St. Valentine's Day Massacre
February 9th, 2013
Kalamazoo County Fairgrounds
2900 Lake Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49048
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We can allow up to Three (3) tables for your class, however, if you do not *need* all three, please let us know in your email.

Current Class

Time Class Area 1 Area 2 Area 3 Area 4 In DayCamps/Kitchen
10 am  
 Dress of the 16th Century Italian Working Class (1.5 hrs)
    KITCHEN: Kitchen help 101
11 am
Needlebinding (2 hrs )
Basic Bead Stringing Necklaces and Bracelets Newcomers Class
12 pm  The Good First Bow  Beginning Barding Water Mordant Gilding Herbridean Camp:
Viking Necklace
1 pm   Humor,Laughter,Jokes in the Middle Ages  Bow strings ancient and modern   Japanese Tea & Games Basic Japanese Ink Painting Maceoghain Camp:
Extant Norse Handstitches
2 pm Passover in the Middle Ages How medieval booksare made:The A to Z Overview  Overview of Byzantine Jewelry 600-900AD An Organized Tent is a Happy Tent Herbridean Camp:
Be a Viking Lady in the Hebridies (or Norway)
Heian Camp: Japanese Tea & Games
3 pm Edge That Veil  Alternatives to award scrolls, it isn't just C&I  A Guided Tour of Dante's Inferno Intro to Leatherworking for the SCA Herbridean Camp: Viking Tokens
Heian Camp : Basic Kumihimo
4 pm
Breakdown & Set up for Court


Class Drescriptions

Class Time Teacher Description
Needlebinding 11 am (2hrs) THL Arina de Traentorp How to needle bind, several stitches, a small history of several historical stitches, and how to pattern and how to construct garments in needle binding. Material and tools will be provided, but please feel free to bring your own - make sure the yarn is wool and feltable.
If you have any questions, please contact me beforehand at
Needles will also be available for purchase, for 5 usd a piece.
Handouts and instructions are free.
Basic Bead Stringing Necklaces and Bracelets   Elizabetta Arina Danesti This class starts with a discussion of period and modern stringing materials and findings and then transitions into a hands on tutorial on how to create your own beaded necklace to bracelet. Information covered will include how to choose an appropriate stringing material for the type of beads you are using, tips for getting the beads onto the stringing material, and different methods of finishing a piece be it attaching clasps or hiding the end point of a continuous strand necklace. Participants may bring their own beads, stringing materials, and findings or they may purchase a kit for a 7 inch bracelet from me for $5. All tools will be provided by me
Basic Japanese Ink Painting   Artemisia Voltera Basic review of how to make Japanese Ink Paintings with materials you might already have in your scribal bag. Cost: Donations welcome, Class size 7, Age Limit 16+
Overview of Byzantine Jewelry 600-900AD   Elizabetta Arina Danesti Lecture class on Byzantine jewelry including earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. We will be covering materials used and the design elements of jewelry created in the Byzantine empire between 600-900 AD. Handout Provided.
Passover in the Middle Ages   Avigayl bat Avraham Overview of story of Passover, how it was celebrated in the middle ages, and highlighting Haggadah/Medieval Illuminations. Medieval Sedar Plate TASTING $1 suggested donation $1
Alternatives to award scrolls, it isn't just C&I   Artemisia Voltera   How to make award scrolls that are unique and personalized. This will mostly give examples of non paper scrolls. (ie carved wood, woven, stained glass, etc). Even if you do not consider yourself a scribe this class can serve to give you ideas of how you can make unique and personalized award scrolls for your Barony and/or Kingdom. Feel free to bring examples or ideas! Cost: Donations welcome, Class size: 12, Age Limit: 16+
The Good First Bow   Grey Oddsson   A discussion of the basics of archery as applies to the selection of archery tackle. This discussion will include demonstrations, examples and hands on use. Presented by the archers of Cynnabar for as many as will.
Bow strings ancient and modern   Grey Oddsson   A brief group discussion of bow strings. This will be followed by a hands on training session on the manufacture of a modern endless loop bowstring. This is a one on one or small group exercise that will be repeated as needed. Please bring the old string AND the bow with you. Donations to the archers benevolent fund accepted to cover material cost. (less than $1).
 Beginning Barding      
Japanese Tea & Games      
Dress of the 16th Century Italian Working Class   THL Cerridwen verch Ioreword THIS IS A HANDS ON PATTERNING CLASS!! We will look at a couple examples of the dress of the 16th century Italian working class woman, and based on the portrait representations, we will fit a bodice in class so you can leave with a pattern. The instructions will cover what you need to complete the dress. It is highly recommended that you be wearing a tank top or shift if you wish to pattern, as fitting over full garb rarely produces the proper fit.$5.00 for materials and instructions OR $1.00 for handout only, and you bring your own material (a cotton or muslin is recommended).
Water Mordant Gilding   THL Estelle de la Mer   Learn how to apply a raised water mordant gilding seat using plaster, bole
and hide glue... and what to do when something goes wrong. It's not as
hard as you might think! 5 participants, more can watch. Suggested
donation of $1 will be accepted (but not required) to help defray the cost
of the materials.
Edge That Veil   THL Antoinette   To start, it is really handy to know “The Perfect Rolled Hem”. This is not the instructors invention, but it is so nice to have in your stitching arsenal. In class we will hem a “chalice veil”, a convenient cover to protect your drink cup from bugs. We will then look at some of the edging (ruffled, embroidered, lace, beaded) on veils seen in art of the period. It will be a quick survey, by general how-tos will be shared.
A Guided Tour of Dante's Inferno   Jael ben Ari An overview of Dante's journey and some background information.
Newcomers Class   Baroness Verena Entenwirth Is this your first time at Val Day or Possibly even
your first SCA event? Are you new to the SCA and still learning the
ropes, lingo, and activities that happen at events? Start the event
by taking a guided tour of the event, learning about the whats and
wheres of the different activities offered. You'll also learn how to
identify the various people, Royalty, and common symbols used at
events. The class will end with a question and answer session where
you can ask any SCA questions in a friendly environment.
Humor,Laughter,Jokes in the Middle Ages   Unknown Bard  
  Intro to Leatherworking for the SCA   Baroness Verena Entenwirth Learn about the different type of
leather used in the SCA and when to choose which leather (tooling,
shoes, armor). See, feel, and play with various leather working tools
and learn which ones to use for which projects. Class & handout are
free and beginning leatherworking or armor repair kits will be
How medieval booksare made:The A to Z Overview   Baron Master RanthulfR AsparlundR From the bare sheep pelts through making colors & inks, layout, applications, and binding the book with decorations. This Powerpoint Presentation shows a bit of most all of the processes used to make an entire book in the middle ages. Its a great way to gain an appreciation for all of the skills and work that went into medieval book arts, and it shows how most of us can do much of this in the home at a hobby level.
An Organized Tent is a Happy Tent      
Classes Held in Day Camps & Kitchen
The classes listed below will be held in the Artisan Day Camps. There will be a map posted soon, and the A&S table will also include class information and directions/assistance.
Herbridean Camp:
Viking Necklace
12pm (1.5 hrs)   Back again from last year. This class focuses on how the women of Vikings in the Hebridies wore necklaces and the significance of the style. We will make a full necklace for each participant. Materials (leaving with your own necklace, or the beads and tools to finish one): $7 Paper materials and tool usage: $1 (upon space – last year we had too many people sit in to question that it was too hard to hands-on teach the beaders) Limited: 8 participants max.
Herbridean Camp:
Be a Viking Lady in the Hebridies (or Norway
  2pm (1 hr)    In this class one will learn the difference between the often seen accessories of the Eastern Vikings as compared to being a Western Viking. We will go over all the accouterments that a leading Viking lady would wear. In the last 30 minutes we will each make a replica Viking beaded pin drop, so that everyone can leave the table with the trappings of a leading Viking woman having learnt the importance of each item (and no I'm not telling what the items are yet...) Materials: $10 (for the entire Viking Lady Kit); $8 (for basic one); $4 (for just pin drop); $1 (for paper materials – upon left over) Limited: 12 participants max.
Note: goes well for those who already have the Viking brooches, Trefoil brooch, a Viking necklace, etc.
Herbridean Camp: Viking Tokens   3pm (1 hr)     You may have heard of sleeves or cloth and such being used as tokens of courtly love, but what did Vikings use? Come braid yourself a token in the honor of Val Day. Cost: $2 Or be filmed saying “To the North”. (Will also give a special free treat to participating Game of Thrones fans.) Limited: 20 participants max.
KITCHEN: Kitchen help 101   2 hr   Ian How to help in a feast kitchen and keep your all your fingers.

You will need:
$2 for some food supplies
Cutting board
Un-serated chef knife
Block off your favorite cheese.

We will work on some knife skills and then move on to some basic cooking. We will be eating lunch at the end of our class...cheese and a pasta dish.

Please contact me by Feb. 4/5 if you want to attend. ( )

Heian Camp : Basic Kumihimo   Fujinami no Kaede-hime Kumihimo is the art of Japanese complex braiding. It covers a wide variety of techniques, but the most familiar form of kumihimo is done on the Marudai, or round stand. Today, braids can be done on a foam disk instead, which can be more convenient when braiding away from home. If we have time, we will also discuss finishing techniques