The Shire of Swordcliff proudly presents:
Rogue's Day

Shake off Winter's grip and let your inner rogue shine through! Join the Shire of Swordcliff for a day of fun and merriment as we present Rogue's Day.

Roll the bones and try your luck at our games and tournaments, feed your mind with our classes, and feed your body with a sumptuous tavern style feast.

This year we are featuring a Rapier newbie tournament, a combination heavy/rapier tournament, and of course the return of the Bar Room Brawl melee for both heavy and rapier!

Fabulous prizes for all tournaments! Heavy and Rapier fighting will be inside, archery and thrown weapons outside pending weather.


Saturday March 30, 2013 9AM-9PM



Feast Steward: - Gillian Amberden


**A&S Activities/Classes**

(Schedule coming soon! - Will be going on before and after lunch!)
  1. "Learn a Tune by Ear: slow session and discussion" with Lady Meredith Smythe

  2. "Make a Game Board" with Lady Mwynwen Yginidd Called Strawberry
    1. Nard (& Backgammon)
    2. Nine man Morris
    3. Hneftafl (Tablut)(Tawlbrydd)
    4. Game of the Goose
    5. Alquerques (same board Hounds and Hares)
    6. Gluckshaus (while tokens to play with will be supplied you can use this board with coins)
    7. Parchisi
    8. Draughts (Checkers)
    9. Warri (Mancala)
    10. Shut the box




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