Shire of Swordcliff


~Corn Shucking Contest~

Before we can have a corn boil, we have to have a corn shuck! Saturday afternoon, anyone can enter, winner receives a PRIZE!

~Artisanal Butter Competition~

Do you make butter? Do you just make butter better with your own secret recipe? Bring it to the corn boil! Bring enough to share! Winner judged by populous vote.

~Merchants row~

Stop, browse, shop! If you're interested in merchanting, contact the merchant liaison for more information (no merchant fee!)

~After Party~

Across the street from the corn boil potluck, William, Yoder, and Immanuel will be reprising their famous meat night party. Stop in for a snack, the bar will be open!

~Vigial for Warder Maire AND Forester Gailen~

South of the Expo hall, near the battlefield, lies an oasis of peace and reflection. Stop in and visit the vigil tents, give or receive advice, witness the birth of TWO new peers.

~Equestrian Activities~

There are several barns available but fences/stalls will not be set up in them so you must bring your own. The site does not have a disposal area for waste/bedding but we will have temporary storage available for it. Everyone attending the event must sign the equestrian waiver. Please direct questions to Mistress Alphia birs Parz

~Hound Coursing~

Coursing will be inside one of the barns with field inspection beginning at 9:00am, 10:00am begins inspection of hounds and start of runs. We encourage anyone with a dog to come and course with us as well as spectators to come and watch. We could also use some extra hands to help hold/handle and walk dogs after their run... so, the more the merrier! All hounds MUST provide written proof of vaccination! Please contact Lady Giuliana Lucia Solari with any questions.


10:00amEvent Planning and Paperwork for Exchequers
We will go over a recommended checklist of things you may need to do, along with a timeline in which to get them done, preparing a budget, working with ACCEPS, and completing the Event and NMS reports. Handouts available for 15. Signora Elisabetta Morosini di Mettenini, Kingdom Deputy Exchequer for Training.
11:00amEnough Ale to Fill Up the Sea
A look at brewing and drinking in England 600 to 1600 AD. Lord Oswyn Swann.
11:00amLatin Smack Talk
Learn the art of insults in Latin! Good fun both on and off the the field. Lady Jael Ben Ari.
12:00pmPost-Pennsic A&S Show & Tell Luncheon
What A&S inspired you at Pennsic? Did you learn a new skill or pick up a new hobby that you’re looking forward to trying? Did you buy any new equipment or materials that you can’t wait to use? For those who didn’t make it to Pennsic, what projects have you been working on? What would you like to learn from those who were there? Sit with us at lunch and share what you’ve learned, seen, or done lately in an informal setting. Then, let’s take it forward and turn those experiences into next steps for future projects.
1:00pmYouth Class: Games of the Period
This class is open to people of all ages, but kids are especially welcome. We'll play games that were common during the Middle Ages. Lady Strawberry.
1:00pmRunning the Gate for Exchequers
We will learn how to use the new required forms, and other things you may need to run gate smoothly. Handouts available for 15. My time is flexible, but I would like to have a break between classes if that is possible. Signora Elisabetta Morosini di Mettenini, Kingdom Deputy Exchequer for Training.
2:00pmYouth Class: Stick Weaving
Learn how to weave with sticks! This class is open to people of all ages, but kids are especially welcome. Baroness Caroline.
2:00pmBasic Card Weaving
A class in basic card weaving. We will use large yarn so you can see actually what is happening. I will have supplies. Stop by if you want to learn from the beginning, or even if you know how to card weave. We will study just what happens and make samples of the different twists. You will gain a deeper understanding of just what happens and go home with your samples. THL Corasande.
3:00pmYouth Class: Glass Painting & Storytelling
Depending on the interests of those who attend, we may do a little glass painting, and maybe tell a story or two. Baroness Caroline & Lady Starwberry.
3:30pmYouth Class: Making Butter
This class is geared to kids but all are welcome. Make butter for your corn! THL Corasande.