This Event Needs Volunteers!

Thanks to the Sternfelders who have already volunteered--we appreciate it! But we still need additional volunteers to make this event happen.

How Volunteering Works...

If you are working 6 or more hours at this event (or are a department head) and sign up ahead of time, your site fee is free - see check-in procedure below. (Note: at most events we comp for 4 hours of service but this event is longer and the Barony has to pay the event site per person, including volunteers.) We greatly appreciate people who step in and fill needs on the day of, but we need to have the majority of our volunteer force arranged before the event happens! If you plan to volunteer, please contact the volunteer coordinator and sign up for specific shifts so we have coverage!

Volunteer Check-In Procedure

If you are on the volunteer schedule for 6 hours or more, please do not go through Troll when you arrive on site in the morning! Instead, you will take your site fee and membership card (or non member surcharge) to the Volunteer Coordinator, who will collect the site fee (and NMS if applicable) from you and hold them until you return a signed volunteer time card showing 6 hours of service. If you forget and pay your site fee at Troll, it cannot be returned to you except by check, so please do not overlook this step!

Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator to express your interest in any positions!

If the spreadsheet at the bottom of the page doesn't load, you can use this link to view the volunteer schedule. Please note that there are separate tabs for Troll and Royalty Retaining.

Volunteer Coordinator

Moira Eiriksdottir
Moira Chance
(317) 460-7334

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