Thrown Weapons

Simple Day is proud to have a thrown weapons range to be open at approximately 9:00 AM on Saturday.

The Thrown Weapon Range will holding a Novice Tourney to start at 11:00 AM.

This tourney is open for anyone that has not won a tourney prior.

The tourney will be consist of the following rounds -
-2 rounds on a circle target
-1 bonus round on a fence post target
The prize for this tournament will be a set of handmade throwing knives!


This will be held at the range starting at 1:00 PM on Saturday

Round 1: three axes into a round target...1 point for a stick, 2 points for white and 3 points for red.

Round 2: three axes into a quartered target pick your color Red, Blue, Black or Yellow. Three points for each stick into your selected color. Loss of one throw for hitting the wrong color.

Round 3: three axes into a three by ten inch slot...axes in the slot score three points...outside the slot are zero

Round 4: three axes at a three inch circle striking axes must stick and will score three points.

Round 5: (if needed) Matching throws...axes must be within two inches of the first axe in the target.

Score will be checked after each round...low score dropping out

Maximum 12 people so show up early to sign up.

We will have a hurlbat out there as a prize for this tourney - provided anyone but Master Gailen can do it.

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