Rapier Information

As usual we're looking for any marshals who don't plan on fighting to help out with some of the larger activities. Please contact Bjorn Arnaldsson if you are interested in helping.

Cookie Tourney - On Friday night we will once again be running the cookie tourney. Each fighter that signs up will get 10 tokens. Every time you fight you and your opponent each wager 1 or more tokens. The winner of the fight will receive the tokens. Should you run out of tokens you can purchase another 5 for $1. (All proceeds will go to the Royal Travel fund.) Audience members will receive 3 tokens at sign up and may also purchase tokens at 5 for $1. They may then make make wagers with other members on the outcome of the fights they watch.

At any point in time you may trade tokens for cookies to give you energy for your fighting and wagering. A tally will be kept of tokens you exchange because at the end of the evening the person who has traded in the most tokens will receive the grand prize! Will you earn it by buying tokens, wagering, or simply killing everyone you fight?

Fountain of Neptune Melee

Two influential Italian families have both laid claim to the Fountain of Neptune in Rome. When the rumor spreads that one of the families plans to carve their family crest on the center statue both groups take to the streets to make sure that their claim is the one to be recognized.

This rez battle will feature a circle in the middle of the field that represents the fountain. In the center of the fountain will be the flag each side is trying to gain possession of. The rest of the "fountain" is filled with water so only knee walking will be allowed inside the perimeter of the fountain. A marshal will be tracking how long either side is in possession of the flag to see who has had enough time to carve their families crest.

DFB will be active. The fighting around the outside of the fountain should get interesting. RBGs will be used. No limit on the number of arms/ammunition. There should be plenty of sitting ducks in that fountain. NO shooting towards someones back.

While spectators are always welcome this scenario will be moved further into the field so stray shot doesn't reach out of the list. Any marshals who volunteer to help must make sure they have eye protection. We may have all marshals wear their masks and have them all marked with plenty of yellow tape so they will not be confused with combatants.

Depending on the number of people involved we will run this scenario multiple times to allow breaks for gathering ammo and reloading.

Pennsic Rapier Champions Practice - The Pennsic Rapier Champions will be holding the field during the Open List hour in the afternoon. Everyone is encouraged to come out and challenge our champions to ensure that they are in top form for Pennsic.

Youth Rapier - During the Open List/Champions fights in the afternoon we will have all adult fighters who are authorized to fight youth wear some special tape. After signing in with the youth rapier marshal the youth may seek out those fighters as they hold the list.

Rapier War Practice - On Saturday Afternoon the Midrealm Army Rapier Commander will be in charge of several battle scenarios.


Friday Evening:

10:00 PM to 12:00 AM - Friday Night Cookie Tourney and Authorizations


9:00 AM to 10:30 AM - Authorizations and Open List
10:30 AM - Rapier List Closed During Morning Court
11:00 AM to 12:00 PM - Fountain of Neptune Melee
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM - Rapier Field Closed for Lunch
1:00 PM to 2:00 PM - Pennsic Rapier Champions / Open List / Youth Rapier
2:00 PM to 3:30 PM - Rapier War Practice
4:00 PM - Rapier List Closes

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