Shire of Swordcliff

Midlands Regional Heavy Championship

Unto all Barons, Knights, Squires, and Men of Coat armor who be not enemies of the King our Lord do I, Robert Downey, Knight and Baron of the Court of Bardolph and Brigh II send greetings.

It pleases our Great Sovereigns to allow their agents and clerks to divide the Kingdom into regions. No doubt, Their Majesties decree this so that we may serve the Crown by efficiently paying tribute. Thus, are their Good and Just concerns forwarded.

In ancient times, the Midlands also paid tribute in the form of a champion. This champion, who was charged to bear harness and Serve the King as befits the people of this Region, was chosen in diverse ways.

At times, the Champion was chosen for behavior, or Character.

But these things, though perhaps rare in ancient days, are commonplace now due to good breeding and right action.

The tradition of a Champion for the Region of the Midlands has been dormant too long. I confess this to be my sin as the office has been over long in my care.

And so, to that end, I would pass the relics of this office, and the responsibilities to a new Champion, one hungry for Renown, one ready for the challenge and fierce in the pursuit of prowess.

I would have all such Men and Women present themselves to contest for this Station. And I would have them win it with a display of savage prowess, for a Midlands Champion should not only posses courtly qualities, but should also be driven by a burning desire to acquire prowess so that our very great Sovereigns may be Nobly served.

At the very great Skirmishing known as Baroness’ War, seek me out and deliver your intention and Defiance. All those who desire this great honor will then participate in a Tournament with weapons of peace.

You will each choose an opponent to strive against and will fight to three counted blows. After each blow is acknowledged the combat will pause. There will be no kneeling in the dust or loss of limb.

If you lose your bout, you are eliminated. If you win, you advance to the next round, where again you will choose your opponent. This will continue until a single fighter wins the very great honor of bearing the Relics and Title of the Midlands Champion.

Prepare yourself.

Upon this have I set my hand and my purpose.
Robert Downey, Knight of the Midrealm by the hand of Cellach and Vukasin