Arts and Sciences

Arts & Science Display theme will be "Then and Now"
We hope that many of you will participate in this special arts and science venue.
The idea is to show how far you have come as individual scholars and artisans and we as a society.
Example - picture of the garb you first you made (or the actual garb if you are sentimental like me and keep that kind of stuff) and garb you are making now.
Example - pictures of your first consumable period dish or reviews of it and that dish now.
Please include a write up of what you have learned between then and now in regards to this project.

We will be having a two different A&S challenges for the "Then and Now" Theme:

Novice A&S Challenge - judged by the populace bean count and Laurels.
This challenge is for those participants that have not won a challenge before.

Champion A&S Challenge - judged by populace bean count.
This challenge is for those participants that have won a challenge before.
For more information on Arts and Sciences Display and Challenges - please contact Solveig Thorgilsdottir (Be Girard). Email Link!

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