Barons & Baronesses
of the Midrealm

Territorial Barons and Baronesses

Baronies in the Constellation Region (IN)
Rivenstarr Adhamh MacAoidh
& Malie bean MhicAoidh
Adam Shepherd & Tammy Holwin
800 Braxton Dr N
Lafayette, In 47909
His Excellency
(765) 237-9047
Her Excellency
(765) 889-2761
Sternfeld Ulfr Imason
& Odile de Brienne
Greg and Liss Capello
1208 Hoover Lane
Indianapolis, IN 46260
His Excellency
(317) 450-1033
Her Excellency
(317) 313-8098
White Waters Baron Viktor Vukov
& Baroness Elspeth Glendonwyn of Kirkaldy
Terry and Cindy Vukovits
1770 Lilac Trails Ct.
South Bend, IN 46628

574-272-0729 (Home phone)
His Excellency
(574) 274-8050
Her Excellency
(574) 274-8125
Shadowed Stars Fergus MacPherson & Maggie MacKeith Jeremy Glick & Wendy Glick
6120 Seabree Lane
Fort Wayne, IN 46835
His Excellency
Her Excellency
Baronies in the Midlands Region (IL)
Ayreton Gareth Ostwestly
&Hillary of Langeforde
Jeff Berger
Aggie Powell-Berger
1738 N. 36th Road
Ottawa, IL 61350
His Excellency
(630) 699-4987
Her Excellency
(630) 750-0965
Carraig Ban Epona Brodin
Her Excellency
Rachael E Schaffler
410 E Kelsey St
Malta, IL 60150-9798
Cell: 815-739-5788
Illiton John Inchingham the Fool
& Maire ingen Dauith
Steve Katlack & Meg Frazier
709 E. Frye Avenue
Peoria, IL 61603
His Excellency
Her Excellency
Shattered Crystal Maximilian von Fallingbostel
& Caroline de Mercier
Gary Henning
129 Carlyle East
Belleville, IL 62221
(618) 363-9562
His Excellency
Carol Mercer
625 N Bess
Marissa, IL 62257
(618) 295-2907
Her Excellency
Baronies in the N. Oaken Region (OH)
Brendoken John Roslyn the Ox
& Cerridwen verch Ioreword
His Excellency
Her Excellency
Cleftlands Calum MacDhaibhidh
& Constanza de Mendoza
Jeff Estep
1643 Richmond Rd.
Lyndhurst, OH, 44124
(216) 382-3676
His Excellency
Middle Marches Marcus Pinarius Draconarius
& Eilis the Stone

3097 Norwood Street
Columbus, Ohio 43224
His Excellency
Her Excellency
Red Spears Raffaele de Cernia
Margherita di Raffaele
Philip Chrysler
His Excellency
Margaret Chrysler
Her Excellency
Home: (419) 353-2956
Baronies in the Pentamere Region (MI)
Andelcrag Antonia Lavinia Maria Toscano
& Collette de Valois
E-mail TE Andelcrag
Cynnabar Ermenrich von Duisburg
& Kasha Alekseeva
Matthew Alan Lagemann and
Carol Anne Perry Lagemann
3001 Woodland Hills Drive, Apt 12
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
His Excellency
(660) 988-3702
Her Excellency
(734) 864-2820
Donnershafen Cedach na Muir
& Meabh ingen Carthaig
Rich & Elizabeth Gillisse
8441 Forest Ave NE
Mancelona, MI 49740
E-mail TE Donnershafen
North Woods
Maximilian der Zauberer
& Gwenllyen the Minstrel
His Excellency
Her Excellency
Roaring Wastes Eamon McGowan of Sligo
& Isabella Pallini
Chris and Debbie Newell
27636 Hampden
Madison Heights, MI 48071
His Excellency
Alternate Email
Her Excellency
Alternate Email
Baronies in the S. Oaken Region (KY & OH)
Fenix Ulf Von Greiffenburg
& Sarnat ingen Chormeicc
Scott & Audrey Sheldon
2966 Emma Lane
Hebron, KY 41048
His Excellency
(859) 817-0197
Her Excellency
(502) 533-4467
Flame Baron Jaime Von Atzinger and Baroness Eleanor Von Atzinger His Excellency
Her Excellency
Flaming Gryphon Edward Foxley
& Allegra Ginevra Soave da Napoli
Jason Butsch & Nancy Terselic
4926 Meadow Vista Court
Liberty Township, OH 45011-9038
(513) 892-4285
E-mail Edward
E-mail Allegra

Baronial Handbook (2008)