES!!!
Better still???
Increasing the awesomeness of last years Friday night "Bacon Party"
Bring your swag to wager.
Some cookies to share (not store bought please, if at all possible. Though I do like me some Oreo's. Real ones! Not those mint, peanut butter, yellow or (gasp!) Watermelon abominations)
And OR some BACONY GOODNESS! Also to share.

State Dinner Fundraiser

Join us for a Delightful way to Stay cool and Help Support Your Kingdom!
In support of the State Dinner held at Pennsic by TRM's Lucien and Catarina, we have prepared delightful and refreshing Shaved Ices with amazing flavors like Pure Orange, Andlecrag Grape, Luscious Lemon Ginger, "Mazing Mohito (Lime and Mint), Sweet Rose, Happy Hibiscus, Perfect Pear and more. All prepared with the finest ingredients by Middle Kingdom food artisans.
Only $2 for a generous serving, all proceeds go to support the State Dinner.
Baked Goods will be offered as available.
Located conveniently near the list fields!
If you wish to donate baked goods, please send prewrapped (think $1 value) and labelled items to Simple Day attention (904) 525-0870 Kateline Crowe - MKA Kat Anlage. For any questions please contact Dame Hauviette d'Anjou (Channon Mondoux) at 269-547-0339

The Middle Kingdom takes care of its Own, Part Deux

As you may have heard, so many items were donated to help our Kingdom member dealing with HIV, that we have quite a few left. These are items that either arrived after the prior auction or were not sold in the crush of items that was sold at Kingdom Arts and Sciences. These items include everything from jewelry to silk. Cash, check and credit cards will be accepted. Donations day of are also graciously accepted.

2nd Annual BACON PARTY!

Following dinner tavern on Saturday Night, there will be a Bacon Party! Please bring a bacon-containing dish to share, or cookies! (Or bacon-containing cookies!)

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