Shire of Talonval, R.S.L.

Mr. Pig Goes to the Carnival

June 12-14th 2015
Marble Springs Campground
9411 West Chicago Rd (US12)
Allen, MI 49227

Questions? Contact us!
Event Stewart: Lasair Inghen Ui h'Airt
Co-Event Stewart: Angus OF & Paul Lewis

Site Fees - PRE REG FORM
If you wish to pre-reg, please send out the form no later than June 6th 2015
ALL Participants Camping or Daytriping 16yrs and over: $10
ALL Youth (6-15yrs) Camping or Daytripping: $5
Camping Fee PER NIGHT(6&UP): +$5
Child 5&Under: FREE
Non Member: +$5
Camping Family Cap: $50
Feast: $10



Siege is happy to welcome

Her Royal Majesty Arabella


Their Royal Hignesses Nikolai and Serena


Royal Liasion: Baroness Maddie McRae

- Easy to find, Right on US 12

- Clean Swimming Hole

- Lots of Water Spiguts & Electrical Oulets available

- Plenty of clean modern flushies

- Covered Pavilions

- Dogs must me on a leash in camping area, not allowed in picnic or activity areas
(do to site's insurance policy, NO PIT PULLS)



Hearth Pavilion

Big Tent
Fire Pit Armored Combat Rapier Archery Thrown Weapons Youth Point
6pm Spagetti Dinner              
7pm   Carnival            
8pm   Carnival            
9am         List Opens, inspections, authorizations      
10am       Inspections Extra Credit Tourney Range Opens 10:30 Range Opens  
11am Lunch Tavern Opens CLASS: Scottish Accent   Fighting Comences Sacrificial Bear Pit Tourney Open Shoots Throwing 101 for Beginners  
12pm   LUNCH     Lunch Break, Marshals’ Court, Pickups Closed For Lunch Closed For Lunch  
1pm   Celtic Music
    Martini Tourney 12:30
Royal Rounds
Fortune Telling
2pm Lunch Tavern Closes Bodhran & Flat Drum     Talonval Rapier Championship (The GRIND) Albyn Memorial Shoot    
Sacbut Music
3pm   Scottish Songs/Stories       Novelty Shoots    
4pm   CLASS: Herb Walk       Range Closes    
5pm         List Closes   Range Closes  
Friday Night Carnival 'Midway'

7pm - 8:30pm, Location TBD
Come on out Friday night for a variety of activites.
Earn tokens for each activity where you win.
Keep your tokens as souvenirs or trade them in for prizes.

Carnival: Kubb

Come learn the game of Viking Lawn Darts!
Knock over all of your opponents Kubbs before yours get knocked down,
but whatever you do don't knock over the king until last.

Carnival: Table Games

Available to play will be a variety of period table games including but not limited to:

- Sixe-Ace
- Chess

Carnival: Tug-o-War
Get your team of 3-5 together and challenge other teams to a friendly game of Tug-o-War!
The rope will be available all day on Saturday as well for pickup matches and revenge challenges.
Carnival: Fortune Telling
Fiber Arts Artisan's Row

Come by and meet with some artisans. See examples of their work and be tought a little of their craft.

Particpating Artisans
- Dana will be showing her wares off at Troll.
- Reyna will be Knitting & Crocheting
- Space is available! If you have an art and want a place to sit and show off your craft come on by!

Performing Artisan's Row

- Celtic Music, Penny Whistle, Fiddle, ect with Lord Wolfram Von Sturmnacht
- Bodhran & Flat Drum, Bring your drum or a rhythm board with be provided.
- Sacbut Music with Lasair Inghen Ui h'Airt
- Scottish Songs/Stories with Angus OF


1) The contest is for EDIBLE bacon. Bacon-wrapped tenderloin, bacon vodka, candied bacon - the sky is the limit!
2) Entries must be SAFE TO EAT. No undercooked bacon please!
3) You can either pre-prep or cook on-site - as long as it's safe and bacon-themed, we're happy!
4) Judging will occur between 4pm-5pm by three judges. First, second, and third place will be announced in Her Majesty's Court!
5) Yes, there are PRIZES. Third place is a package of shelf-stable bacon. Second place will receive a vial of Himalayan Pink Salt. First place gets a fabulous piece of Danaware!

Class: Scottish Accent


Class: Herb Walk

Teacher: Kathleen

Join Kathleen on walk around the lake to discover wild editables.





Armored Combat

Marshal-in-Charge: Eginolf von Basel

Siege-Siege-Siege of Talonval

Saturday Battle Plans
- Castle Breakout Battle
- The much loved Meat Grinder Battle
- and if time and energy permi: Rotating Bridge Battle

Castle Breakout
During the Carnival, enemy forces have taken the Town and attempted to besiege the castle...trapping Mister pig and his Lady in the Town (2 buildings). Besiegers have 2 lives (1 res.) Defenders have unlimited resurrection. It is a timed battle. The side that rescues Mr Pig and his Lady, and restores peace to the Carnival, in the shortest amount of time, win. Combat Archery and Siege weapons will be allowed.

Meat Grinder Battle
Bringing back an old favorite--Battle starts with an open field fight. Attackers have unlimited resurrection. Once the last defender is eliminated, defenders have 10 seconds to reset their defenses at the bridge (1st res.) Lay on will be called in 10 seconds, whether defenders are ALL in place or not. Once the last defender has been removed from the bridge, defenders will have 10 seconds to reset defenses at the Castle (2nd res.) Once the last defender is eliminated at the Castle, the Battle is over and sides are switched (15 minute break before second battle) The side that completes this battle in the shortest time wins. In this battle, breaking completely through the defenders line does NOT kill the next res. point for the defenders. Each point from the field through the Castle is presumed to be defended, already. Combat Archery and Siege weapons will be allowed. Resurrection point is not mobile. Both sides will have the same conditions for resurrection, when they are attackers.

Rotating Bridge Battle
--(if time permits)--
Three bridges will converge at at central point. As you are killed on a bridge, you will resurrect on the bridge to your right. The only winning condition is that you will get to fight with different folks, maybe get to take charge of a bridge that doesn't appear to have anyone in charge, and fight till you drop, or time runs out (time will be determined by the MIC). No Combat Archery or Siege weapons allowed.

If you are interested in Tourney fighting, there will be the Shire Champions Tourney on Friday evening. If there are enough camping fighters we will have another Tourney for all interested fighters, afterwards. if we have sufficient Marshals on site, Friday, way run both at the same time.

Did I say the Meat Grinder Battle was back? Hope to see you at the New Site for The Siege of Talonval.


Marshal in Charge: Lucien & Miche

Extra Credit Tourney 10am
Tired of being defeated by all those super-experienced rapier fighters in tournaments? Now it is time for vengeance! Suit up and fight the most experienced fighters on site (MoDs, Bronze Rings and others as needed). The tournament will be a challenge format. A fighter may challenge any of the ‘experienced’ fighters up to five passes each within the hour (so no fighting the same experienced person more than 5 passes). Weapons forms to be agreed upon by the pair, but every successful pass the fighter scores against an experienced fighter is worth one point. In addition, each fighter (experienced or not) will be awarded one point for each fighter they face. Points scored in this tourney will be added to the participant’s score in the next tourney (The Sacrificial Bear Pit) in addition to the highest score being declared the victor.

Sacrificial Bear Pit Tourney 11am
This will be a bear pit tournament with a constant loss of limb and life. Fighters may use whatever weapon style they wish, but for every victory they must take a wound in order to stay on the field. For the purposes of this tournament, fighters opting to lose a leg have the option to post, but must kneel or sit if both legs are lost. When all limbs are lost, the fighter will stay upon the field as a ‘stump’ to be dispatched by their next opponent. The bear pit will be fought on a time basis. One point will be awarded for each victory. The rapier fighter with the highest overall score (including any Extra Credit) will be declared the victor. Wounds that are inflicted on the victor are retained, as are those wounds they must take to stay on the field. Double kills are counted as a loss for both combatants.

Martini Tourney 1pm.
The tournament will be a test of balance and of skill. Fighters will be required to maintain their drink on the surface of a buckler while they fight (bucklers will be provided for those who do not have one). The tournament will be a round robin format with each rapier fighter having the choice of weapon for their fight (rapier or dagger). The fights will be 3 passes, with 1 point awarded for each victory and 2 points awarded for ‘holding one’s water’ each pass (points are only awarded to the victor). In addition, 1 bonus point based upon humor will be awarded to one of the fighters based on gallery choice at the end of the 3 passes. Double kills will be considered a loss for both.

Talonval Rapier Championship (The GRIND) 2pm
This tournament will focus on endurance as well as skill.
The format of this tournament will be a challenge tournament. Each fighter will fight 10 passes in a style of their choice (styles need not match). Each fighter will then record their score (1 point per victory) on a score card using a slot for the weapon style they used. Double kills will be considered a loss for both. The fighters will then return to the field and face a new opponent. The tournament will conclude when all score card slots have been filled, time expires or no challengers remain. There will be 5 slots per weapon style for each of 6 styles- single, dagger, soft parry, rigid parry, case and ‘other’ which is comprised of other styles such as two handed, single off hand sword, single dagger, double dagger, and half-sword). Yes, this does mean that it is possible to fight 300 passes in this tournament. The victor of the tournament will be determined based on highest overall point total.

The tournament is open to all rapier fighters. Winning the tournament entitles the person to be the Rapier Champion of the Shire of Talonval and to run the Championship next year.

Melee will follow this tournament and will run as time allows before Court.

Marshal in Charge - GenRose
Thrown Weapons

Marshal In Charge - Kestral vonBarton

Feast Steward: Brigida Alderotti

A German Feast for Mr. Pig

Check-in @ Kitchen by NOON

On The Table
Apples with Candied Bacon

First Remove
Sausages in Pottage
German Potato Salad- Kartoffelsalat
Roasted and Stuffed Chicken
Flooded Apples- "geschwembt"

Second Remove
A green tart
Honeyed Roast Beef
Honeyed Orange Bitters
Roast Pork

Third Remove
Bacon wrapped sausage with sauerkraut
Asparagus with three sauces
Quince pie with candied bacon
Marzipan Piggies

Fresh Lemonade and Lingonsaft (lingon berry juice)

Hosted by Angelo of House Platt Vogel

11am - 2pm or when food runs out

Pulled chicken BBQ sandwiches
Chips (potato and corn will be available)
Fresh Fruit
Variety of canned beverages
Vegetarian Option:  Three bean vegetarian chili

A “meal deal” will be available which will include entrée of your choice, one bag of chips, one piece of fruit, and one beverage.


Info for Merchants

Merchant Liason: Paul Lewis

- Pre-Registering for merchant space is preferable.
Otherwise fill out the form and bring it with you to Siege.

- $30 for event (camping/day) OR Donation of $35 Retail Value toward Prizes.

- Includes Merchant Space & Site Passes for 2 Adults (under 12 free)

- You may set-up as early as noon on Friday.

- If you have not been to a Siege- it is an outdoor weekend camping event.

- Your participation is greatly appreciated!

- We consider our merchants to be a valued and essential part of the SCA family, and wish to promote this sense of family and community.


This Years Participating Merchants
Cross time caravan
Stacey's one earth
Caitlin's cloaks
Field of honour armour

Sybil's henna and wool booth

Previous Years Merchants