Shire of Talonval, R.S.L.
Big Tent
Armored Combat Red Field
Armored Combat Blue Field
Rapier Field
Archery Field
Thrown Weapons Field
Youth Point
530pm – 700
List open for Authorizations & pick ups.
700 – 800
Shire Championships.
800 – 900
Open list for auths & pickups.
list closes.
9 am
List Opens, inspections, authorizations
Range open for inspections and practice
10 am
Authorizations & pick ups
No unbelt practice this year (per Unbelt Command staff)
Extra Credit Tourney
10:30 - 11 Introduction to SCA Archery
11 am
Sacrificial Bear Pit Tourney
11:30 am
3rd Annual Talonval Open
Regional Balloon fight!!!
12 pm
Lunch Break
1 pm
Balloon Battle.
Rapier Joust Tourney
2 pm
Capture point rez battle (2 planned)
Talonval Rapier Championship (You Pick My Poison and I’ll Choose Mine)
Albyn Butckthorne Memorial Shoot
3 pm
Woods battle-Three little Pigs battles
Marshals’ Court, Pickups, & Melee
3:30 Youth Shoot
4 pm
List Closes