Lodging Options

Air Conditioned Accommodations available!!!

Greetings from the lodging coordinator for Simple Day. This year, we have several housing options available. Lodge Rooms have a shared bathroom down the hall. Each group of 3 cabins has both a mens and a women's bath house with several showers in each.

4 person lodge rooms: $60 per night

These rooms have two bunk beds (two top and bottom) and are air conditioned, with a shared bathroom down the hall.

Please contact the lodging coordinator to reserve these rooms. They cannot be reserved through ACCEPS and are being offered to department heads and volunteers working 8 or more hours on a first-come first-served basis. Payment is due within 10 days of reserving the room to hold them. Any unsold lodge rooms will be opened up to the general populace beginning in April, so volunteers are encouraged to get their reservations in and sign up for our volunteer time early!

30 person Cabins: $8 per person per night

These can be reserved for each night through the ACCEPS site. (Please contact the lodging coordinator if you would like to send a check for cabin space instead of using the ACCEPS site.)

If you are camping with a household or group and would like to reserve space together, please contact me with the names and number of people who will be in the group. As long as cabin space holds out, we will reserve spots together. Groups camping together will be expected to utilize both top and bottom bunks in your area of the cabin (i.e. an equal number of each or within 1 of that number). You can contact me at: macgillavrey@gmail.com Please have all members of a group rooming together register with the ACCEPS system before the event. Otherwise, you take what you get when you get there.

Tents: $4 per tent per night

Please see the camping map when you check in at troll.

Ground fires only allowed in already existent fire rings. Bring your own wood - please be aware that the FFA Leadership Center is located in Johnson County, which is under Emerald Ash Borer quarantine. Any wood brought into the facility must be purchased within Johnson County.

Baroness Moira MacGillavrey
Land agent for Simple Day XXXII

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