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Site Opens Friday, July 5th at 4 PM
Site Closes PROMPTLY at noon on Sunday, July 7th

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Simple Day Map

Registration - Information on costs for the event, plus link to the preregistration system.

Directions - How to get to the event site.

Lodging - On-Site Lodging Options

Food - Information on Feast, and also suggestions of nearby restaurants for those who do not wish to eat feast or lunch tavern.

Schedule - Schedule for the day.

Contact Us - How to contact the autocrat or various department heads.

The Bead Rescue Project:

A number of beads, much like those from 600 - 1600 AD have begun to show up at SCA events. A dedicated group of beadmakers and friends have taken it upon themselves to help find and educate those who would provide a loving home for these beads.
Beads will be released across the event site throughout the day. If you should find a bead, please take it to The Bead Rescue Project Table, to learn more about your bead and its history, get a cord to wear your bead on and even get your picture taken to put on our website!
We do ask that you only "find" one bead, as only a handful of beads are released at any given event.
Please visit our website at or our facebook page at this link for more information! (Note from the webminister: Please note that neither of these sites are officially endorsed by the SCA.)

This is a wet site!

Smoking is not allowed onsite except at the one smoking area. Please ask troll for directions if you are a smoker.

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