We are pleased to present:

Melee in the Woods V

Dates: May 4 - 6

*** NEW SITE!!! ***
Our new site has more parking!

French Commons
Willow Street & 3rd Street
Vincennes, IN, 47591

Click here to see a site map.

Site & Tent Camping

$5.00 per day OR
$10.00 full weekend (Adults)

$3.00 (Youth ages 6-12)
Free for infants to age 5
  $25.00 Family Limit
Feast $10.00 pre-registered
$12.00 after April 20th
Half price up to age 12
Babes in arms free
Prices do not include non-member surcharge.
Please make checks payable to: SCA, Inc. - Shire Stonecroft

Martial Activities

Light (Rapier)
Heavy Weapons
  • Woods and Field Melees
  • Classes
  • Woods and Field Melees
Arts & Sciences Activities
Token Cup: Wood in Any Medium
  • Basket Weaving
  • Spinning
  • Beginning Embroidery
  • Page School: "Basic Kitchen Help"
    Maximum 4 students, age 8 and up
    Topics: Basic Measurements, Kitchen Safety, Food Safety
    No charge, no supplies needed. Please only attend if willing & able to pay attention!
  • Additional Classes TBA
Other Activities
  • Feast presented by Lord Cú Chonnacht Ó Tighearnáin
  • Merchants

Site opens at 5:00 PM Friday, and closes at Noon Sunday.

Schedule of Events (All on Central Time!)
Friday 5:00 pm Troll Opens
2:00 am Troll Closes
Saturday 8:00 am Troll Opens
9:00 am A&S Token Cup Opens for Entries (until 11 am)
Heavy Inspections / Authorizations (until 11 am)
Fencing Inspections / Authorizations (until 10 am)
10:00 AM

Fencing Inspections / Authorizations End

Melee Tactics Class by Baron Adam Corwyn (10 - 10:45)
Rapier Melee Games (10:50 - noon)

11:00 am

A&S Token Cup Closes for Entries, Opens for Populace Count (until 3pm)
Heavy List Closes

Basket Weaving Class

12:00 NOON


Thrown Weapons Opens (until 3pm)

1:00 PM

Heavy Melee List Opens for Assorted Melees (until 3 pm)

Constellation Regional Rapier Champion Tourney (CRRCT) (until 2:30)

2:00 PM (2:45) Kingdom Rapier Champions Team Practice / Try-Outs
3:00 PM

Troll Closes
Heavy List Closes
A&S Voting Ends
Unsold Feast Tickets Go on Sale

Page School: Basic Kitchen Help

4:00 PM Rapier list open for pickups (until 4:30)
(4:30) Rapier list closes
5:00 PM Court (if royalty attends)
6:30 PM Feast (may be moved earlier if court is not held)
Following feast, hall will remain open for bardic and dancing until midnight
Sunday 11:00 am Site closes


On the Table
Focaccia, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, parmesan cheese, olives, salad

First Remove
Polla con L'Agrume e L'Aglio, Spaghetti Limone
Chicken roasted with citrus and garlic, spaghetti with lemon sauce

Second Remove
Arrosto di Maiali con il Giardiniera, Casseruola dei Piselli
Roasted pork with Italian giardiniera, casserole of spring peas

Third Remove
Fettucine con le Cipolle e la Salsiccia Dolci, Verdure Arrostite
Fettucine with sweet onions and sausage, roasted vegetables

Gelato Limone con Pizzelles
Lemon gelato and Italian cookies

Send dietary inquires and restrictions to the Feastocrat. A vegetarian alternative will be available for those who pre-register.

Site Info:
  1. Site is VERY, VERY discreetly damp. Absolutely no visible containers of any kind.
  2. Only service animals are allowed. - Please let us know in advance if you are bringing any!
  3. Parking is NOT available in the camping areas, but vehicles can drive up to the camping sites for unloading / loading purposes.
  4. Please patrol your campsite after packing and dispose of all trash in the available dumpsters.
  5. Please make sure all cigarette butts are disposed of and not on the ground.
  6. Please keep track of your children. This is a wooded area and can be hazardous for small children.
  7. Use your smarts when making fires and lighting lanterns. Keep water or an extinguisher nearby and extinguish all flames when leaving camp.

Approaching Vincennes from the East on Hwy 50
As you approach Vincennes follow the signs to Hwy 41 south. Take the second
exit of of Hwy 41 this will bring you to Willow St. Turn right. Parking will be about two miles on your left.

Approaching Vincennes from the South on Hwy 41
Take the first Vincennes exit to Willow St. Turn left parking will be on the left approximately 2 miles.

Approaching Vincennes from the North on Hwy 41
Option 1
Stay on Hwy 41 till the last Vincennes exit this will be for Willow St. After the exit turn right parking will be on the left approximately 2 miles from the hwy.

Option 2
Use 6th St. exit. Hwy. 41 will actually turn into 6th St. on the North end of town. Follow 6th Street through town till you encounter Willow St. Turn Right, parking will be on the left approximately 2 blocks.

Approaching Vincennes from the Southeast on Hwy 61
Follow Hwy 61 to its intersection with 6th St. Turn left onto 6th St. and follow it to the intersection with Willow St. Turn right, parking will be on the left approximately two blocks.

Google Map can also give you door-to-door directions from your location.


Lady Alys of Dale
Paige Miller

(812) 644-7161
Email: apmiller @ rtccom.net

Heavy Marshall

Sir Robert FitzHugh of Bonnockburn
Bruce Stewart

(618) 559-0170
Email: bstew313 @ hotmail.com
Rapier Marshall
Lady Christina Noëlle, AOA
Terri Layman

Email: terrilyn @ insightbb.com
Lady Alys of Dale
Paige Miller
7574 S 250 E
Washington, IN 47501

(812) 644-7161
Email: apmiller @ earthlink.net
Lord Cú Chonnacht Ó Tighearnáin
Chris Coffey

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Email: ChrisCoffey @ charter.net

Merchant Liason
Lady Bevin ni Bruic
Kristin Moran

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