Information for Merchants:

Greetings from the Merchant Liaison, Margaret O'Monaghan.

All merchants must register prior to June 21st in order to have space. There is no deposit this year, however we are asking merchants to donate a prize for the various tourneys to be held during the day.

If you would like to sell your wares at Simple Day, please send the following information to Email with SIMPLE DAY MERCHANT in the subject line.

Name (Mundane)
Name (SCA)
Business Name
Tent Size
Contact Information (address, phone, email)

Please note: You are responsible for the set up and tear down of your own space. If you need help, please make arrangements in advance. Your merchant space must be cleared no later than 10:00 AM on Sunday. Any merchant not cleared by that time will not be able to set up next year.

THL Margaret Elizabeth O'Monaghan
Merchant Liaison, Simple Day 2013

Merchants Confirmed So Far:

Xenon the Nebulus
Viking Archery
Winged Rose
Master Phillippe
Dragon Skin Leather
Giggling Wenches/ al'Jafar garage sale
House of Chaos
Roma Wear

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