Armored Combat

FRIDAY EVENING - at dusk, approximately 9:00 PM, on the battlefield

Friday night the Barony of Sternfeld will host a torch light tourney. The theme for this tourney in honor of our King will be a double elimination Holmgang tourney.  The prize for such mighty warrior will be a Hand Forged Dane ax made by the hands of the most talented Faydwynn Randve.

The format is as follows:
The ring will be a 12 ft circle, should you step out of the circle you have fallen off the edge of the world and it will be counted as a loss.

The tourney is has weapon and shield restrictions as follows:
Short spear and center grip round
Ax and center grip round
Two handed Dane ax
These are the only weapons allowed, there will be 2 extra shield and weapons available should you not have the equipment easily on hand.

This is a contest of skill and not a contest of who is the biggest. You will not be allowed to push your opponent out of the circle, if you can arrange it so they step out on their own, that is another thing, If you physically push your opponent from the circle the fight will reset and start again, do it 3 times and you forfeit the bout.

The finalists should have a boast prepared to deliver to the populace in attendance.

Viking / Heroic age kits are encouraged but not required.

We hope to see everyone there and ready to please the eye of Odin with the skill and daring. If there are any questions concerning the tourney or the format you may contact the host : Sgt Galen the Traveller @ 865-293-6352 (no calls after 9pm please) or via email at this link.


Inspections and Authorizations - 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM

Castle and Field Rez Battle - 11:15 AM to 12:00 Noon

Two 15-minute rez battles. One side will start inside the castle, the other in the open field. There will be two capture points demarked by a wall.
One point will be inside the castle, the other in the open field. Control of each point will be determined at the end of the battle.
“Control” means that one side has the point completely covered and uncontested. We will not be timing control. The side that controls both points at the end of the battle wins.

Holds will not stop the clock (Unless there is an injury, injury holds will stop the clock). All holds will be general.

Combat archery and thrown weapons will be allowed. Siege weapons too.

There will be no fighting over (or through) the castle walls. Arrows and thrown weapons must be fired in an arc as though the walls were 10 feet high.

If a point is contested when time is called, we will define a 9-foot diameter circle around the point. All soldiers within are alive, all without are dead. The living soldiers will then fight until only one side remains, no rez.

Unbelt Practice and Pickups – 12:00 Noon to 12:30 PM

Lunch Break – 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM

Field Battles - 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM

No crazy rules here. We’ll run five (or more) straight field battles.
First two – Projectiles weapons allowed; siege included.
Next Three – No Projectiles
If everyone’s having fun, and we’ve got time, we can keep running field battles with or without Projectiles.

Battle of Stamford Bridge 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Two, 30-minute, modified rez battles.
On side A, each soldier will have 2 resurrections.
Side B will have no resurrections until the 15-minute mark. At 15 minutes, “reinforcements will arrive.” All dead soldiers on Side B may rejoin the fight.
Victory Conditions
Side A – Get across the bridge, kill all of the enemy.
Side B – Do not let Side A across, kill all of them.
Holds will be general, and they will stop the clock.
No projectile weapons. No siege weapons either.

Bonus points to the crazy guy who tries to defend the bridge solo with a Dane axe!

I can use any and all volunteers. Meet up on the field at 09:00 to go over basic battle-plan for the day.

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