Food Options

Breakfast (Saturday Morning)

Info coming soon!

Breakfast (Sunday Morning)

Info coming soon!

Lunch (Saturday)

Lunch will be a fare of Hamburgers, All Beef Hot Dogs, Chips, Vinegar based Cole Slaw, Tea, Ice Water, and Lemonade. Lunch will be grilled and served adjacent to the battlefield, or see one of the lunch urchins roaming around site with a lunch cart.
A large quantity of lunch will be available for purchase on site.
A plate lunch will cost $5, and will consist of:
1 Hamburger or 1 Cheeseburger or 2 All Beef Hot Dogs
Cole Slaw
Bottomless Mug of Tea, Ice Water, or Lemonade.

Additional Hamburgers or Cheeseburgers will be available for $2 each
Additional Hot Dogs will be available for $1 each
Cans of soda will be available for 50 cents

Vegetarian Option:
We will have a limited number of vegetarian burgers available on site. If you would like a vegetarian burger reserved, please email to place your order, this will help ensure that we have enough vegetarian options available for all.

Feast (Saturday Night)

See the Feast Page for menu, ingredients, and more!

Nearby Food

For those who do not wish to eat feast or lunch, there are several nearby food options.

From Site, Heading West on Main Street:

Several options exist about 1/2 a mile away from site:
Pizza Hut
Pizza King
Happy Dragon (Asian)
Jack's Pizza (Hope you like Pizza!)

Continue West on Main Street until US 36 - turn right onto US 36, heading West:

Corky's (50's Dining)
Burger King

Farther West on US 36, in Danville town proper:

Dairy Queen
Franks Place (33 S Washington Street) (Italian)

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