Shire of Swordcliff


Baroness Wars I, sponsored by the baronies of Ayreton, Carraig Ban, Illiton, and Shattered Crystal and proudly hosted by the Shire of Swordcliff at the Feast of St Ethyl. Bring out the regions finest with your heavy, rapier, archery, thrown weapons, and A&S skills! There will also be a known region party, children's activities, and of course a chance for you to show off your love for the Midlands. Plenty of fighting will be on hand with both tournaments and melees as the baronies battle it out for supremacy over three days in the heart of the Midlands! There is a pool! This is a wet site! Pets welcome! (double check with autocrat for unique animals)

A&S Activities

Contact Lady Mwynwen Ysginidd Called Strawberry for details

Illiton A&S Display

The Barony of Illiton will be showcasing the works of their cooking guild and scribal guild throughout the day.

Silent Auction (10am-4pm)

The Barony of Shattered Crystal will be sponsoring a silent auction to help offset the medical costs of one of our own. Lady Strawberry and Baroness Caroline are coordinating.

YOGA CLASS (8:30am)

Start your day off right with a yoga class, beginners welcome! Taught by Baroness Nadezda.


A beginners thrown weapons class taught by Forester Gailen. Loaner equipment will be available!


Build a on sight a Siege Engine using popsicle sticks and rubber bands Think ahead. Prizes for~ Best design and Best distance

GARB A STUFFY (2:30pm)

Garb a Stuffy use one of ours or bring your own. Cloth and trims will be provided. Glue gun and sewing stuff as well.


Design a piece of feat gear. Using Glass paints and clear glass flat wear or goblets. You get to decorate feat gear. Pieces will be available for $2 to cover their cost. You can make as many as you want but only one piece can be entered in the contest. Think ahead, Bring drawn Ideas.

There are no age restriction of any of these activities Younger children will require adult supervision and possible help as per SCA requirements.


Combination of Junkyard Wars and Chopped, Scribal Style. Each "contestant" will get a bag of items, mostly modern household items, and then be given 2 hours to create a scribal item from that bag.

The Chopped part comes in that the contestants would also have use of the general "pantry" that will be provided.