Shire of Swordcliff



8:00 PM, Badass Baroness tourney. (Torchlight) Any Baroness or Royal Peer, landed or not, may present a Champion to Forward their name. This will be a double Elimination Tournament. Want an Itty Bitty sip of what it’s like to fight in Crown? Find a Baroness, and ask for the very great honor of fighting for her.


9:00 AM: (Suck it up. Small price to pay for Glory in front of your King and Queen) List opens. Inspections authorizations, and pickups for the hungry. Rapier and Rattan.
10:00 AM: By Royal Decree, the Terrible and beautiful wrath of the Great Baronesses Illiton and Carriag Ban will be quenched by Combat. Each Baroness will forward their claims with hand-picked champions of Rapier and Rattan so that our Sovereigns may judge the principle truth of the matter.
11:00 AM: Cut and Thrust Tournament and Midlands Regional Rattan Champion Tournament. A copy of the formal challenge for the Regional champion’s tourney is here.

1:00 PM to 4:00 PM Melee Scenarios for Rattan and Rapier.
A series of scenarios will be set up, the two disciplines will be occurring simultaneously and we will rotate scenario fields through the day.


Classic Open field Battles: Run five times. Don’t bother taking your helmet off between rounds.

Classic Bridge Battle: Last Man Standing, no Resurrections. Run three times. (don’t bother taking your helmet off between rounds)

Classic Castle Battle: One side will defend for time, the other will attack, unlimited resurrections. The sides will then switch places.

Grand Melee: Fighters will be divided into Four Companies and assemble, armed at all points, upon the four corners of the List field. These four Companies will be given a name of Peerless worth to be used as their battle cry. These names shall be:

At the call, these Companies, spurred on by the Nobility and Splendor of their Battle cries, will deliver Knightly blows upon their fellows.
When a fighter has been struck thrice, they will quit the field. They are then free to rejoin the fray immediately.
The combat will continue until all are satisfied, or until Their Majesties call us to other duties.

Special Notes:
1. For this scenario, there will be NO acting out of blows. You will NOT kneel in the dust, and you will not lose a limb.
2. When struck, cry loudly the number of the blows you have received.
3. The number of your counted blows does NOT depend on engagement. You keep the count until you are bested, at which time you quit the field and then may return with a fresh count.
4. Lustfully deliver your respective battle cries to reform with your fellows or declare your defiance to others.
5. After you have been bested, and you have quit the field, you may return at any time of YOUR choosing, be that immediately, or after you have refreshed yourself.
The opportunity to do Great Deeds in the presence of your Sovereigns is more precious than gold. I admonish you to understand this rare gift, and prepare yourself so that the Middle Kingdom, and Chivalry may be richly served.
Should you have questions regarding the Rattan Combat, contact Sir Robert Downey. For Rapier questions, Please contact Lord Kurro Ookami.

Youth Combat



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